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Downtown & Brickell’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown and Brickell’s rising stars below.

Jorge Bustos

I started looking for my dream work, as I never found anything that really made me happy, I decided to create my dream, to be an entrepreneur. I got to where I am now exceeding expectations, even working 24 hours a day, making many sacrifices and focusing on building a future for myself, for the people who work in my companies. Read more>>

Johan Gutierrez

Oceanview Financials open its door to the public in 2016 performing financial accounting for all kinds of businesses and industries. As time progressed we started targeting restaurants which are the area of expertise by the owner Johan Gutierrez. Read more>>

Carlos Marin

Ever since I was a child, I have had an eye for detail and creativity, but not until late 2000 in my home town of Cabimas, Venezuela did I find my true passion for floral arrangement designing. The different colors and styles of flowers are what always drew my attention towards them. What started as a personal hobby. Read more>>

Tobias Smith

I was born in a small part of Georgia, Moultrie 1989. I was raised in Georgia & South Florida by my hardworking single mother Valerie Smith. I graduated High-school in 2009, Atlantic Community High School, in Delray Beach FL. I joined the military at 17 years old as a sophomore in high-school. Read more>>

Anastasio Giannoutsos

Since childhood I always had a tendency to create and illustrate, to be creative with my own hands. Coming from a family of fashion business owners I was always surrounded by clothes. Fashion was always there and somehow important in my house, my mother always dressed with the latest trends and she would do the same for us. Read more>>

Jamara Brooks-Parmer

Family is the Foundation of Uniqly Made. I, Jamara Brooks-Parmer, a full-time Mother & Wife founded Uniqly Made on April 2, 2019, with a mission to maximize the quality of life to families with different abilities or special health care needs, through education, community outreach and empowerment. Read more>>

Janet Patterson

I was born and raised in the North side of Chicago to Cuban parents who worked very hard at breaking the barriers of being immigrants in this country. They struggled, they strived, and within a handful of years, both became successful business owners. Growing up in this entrepreneurial culture, I learned from them that there is no such thing as shortcuts in life. Read more>>

Yaritza Medina

Since I was little, I’ve been physically active in practicing sports and dancing. My favorite sport is track and field and I specialized in 100, 200 and 400-meters sprints. In dance, I became a professional dancer performing in countless scenarios around the world with great artists such as JLo, Pitbull. Read more>>

Belen Rodriguez

Belen is a Human Resources and Employer Branding Professional who partners with CEOs, Executives and Entrepreneurs to grow their professional brand, human-to-human. After spending nearly a decade working in PR and Marketing industry for multi-million dollar brands and startups in Mexico and South America, Belen knows what truly drives conversions. Read more>>

Alexa Ferra

I am an arts marketer by day and a wino by night. My day job is leading the marketing and communications department at Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM), Miami’s flagship art museum. In my spare time, I run a blog called Alexa’s Wine Diary—essentially a chronicling of my wine adventures. Read more>>

Italo Torrese

When I arrived in the United States 20 years ago, I, like many immigrants, encountered several barriers such as language, legal system, how to do business among others but very different from those I had handled before in Latin America, without, However, I also identified a huge potential for doing business based in “Miami” Known as a city brand. Read more>>

Ola Kayal

Nabati was my project in culinary school about four years ago. We had to develop a product and mine was raw vegan ice cream. I was a little before my time and no one saw the need for vegan ice cream then. I was in Miami last March 2018 for my mom’s birthday where my dad’s friend from college lives. Read more>>

Yoko Oso

I studied graphic design in NYC for undergrad and discovered drag by going to local shows at places like Stonewall and Metropolitan. Finding support to do drag came from being surrounded by a predominantly queer group at a Catholic university. Towards the end of my time in NY, I made the leap to performing because of artists whose drag straddled the line of performance art and entertainment. Read more>>

Martina Marcet

I grew up in Argentina where, since I was very young, I was always surrounded by artists due to my parent’s jobs. That, made me get involved from a very young age in the world of the arts in which I spent almost six years studying acting for theatre as well as for films (which had always been an obsession of mine), both in Argentina as well as New York. Read more>>

Katherine Proano

I am a 29-year-old, Miami fashion/lifestyle blogger, with a passion in journalism, advertising and fashion. I started working as a stylist for fashion shows when I was 20, I styled for Mercedes Benz Swim Week, music videos, models and held my own fashion show for Montce Swim, I did everything from production, to find the models. Read more>>

