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Inspiring Stories from North Miami

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from North Miami below.

Lily Green

I started dancing at the age of two because my older sister was in dance and i wanted to be like her. i would sneak into her classes and even convention classes when i was too young to actually be registered and then i started competing when I was finally old enough. I danced all throughout high school, missing prom, homecoming and class trips just so I could spend more time at dance. Read more>>

Jennifer Shyu Polanco

Well, it’s been a super long but fun journey. I moved here 10 years ago to continue my studies in Medicine. While studying for the boards I got really interested in all the Holistic and homeopathic medicine. Went to see one class and 4 years later here I am, with a complete Master in Oriental Medicine. No, definitely not. I think because of my personality everything got harder for me. I like things to be perfect, so every time I had trouble with one subject I got really stress and frustrated. Little by little I learned tips on how to just go with the flow and let things be the way they should be…. let things flow they’re natural way! Read more>>

Jessica Phoenix

Greetings I’m Jessica ‘Phoenix” Brundidge. Entrepreneur, Artistic Director, Movement Healing Specialist, Certified Fitness Yoga & Meditation I am an advocate for Afro Diaspora connection and Community Wellness. Phoenix is my given name by my earliest Dance mentors symbolizing the Rising Phoenix bird. I began my introduction to power of the body through Dance as early as 6.  Read more>>

Nyshe Walker

Growing up I always loved to explore the world and try all the food it has to offer. Living in NYC, I am able to try a vast variety of food that wouldn’t be accessible to the everyone in the country. Also, I feel that going to different restaurants allows me to get a glimpse of what’ what their culture is like. Traveling across states and countries makes the fun even better because I can give people great places to eat and enjoy themselves. Its a very fun experience for me and I can’t wait to see where it goes in the future. Read more>>

Trinette Haralson

After working as a Spanish and ESOL teacher for 17 years, I knew it was time to change directions. Spirituality has always played a fundamental role in my life and I wanted to share my healing gifts and soothing energy with others. I was successful as a teacher, because I was able to truly connect with my students and give them the encouragement and guidance they needed. This was wonderful, but I’m also a mystic and for years, I was afraid of how friends and family members would perceive my desire to share my spiritual experiences with the world. Read more>>

Gabby Sanchez

I am currently a dancer, podcaster, student, and aspiring fashion designer and model, trying to navigate the world at the moment. As I am still in my early 20s, I admittedly am still a major work in progress. However, there is a light at the end of every tunnel in this story. My goals are to blend and fuse dance and fashion together and be in charge of the modeling behind the scenes. Along with having the connections and aspirations for building a future restaurant and a TV show. Read more>>

Diamond Beard

Hey! My Name is Diamond Beard. I’m Originally From Liberty City and I Now Reside in Miami Gardens. Since I Can Remember, I’ve always been an Energy Based Person, Someone who’s Very much in touch with my Roots and Someone that Acknowledges my ancestral Lineage. So naturally I’m Attracted to Crystals and the different energy Properties They represent. Along my journey to self discovery, I’ve studied Different Religions and different beliefs, Also collecting Different Items and souvenirs along the way that resonated with me. Read more>>

Lynette Stubbs

Baking and decorating was never a part of my plan. About 15 years ago, I became a cheesecake fanatic. I loved it so much, that I decided to learn how to make it. I then began to bake cheesecakes and sell them during the holidays. This progressed to year round sales. I eased into baking cakes and cake decorating about 4 years ago and I’ve grown to love it. I wish I would’ve started sooner. Read more>>

Beatrice Cazeau

I started my legal career as a prosecutor with the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office. I then went into private practice with a partner in 2002. That practice was dissolved in 2018, and I have been operating The Law Offices of Cazeau & Associates, PLLC since then. Our firm handles cases in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach Counties. We represent clients in family law (including divorce, child support, and domestic violence) and personal injury cases. Read more>>

Darren Jones

Hello, I’m Gaso aka Gee-A-so a.k.a House Bully I can say my love for music started as a kid my father was a recording artist, and one day playing in the house me and my little brother stumbled upon an old 45 record that we used a fisher price record player to play it. We placed the needle down and it was my father singing a gospel song called “I’m working on a building”. I knew right there I just wanted to be a part of that vibe.  Read more>>

Kristen McIntyre

In 2005, my sophomore year of NYC Fashion College, I developed an Eating Disorder as well as body dysmorphia and severe anxiety. I felt pressured by my peers and the stigmas of the Fashion Industry of the early 2000s to maintain unrealistic ideals of perfection. While outwardly appearing super happy, meeting performance goals in school and internships, immense pressures surmounted and my unhealthy habits worsened. Read more>>

Karla Ibarra

I am a 43 year old Costa Rican, who came to Miami at age 15. I went to high school in Miami and also did some college here. After finishing up my Bachelors degree in Business Administration, I decided to leave my banking career to join Marriott International at a staff level position: Beach Server. Since then, I fell in love with the hospitality and restaurant industry. I learned every single detail and department at the hotel. From Beach Server, to Room Server, to Restaurant Server, to Sales Coordinator to Controller. Read more>>

Adriana Furey

I work as a subconscious specialist and energy healing coach in Florida. Thanks to technology, all over the world as well! I originally started Something Healing as a creative outlet during a healing journey of my own. A decade of studies has inspired me to share what I’ve learned with others. My mission is to empower you with tools that connect you to the healer within.  These tools include: Subconscious reprogramming with PSYCH-K, sound healing, Bee Venom Therapy and many more. Read more>>

Sofia Gravagna

Sofia Gravagna is a Nutrition and Peak Performance Health Coach, who helps female entrepreneurs, and their teams optimize their health and increase performance through various personalized Wellness Programs. She spent her entire life eating from her grandparent’s farm and garden in Romania, guided by her father, a professional athlete, and her mother, a gastronomy lover. “My journey began the moment I started to travel throughout the United States in 2013. It was then that I realized I was lucky to have a healthy upbringing. Read more>>

Pauldine Joseph

Growing up in a strict Haitian family where the motto was Lekol (school), Lakay(home), Legliz(church) makeup and fashion became an escape for me at an early age. I recall spending countless of hours on YouTube during my school breaks , watching beauty tutorials from the black OG YT gurus absorbing as much as I can and practicing on myself and my friends. Those years spent practicing makeup tutorials eventually landed me actual clients during my years in undergrad. I was the girl in the dorms doing makeup for birthdays , parties , fashion shows etc, I even installed a few sew-ins here and there. Read more>>

Wedney Jean

I was the only girl for a very long time in the household, so my time consisted of playing with my dolls, my moms hair and anyone who came around for me to practice in their hair. Back then, there was no YouTube- it was trial and error. Everyone loved how I learned how to braid just on a doll and the journey began there. When my mom passed, I ended up living with my aunt and my little cousin became my protege. So in middle school, I used to do everyone’s hair in school when we had the time, in high school I did hair for money when I felt like it. Read more>>

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