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Inspiring Stories from North Miami

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from North Miami below.

Leslie Munsell

My love affair with beauty began in Minnesota where I grew up and eventually joined the Aveda artistic team. It was during this time at Aveda where I realized how much more I wanted to do in the world of beauty and I found myself immersed in product development and education. Read more>>

Christof Pignet

Born and raised in picturesque Carinthia, Austria, I grew up surrounded by mountains, lakes and the four seasons. I loved every moment of it and was fortunate to have had a truly magical childhood. As a little boy, I always aspired to be a firefighter just like my dad or a carpenter like my grandfather yet once I got older and went to school, both fizzled and I did not really know what career path to choose. Read more>>

Denise Cronwall

The desire to design activewear arose in me about ten years ago when it was hard to find options beyond those that the large multi-national brands offered. Driven by the idea of creating a unique boutique-style activewear line I equipped myself with a fashion design degree and started experimenting. Read more>>

Bobbie Weiner

I started my Makeup company after finishing the dead frozen victims in the mega-hit James Cameron’s film “Titanic”. in a garage in San Diego. I was featured on a morning show as soon as I was done working on the set of the Titanic and made up the morning newscasters as frozen dead victims. Read more>>

Henry Woodman

I used to produce and direct travel videos. In 1997, I was introduced to the new 360 degrees, virtual tour, photography and decided to start a company, called World Travelvision to create virtual tours for destinations and hotels. After a couple of years, the clients asked how they can have the virtual tours put on the online travel websites. Read more>>

K SOS, Frankie P, Alex Blue and Adam Rodriguez

K SOS: Music has been my whole life. Started playing in Sonny LaRosa’s Youngest American Jazz Band at 9 years old. Started writing my own songs at 13. Recorded my first album at 15/16. Was a solo artist up until 2008, when I joined four-man hip-hop group The N.O.C. (No Ordinary Cats), was sponsored by Vitamin Water, opened for Ludacris, Redman & Method Man and Currency all over the state. Read more>>

Reginald Bourdeau

In 2011, Fly Supply Clothing started out in a 10×10 bedroom as a screen print graphic t-shirt business with a dream in Miami, FL, fast-forward 2 years later the brand has become a high demand men’s apparel line operating out of their newly renovated 4000 sq ft. warehouse. Read more>>

Guy Buzzelli

I started in Boynton Beach, Fl with my first business called Digital Star Inc. and DSI TV in 2003, it was a production company and a local TV show. I learned by trial and error how to run a business. In 2005 I sold to my business partner and took some time off. I began my run to become a professional golfer… Read more>>

Dan Benitah, Melissa, and Scott Kucine

Dan was the original owner of Dayoris. When Scott and Melissa Kucine were renovating their condo in Aventura, they saw one of Dan’s ads in a magazine. They purchased beautiful modern custom doors from him. A couple of years later when Scott and Melissa were looking to invest in a new venture, Melissa suggested that Scott call Dan. Read more>>

Anthony Humphreys

I actually fell into photography by mistake. I went to school for graphic design and finished with a master’s in business. While I was in design school I wanted a DSLR for doing simple things such as taking stock photography. For example, if I had a botanical garden that hired me to design a brochure, I felt I was technically savvy enough to go take a picture of a flower instead of buying a stock image. Read more>>

Don Firth

In the year 2000, my wife, Eunice, my son, Jake and myself launched, the very first job board for the logistics, supply chain and transportation profession. With absolutely no experience in the job board industry, we winged it and learned on the fly. Read more>>

Marco Bell

These days, to work as an artist is to work in the face of uncertainty. That can be very discouraging sometimes, but I decided to give it a try. My step one was to realize that real artist doesn’t really starve. I was born in Fort Lauderdale and I moved with my mother to Venezuela when I was very young. I received a few photographic accolades in Caracas during my college years. Read more>>

Diane Stone

I wanted to provide women and hair stylists all over the world with luxury, luscious and beautiful hair extensions at affordable prices. I believe that every woman has the right to look and feel beautiful. Read more>>

Vince Lefton

We started in 2009 literally knocking on homeowners doors. We felt that people spend thousands of dollars a year on insurance premiums but have no idea what their policy covers or how it works. That’s when we decided to create Bulldog Adjusters. We fight for homeowners to get the money they need to make repairs and fast. Read more>>

Mohammad Abdallah

We started off with one small location in Fort Lauderdale less than 1000 sq ft and slowly started expanding building a better brand it was easy we were in it for the long run a lot of competition in South Florida with beauty supply industry but we grew to be very known and then another in Fort Lauderdale. Read more>>

Betsy DiCarlo

TEN was originally founded in 1994 in New York City, formerly known as AgencyNet Interactive. One of the agency’s first projects was building HBO’s first website. Our founder later moved to Florida where we’ve been headquartered ever since. We were an early player in the interactive space and have had the pleasure of working with many large global brands over the years – including Bacardi, Ford, MediaTek, Saint-Gobain, Time Warner, Universal, and Viacom. Read more>>

