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Inspiring Stories from North Miami

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from North Miami below.

Sergio Fernandez

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20. Looking back on my childhood and adolescence, I’ve always been interested in cameras, in capturing images, and in creating videos. However, that wasn’t always so clear. Arriving from Bogotá, Colombia to rural North Carolina, I started playing soccer at the age of five and never looked back. As a kid, I played other sports with friends, I skateboarded, I played golf… but none of those activities came close to my passion for the beautiful game. Read more>>

Macielle Betances

I’ve always been someone who you can count on to be positive. I see every day as an opportunity to look at the blessings we’ve been given as constant reminders of how much we have to express gratitude for. As an Afro-Latina, (Dominican parents) I struggled with my weight for much of my childhood and all through high school. I finally made the decision to have weight loss surgery when my doctor explained that I was high risk for high blood pressure and diabetes at 22 years old. I tried every diet imaginable and obsessed about my weight. Read more>>

Erin Parish

I am the only child of four artist parents. I grew up in a loft in downtown Detroit during the 1970s and 1980s. That is where I had my first studio. My dad and step-mother also had studios in the loft. I have had a studio consistently since I was eleven years old. I went to Bennington College in Vermont and was an art major. I studied in Berlin in 1987 at what was The Hochschule der Kunste. Read more>>

Zoe Terry

Zoe’s Dolls, a not-for-profit organization founded in Miami, Florida. I started Zoe’s Dolls when she I was five years old. To truly understand the Zoe’s Dolls’ story, you must first know my story. When I was two, I suffered a stroke. While it left me with fine and gross motor skill difficulties, along with some speech impairment, I was determined to be unstoppable. After hard work and intensive physical, occupational and speech therapy, I overcame most of her physical limitations. Read more>>

Sara Elysee

I was born in Haiti and came to the United States when I was six years old. My mother died shortly after I arrived and I went on to live with her aunt. I didn’t know the language and was bullied my first year here, so I vowed to learn it and to excel in everything I did. I initially wanted to become a nurse and was accepted into a program but life happened, and I changed my major to Psychology. I fell in love with the subject and set a goal to become a Psychologist. After graduating with my Bachelors, I enrolled in a graduate program, majoring in counseling. Read more>>

Amor Capdevila

You + Life started as a concept of self-improvement. I wanted to open as many doors as I could in relation to holistic healing. Starting from within and working my way outward. In my time of research, watching videos, reading books, connecting with others who were on the same path, I soon realized that this was a collective concept that could help those around me, in a way, find themselves. You + Life is exactly that, you plus your life; whatever that entails for YOUR happiness. I am here as a friend, a guide, a teacher and a student, searching for the true happiness that lives within us. Read more>>

Andy Faerman

I started working in fashion when I was studying Fashion Design. My first job was as a fashion assistant for a very important newspaper in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I worked in costume design and later opened my own fashion brand. I had my brand for almost five years, we participated in Buenos Aires Fashion Week and were featured in most magazines. I started blogging right after that, and it was mostly a hobby in the beginning. Read more>>

Tammy Dorfman

I am a Physician Assistant. I practice medicine with the supervision of a physician. Several physicians actually. I provide a wide range of services all in the area of Cardiothoracic and vascular surgery. This includes rounding on patients in the hospital, operating, ordering and interpreting tests. I examine, diagnose, and treat patients. I do history and physicals and write prescriptions all as part of a team approach to healthcare. Read more>>

Nadia Decius

Born and raised in Miami, Fl, I quickly ventured off to Tallahassee, Fl in my adult years. This stage in my life would determine my worth and strength as an individual. Through my studies as an English major with a focus in writing and rhetoric and working for the state, I maintained a sufficient lifestyle for myself and son. Always being open to different cultural backgrounds is what contributed to my creativity. Nothing seemed impossible nor far-fetched. Read more>>

Dr. Cassandra Arnold

Art enthusiast. Leader. Philanthropist. Activist- words to describe who I am; a native from the beautiful island of Port-au-Prince, Haiti and life-long resident of Miami, FL. As far back as I can remember, at a very early age, “giving back” was a principle instilled at home; that you are only blessed, when you become a blessing to others. The idea of “paying it forward” grew into a love of community advancement and the need to change the face corporate America and politics. Read more>>

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