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Inspiring Stories from North Miami

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from North Miami below.

Alise Brown

Canvas Bling started with a single thought. I have always had a passion for women and encouraging women to live up to their full potential. I thought to myself, how can I uplift women and give them a boost of motivation. I began with my very first product which is my “Motivational Cards.” These cards are 30 days of encouraging words. Read more>>

Michael Medoit

Art has been a part of my life since I was a good pre-schooler in France. It started off with drawing and coloring. When my family moved to the United States, I was instantly influenced by the culture and got more into arts. Drawing transitioned into painting. Read more>>

Buki The Warrior

I started modeling because I wanted to create a badass role in the sense that with my size, I’m capable of doing anything I put my heart into. I wanted to be a voice, to reach out to anyone with any insecurities, that you should never listen to what anyone says about yourself. You are your own person. Read more>>

Precious Frederic

It ll started with a vision to see those that have hidden talents expose those talents and have a platform to do so. So, I decided to put together an event and reach out to talented individuals from my school, church, and Instagram. I invited as many people as I could. Read more>>

Todd Headley and Ralph Jacob

CykleJab was created to bridge the gap with group fitness and innovative workouts. The two best bang for your buck fitness modalities is perfectly split into our 50-minute sessions. 20 minutes on a spring-loaded, core-engaging bike and 20 minutes on a water-filled punching bag for boxing. Read more>>

Jeff Stones

I dabbled a little bit into the music wasn’t sure if I wanted to take this serious until my best friend Ballatoine sat me down and told me he believes in me and thinks I should proceed. With the help from him and Dj pcm305 who pushed me through the process of recording music and writing records. Read more>>

Alec Jerome Kreisberg

I am mainly focused on making excited and unique music videos and expanding my own music and artwork, primarily working with 3D and post effects in with my music. I hope to create more multimedia, narrative pieces like the video I did for my graduation The Prophet, a multimedia journey through different cities and into the visual world of the internet. Read more>>

Sharone Houri

I’ve been writing since I was nine years old. I originally dived into the tech world when I started working at Wix a few years back as an SEO reviewer and technical support agent. I then went on to learn more about digital marketing by working at an agency in Fort Lauderdale, which taught me everything from optimization, killer content, all the way to driving conversions. Read more>>

Lucien Christian Adderley

I’ve gotten plenty of no’s along the way and I’ve even gotten yes’s that turned out to go nowhere at all. Some people in some places still haven’t responded to me even today. But you live and you learn. You grow more from the struggles than from the successes. Read more>>

Lili Sm

Art and makeup are a part of my life. I began my career like MUA in Israel attending the prestigious iL MAKIAGE school completing Pro Makeup program and trained in many different areas of makeup, from a subtle, natural look all the way to a red-carpet glam look. I’ve been working within the beauty industry for over seven years exploring different aspects of the industry. Read more>>

Eliakim Pierre

He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life. Is the motto I live by. I am currently 16 years old and reside in North Miami Beach, Florida. I am the second eldest amongst three kids and I am the founder and creative director of Grimace. Currently, I attend Doctor Charter school of Miami Shores as an 11th grader. Read more>>


I found myself searching for a professional studio. After the first word I spoke into the mic, I was hooked. I knew it was my passion as if it was meant to be. I dropped my first full studio EP ‘Scar Club’ in September of 2018. It was a big challenge and a bit of experience, but the entire process was fun for me. Read more>>

Vanessa Barthelmes

Being an entrepreneur from an early age, I started my own businesses at the age of five. It was something that had always come naturally to me. “Being a creative individual, it has always been hard for me to fit into one position. I like to see the whole process and how things interconnect, doing the same repetitive process has never been able to keep my interest. Read more>>

Nuria Richards

I’m an Art Market Specialist currently running a contemporary art gallery in Miami. My career started when I decided to go to Art School against my father’s wishes for me to go to Med, eventually, I completed a Masters in Art Business at Sotheby’s Institute of Art. Read more>>

Christian Barraza

My partner Abel and I began discussing the idea behind LFSC at the beginning of last year. We simply wanted to create a brand that empowers our Mexican Culture and lets people get a taste of our past. We knew we wanted to be strategic so we planned to have “Icon Drops” where at least once or twice a year. Read more>>

John Beadel

I love the APPi family. We are all close, have each other’s best interests at heart, and care deeply about the company. Our team consistently hold themselves to very high standards. As a result, they are very proud of their work and the quality of our services. I couldn’t ask for a better team, and neither could our clients. Read more>>

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