Emely Acevedo

My husband Richard was a manager for years in Marriott Hotels and luxury condos, and that’s actually how we met, I was a bookkeeper in Marriott Marquis Brickell. He also used to work for one of his friends that had a shop making cabinets, that’s how he learned the business. Read more>>

Marcelo Zelicovich

The company began ten years ago with an innovative idea, a business plan, and a lot of hope. I used to work in Buenos Aires scenting public restrooms. I serviced a multitude of clients, and while this was not my specialty, one time I got a call from a client saying the entirety of their store, not the bathroom of course, reeked. Read more>>

Natalie Yepes

Everything started just because I love Ice cream. I graduated from Graphic Design and I have a master’s in Marketing.. but I always loved ice cream. so basically one day I decided to do something about it.. something besides eating it. I was living in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I signed up for an ice cream class; the moment I got in there and they started talking about ice cream and business ideas… Read more>>

Kim Sweers

Randy and Kim Sweers are known as a power couple amongst South Florida’s marine industry. Together they own and operate one of South Florida’s largest boat dealerships. Launched by Randy in1994 as Fastboats Marine Group and rebranded in 2016 as FB Marine Group to better represent the rapidly growing company’s diverse business portfolio, the family owned and operated empire has evolved from a small brokerage firm into a full-service marine operation with three South Florida locations – Pompano Beach, Miami, and Fort Lauderdale. Read more>>

Carlos Dj Sonic

Carlos was born in the great city of Miami. He started D.Jing at the young age of 13 and has not stopped since. He started at the bottom like all other aspiring DJs and he has worked very hard for many years to accomplish his success. Read more>>

Jana Paez

I started my career in Senior Housing in 2008 when I walked into a Sunrise Senior Living Community. I fell in love with the concept of offering Seniors the ability to age in place in a beautiful setting with their own apartments. I was with them for 2 years, when I received a call from a recruiter. Read more>>

Jeffrey Smith

FITT was founded in 1975. We are the oldest and perhaps best known private cinema development and manufacturing business in the country working nationwide and abroad. FITT is a registered Architectural firm designing and engineering high end home cinema interiors and theme based entertainment environments for the who’s who in business, commerce, sports and entertainment (sending a backgrounder under separate cover) installing elaborate projects vertical solution commissions from Greenwich to Ghana. Read more>>

Dan Yashiv

Music has been my passion and livelihood for over 20 years since I used to play my big brothers’ record collection as a young child. I started DJing at age 13, played keyboards and recorded my high school band, and eventually then moved to New York in the early 90’s to study recording and producing. Read more>>

Magda Colodetti

I started working as a lighting designer in New York at an office called L ‘Observatoire run by a famous lighting designer Hervé Descottes in 2001. It quickly turned into passion and love of mine. I returned to Brazil and began to work in this field at that time, in parallel with my architecture office. Read more>>

Mario Marini

I’ve been related to alternative medicine since I was a little. My grandfather was what we call today a Naturopathic doctor and being in contact with him helped me to understand a different medicine approach. When I graduated in Industrial engineering I belonged to a group of alternative medicine and my thesis was about to produce an ointment from Molle, a plant that is used for rheumatoid arthritis pain. Read more>>

Stephanie Martino

Stephanie is a veteran of the non-profit sector since 1989; she brings to the organization a depth of experience in the development and coordination of film programs, workshops, special events, grant writing, marketing and public relations. Her experience in Pre and Post production are vital to the student films that are produced in the programs. Read more>>

Gustavo Muniz

After hurricane Katrina and Wilma hit South Florida back in 2005, I found myself surrounded with a lot of houses needing cleaning and repairs; from cleaning damage houses to demolishing entire kitchens to a complete restoration. Read more>>

Alejandro Espinal

Back in 2000, I wanted to open a business that has four cornerstones: sells knowledge instead of information, technology will be the core for development and communication, it could be conducted and nourished anywhere in the world, and it will focus on consumer products, consumers, and consumption. Read more>>

Candice Bourne

I worked as a travel agent for over 17 years. Within the last 6 years, I specialized in selling cruise travel. I loved my job and I loved to travel. I was the top seller for my company selling over 3 million each year. Read more>>

Andrea Caprio

After severe episodes of stress, fatigue and gut related issues due to a hectic lifestyle, I decided to put an end to my worries and find a solution to my problems. I learned to eat healthier and followed a more balanced routine. As a result, I realized how the right foods and lifestyle improved my own health. Read more>>

Saori Higurashi

I originally grew up in Japan and decided to go to college for Music Therapy in the US. After I graduated from University in NC, I landed in a job as a music therapist at the early intervention school for children with special needs in Miami. Read more>>

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