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Inspiring Stories from North Miami

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from North Miami below.

Samantha Arce

I started Samantha Arce Photography as a hobby when my grandmother Maria Julia passed away in Jan 2018. The lack of images at her funeral only made me feel we need to create memories in our family, she would’ve loved the album we’ve made. After some time, I desired to learn the simple steps of operating manual mode on my Canon. Oh, the wonders I discovered. In October 2020, I hosted my first mini session for families at the cutest park near my home, and can you believe I was fully booked? Next was a Christmas mini session, fully booked again. Read more>>

Tetiana Zverieva

Absolutely! I’m originally from the Ukraine, where I was working in a bank job. I started to eventually hate it and decided to go into the beauty industry, because I just really enjoyed doing makeup, and was a makeup artist as a hobby. When I came to the U.S. with my then-boyfriend, everything seemed attainable and just amazing. But we broke up, and then suddenly I didn’t have any documents or money and just didn’t know where to start. I would do $50 full sets from my small apartment. But I would keep practicing and taking additional certifications and taking more clients until I was able to open my own lash studio. I now have a gorgeous little studio in Aventura, where I have 4 employees, and in the end, it was all really worth it. Read more>>

Soradienne St Felix

Grown-up my dreams was to be very successful and have a lot of business around the world. I started my online business back in May of 2017, I was eager to have something I called MY OWN, I only had $20 dollars to my name I brought my first piece of merchandise to start, I’m not going to lie was hard, hard then I thought but I didn’t give up there. I went ahead and added for accessories to my boutique, Then I started selling hair, women clothing now in working on adding kids’ accessories to our collection. Read more>>

Jean Marie De Bernardi

We are a husband-and-wife collaboration, Jean Marie De Bernardi and Maximiliano De Bernardi. The boutique was created from my love of finding great vintage pieces that I knew I could resell. I opened my first store with a few boxes of amazing things I had found in NYC and Chicago along with some jewelry and vintage Pucci and Gucci clothing my grandmother gave to me. I had been working in NYC for designer Luca Orlandi and fell in love with mixing vintage with new. I opened my first boutique, Jean Marie Vintage, in 1995 in South Beach. Then in 1996, I opened Fly Boutique on Lincoln Road, where we remained until the end of 2013. I also had a location in Chicago’s Wicker Park from 1999 till 2003. Read more>>

Lucho Gomez

To get the full background of my story would take some time but I’ll try to stick to the highlights and keep it brief! I was born and raised on a beautiful farm in the mountains of Colombia, South America until I was 9. I was surrounded by nature on all sides. The mountains, rivers, and streams became my playground. The dogs, horses, sheep, and other animals became my friends. I’ve been in love with the natural world since I can remember. Fast forward some time, we moved to a residential neighborhood in the US at the age of 9. I went from 4th grade through most of college following the “rules” we were told to follow when we first moved here; get good grades in school, go to college, get a nice secure job. Read more>>

Alex Ciklik

My career began in advertising where I worked in client management in both traditional and digital agencies. I then held client management and partnerships roles with several tech companies, including Uber. As a child, I always had great memories of the ocean and how pleasant it made me feel. While brainstorming business ideas, my co-founder and I discovered an amazing science called Blue Mind, which essentially highlights the mental and physical benefits the water has on us humans. We both loved the theory because we believed in it. So, we decided to create a platform for people to access the water privately in an easier and more affordable way. What you see in Blue Space today is a community of like-minded people that love the water and who want to share that with the world. Read more>>

Whitney Holmes

I’ve always loved art of any sort as a little girl. I even wanted to become a graphic designer. But as I got older that desire was always there, just not fulfilled. Until one day I noticed a form of art called calligraphy. I observed and researched how to do it and it took off from there. I started writing calligraphy which turned into creating wedding and event signs. Which turned into creating stationery and wedding invitations. Read more>>

Caroline Young

My name is Caroline Young, I am the owner of Dashing Divas Mobile Spa Parties. I been in the industry for 19 years. I started as a Massage Therapist and then decided to open up a mobile spa party business. After going to several children and adult spa parties, I noticed a few things that bothered me. First, the parties looked quite nice, but the services was just ok, manicures not professional done. Massage and facials were done by simply having someone pour oil on the skin also without any skill or technique. The fashion shows we’re done with no sense of fashion. I analyzed what was wrong & came to the conclusion that the problem was the services being provided were being done by untrained & unskilled workers. Read more>>

