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Inspiring Stories from North Miami

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from North Miami below.

Daniel Arceus

I have had a love and passion for photography since I was a child. My first camera was this funky little Instant polaroid camera. I took some time away as I grew up and started a family. I picked up my camera again about four years ago. Started off mostly taking photos for my church functions and regained my passion for photography as a medium of releasing my creative passion. I have photographed models, events, and some landscape, mostly just as a passion projects. I strongly believe we are all gifted in some shape or form; The mission in life is to find away to put the paint so to speak to the canvas of your life and create from that passion within. Read more>>

Shaka Morgan-Rose

FreshConchSalad242 was basically started during the pandemic. We were on pause, the world stopped. I came up with the idea to start doing conch salads because people are really into conch. They are a lot of competitors in the building, especially in Miami so if I did it, I had to do it the right way. We did our research and had to find out what it takes to make our business stand out. My partner at the time is Bahamian and I’m Guyanese so we have deep Caribbean culture, we both can cook so we said, why not. The name is distinctive because everyone has conch salad, or fresh, so what we did was take the Bahamian area code 242 and put it at the end of FreshConchSalad242 and the name was born. We pride ourselves on our name and customers satisfaction. We make sure our customers never forget us so we came up with the hashtag #Demboyzgotconch. Conch is expensive and we pride ourselves to make sure the customers get adequate amount of conch per serving so that separates us. So in a year, we was able to expand and really get known so I added my wife and other individuals to assist the growth. My wife is the backbone of the business, she keeps the books, she handles all financial transactions so I can focus on the other aspects of the company. Read more>>

Stephanie Agledor-Ekunkonye

I got interested in real estate in 2007 when a few of my co-workers were buying multiple homes yet we were working at the same company with the same salary. I started looking for a property without knowing anything about the market, home prices, the process, nothing! Then the crash happened and I saw homes million-dollar homes being sold for pennies on the dollar that’s when I really got serious about making real estate my career. I started where everyone does on “Google University” to learn as much as I could for FREE. Then I started hearing real estate seminars being advertised on the radio and I decided to attend one. The up-sell was too much for me to bear; however, I did get some valuable information. After attending the seminar, I decided I would rather spend the money buying homes than giving it away to some guru or group. Fast forward to 2014, I got my real estate license as a way to give me an edge on my competition, no knowing there were 3,000 licensed Realtors in Florida, ha. I jumped headfirst into real estate investing and quit my secure 9-5 job of 13.5 years. I used all the free methods I could find. I purchased my first property (condo) from a woman that lived in Maine. Read more>>

Ulrick J. Accime

My story starts in community mental health. I’ve been in that field since 2014, and I continue to work in that particular field. When I started, I was a group facilitator, then I became a clinical coordinator, and finally a clinical director at the program. I reached a point where I felt like I could do more with my skills and challenge myself further. A private practice seemed like the natural next step for me. I reached out to some colleagues and former classmates to discuss the possibilities and needs of the community. I was told by my peers repeatedly that individual therapy for adult males was lacking. At that point, I decided on my niche. I currently provide individual treatment for adult males suffering from anxiety and depression. Building my practice was not as easy as I thought. I couldn’t see success until I allowed others to know about the work that I did. Reaching out to others for guidance wasn’t something I was comfortable doing. During my process, I had to practice what I was asking my clients to do: trust others and ask for aid. Now, people are sharing information about my practice with loved ones. Read more>>

Vanessa Cohen

I am the co-founder of PIXART, a company that produces DIY personalized kits to create a masterpiece made out of bricks. Before launching PIXART, I created mosaic art made with a lot of different materials (buttons, beads, letters, bricks and whatever I could get in it) and because everyone loved the final product, I started creating DIY kits so people could create their own mosaic. I started facing two main issues, first the product was too expensive for me, thus the margins were very small, and it was very hard to calculate the amount of materials that each kit should have. On the other hand, my sister-in-law was building a diamond-painting with her children in an effort to get them out of technology, but she was not very successful because the diamonds where too small for kids to handle. Sharing both stories, our AHA-moment kicked in. PIXART was the perfect solution to the mosaic art kits and a great activity to do with kids. Since then, we have been working relentlessly to offer our kits to different families around the world. Read more>>

Isaac Dion

I do not know how to explain what was the inspiration behind me starting. I had an iPhone 7 plus that had the portrait feature and I just fell in love with taking pictures. I was that “guy” who would get the all the angles when my friends would ask for phone pictures. It was not just “1,2 pictures and here you go,” It was mini photoshoot. I got my first actual DSLR camera in November 2018 and I started doing YouTube videos but something was not clicking. I took a break from YouTube and really started focusing on photography in 2020. I am currently full time student and will be graduating soon. I feel like photography is going to be my gateway to be a prominent entrepreneur, business owner, and example that people can follow. Read more>>

Carl Denaud

I was born and raised in Haiti. Growing up in an environment such as Haiti, I had to learn how to get the best out of everything, even out of myself. I always tried to push myself for the better, and to surpass every possible limit that life sets for me. I learned to find interest in everything around me whether it was art, literature, agriculture, philosophy, photography, fashion, music, psychology, business and engineering. Out of it all, I made writing my passion and something to fit in my agenda no matter how busy it could be. After graduating high school in Haiti, I had all these questions about what I wanted my life to be and what I should do until in 2019, when I moved to the United States of America for my college studies. Choosing what to study for a person with so many interests as me was a hard decision but in the end, I chose to do electrical engineering in order to do my part in bringing change to the world, and to follow my other passions at a more desired time. The future is not ours to know, but only the present for us to prepare with God ‘s willing. I will keep on following my passions and keep on living because that is what I am alive for. Read more>>

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