Teresita Gordon

I started my organization the summer of 2021 with a goal to alleviate hunger and homelessness throughout the community. Acting with compassion and urgency was the best thing I could’ve done because we have made a big impact on the communities that we have served. It all started with me and my 2 kids going out selling chocolate bars at the Northside flea market, one of the most popular shopping plaza in Miami. We went out every Saturday and sold chocolate bars for $1 to raise money to feed the homeless people in the Over-town and downtown area where there is lots of people that are homeless. Read more>>

Vicky Sosa

I started my travel blog as a way to inspire others and to offer tips and guides on places that I had visited. I decided to name my blog after my stuffed monkey, Buddy. I’ve always loved to travel and have had a passport since I was a baby. So far, I’ve traveled to over 35 countries on five continents. Initially, I was blogging just for fun. I eventually turned it into a business, however, and I’ve now worked with tourism boards and brands all around the country. I have been a digital nomad for over five years now, so that gives me the flexibility to travel and explore while still working. Read more>>

De Nadie

I was always interested in art in general from drawing to architectural design, in my eyes everything was (well still is) an amazing creation of a different dimension, my mind couldn’t grasp the idea of why people made amazing stuff and ” HOW ” it was done. That was my beginning. It was never easy coming from a blue-collar family with a very strong work, religious and alcoholics believes (I know the perfect combo) my destiny was written in their eyes. But deep in my heart, I knew I did not want to be blue-collar, religious or alcoholic my drive was involved with creating something I wanted to be the guy making crazy buildings or amazing graffiti. Read more>>

Vivi Banayan

I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Biology from Hunter CUNY. I wanted to be an OBGYN, women’s health was always a passion of mine. After graduating, the universe took me in the direction of business, branding, and marketing. I co-founded IVDRIPS with my sister and quickly learned that I love running a business. I learned everything on hand and was constantly surprised at my talents. After 2 years, I left IVDRIPS to start my own social media agency to help other wellness brands grow on social media platforms. Read more>>

Stefania Vaidani

I grew up in an environment full of aesthetic references and a family fashion business where I learned and developed the craft of design. My father used to tell me: always start from your origins. And that’s what I did, I remember myself working every summer in our family business. What fascinated me the most was how your initial idea is transformed to a garment. From fabrics to materials and from designing to pattern cutting. Later on, I exploited my creative spirit by studying fashion styling at Marangoni Fashion School in Milan. Read more>>

Sibyll Hoch

I started out as a Physical Therapist in Switzerland which is where I grew up. I worked for many years as a PT, first in Switzerland, and then in Haiti. I have always been interested in alternative health care, and I have always loved working with people and helping them in simple and natural ways to feel better and to function better in their lives. When I moved to Florida 20 years ago, I found out that my PT degree was not valid here. So, I decided to become a Licensed Massage Therapist and started working in hotels and spas. Read more>>

Shakin DaWorld

I started in 2018 at a regular open mic reciting my own poetry on my phone. The first poem I recited was the Cartoon Piece. After that, the rest is history, being featured at shows, being able to feature at SOBs for a music set, featured at the well-known Nuyorican Poets Cafe, etc. The road is definitely far from smooth. Being independent and handling business relationships while being an artist is challenging, you have to be your own manager for your best interest. Read more>>

Frances Alexander

My story is a rather convoluted one, full of twists and turns, as the first line of The Odyssey states. When I started college, I intended to major in dance and French, but within the first week, I dropped a class to start taking Arabic, simply because I wanted a challenge. I knew I liked languages and I decided that only in college could I learn a language with a different alphabet because I wouldn’t be able to teach it to myself. Read more>>

Johnny Wilson III

Later on in my freshman/sophomore year in high school, I was in a program at my school for sound engineering, I wanted to be a music producer. But sadly after my sophomore year, my school cut that class and I was forced to go into television production. There, I didn’t know what I was doing, but I grabbed a camera and just started shooting. From there (in that new class), we had projects like PSAs, commercials, music videos, etc. My classmates used to tell me all the time, that I’m good with the camera. Read more>>

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