Jeffrey Gilles

I got in from work around 8:07 pm frustrated and angry from my extravagant day. I needed someone to vent to at the moment, so I decided to text my cousin CJ to fill him into how my day went. CJ was just more than a cousin to me he was my mentor, my coach, my role model, the person who I go to for all my advice to whatever situation. So I text CJ about how my day went. Read more>>

Lisana Locke

I got started in my business a little over five years ago. Prior to that I was living in Orange County, CA and working as a corporate gal at Toshiba. I was hired as a product marketing specialist, however a little over a year into this job, I realized it not only didn’t pay the bills, but I just hated being stuck in a cubicle all day. It was then that I started to search for business opportunities. Read more>>

Romi Tiraboschi

I first started ten years ago baking cookies with a friend, our clients also started ordering cakes from us. After a while, she moved back to her country and I worked with another friend. Sometime later I was on my own baking cake after cake and developing my unique style in every order. I work personally with each client to fulfill their needs and expectations of the product. Read more>>

Pedro Ruiz

It started as a hobby back in 2015 when I woke up one day and decided to start taking photos of my experiences in restaurants and also providing honest reviews about them. From there Miamitimes just kind of took off and, I’ve used the platform to showcase the best of Miami’s culinary and entertainment scenes. Read more>>

Yohskarla Gutierrez and Francesca Navarro-Grau

Fran and I met while working in the fashion industry, I was the photographer and she was the art director. We got along, we became friends and then this impulse of building a business grew on us. Both of us LOVE kids and enjoy so much to be around families, we wanted to create and give people a way to remember and that’s when For the Future You was born. Read more>>

Marines Mejias

In 2012 I got laid off from my job. I was unemployed for six months and while I was trying to find what I could do, I also started to question everything in my life. What was my purpose, what made me happy, what I wanted to do from now on, etc. Without even knowing in that moment, my intuition guides me and took me to all the places I need to be to get to where I am today. Read more>>

Suzan McDowell

I am a born Jamerican – Jamaican father, American mother. I have a BS in Advertising from the University of Texas Austin. When I graduated I wanted to work for an ad agency, but it was not to be. I couldn’t find a job. So I started working on the sales side and it turned out I’m really good at it. Read more>>

Lauren Angueira

I took a position as a Development Director with Project Medishare/the UM Global Institute which was supporting a HUGE initiative in Haiti (post-Earthquake). They were operating the first field hospital in PAP following the quake & I joined the team about two weeks into the operation. Read more>>

Slo Funk Pump

Two years ago, I decided to take my recordings and create a live show. From there, the response has been great and we have since played some pretty cool venues, including some national festivals. We’ve toured some major cities like Boston, Denver, Los Angeles, and Seattle. Read more>>

Matt Palma

XYZA (collective) was officially launched in 2014 by me, Matt “Palmdays” Palma, on the night I met Telescope Thieves, Lautlos, Brightwing and blqmsq (fka Tyord) when they were booked by Kris “Firstworld” Alvarez to perform live sets at The Talent Farm in Pembroke Pines. Coincidentally, while speaking to all four artists about joining XYZA. Read more>>

Jennifer Molina

I moved to Miami at 21 years old with my husband back in 2006. My mother was a public school teacher while studied and graduated with a Ph.D. in Psychology at Phoenix University in Puerto Rico. My father was a US Air Force and Korean Veteran. I am one of four sisters. Love family gathering, art, music, reading, and board games. Read more>>

Faye Perelis

As a young girl who grew up in a Jewish Orthodox home I always knew that one of the things I was going to do when I grew up was get married and have children. At 23 years old, while still in college I got married. I got pregnant right away and I had two children, 14 months apart within our first two years of marriage. Read more>>

Andrei Stern

My name is Andrei Stern, I’m originally from Mexico and have been living in Miami for almost seventeen years. I joined the SuViche project almost ten years ago while I was a sophomore in college. We viewed it as a niche opportunity considering the Miami restaurant marketplace at the time. Read more>>

Mike Carballo

From a professional athlete to a professional money manager. Each of these careers seemed so different from the surface, but after digging through old muscles, looking for a clue, I realized they were so similar from a granular perspective. To succeed, it took an unwavering mindset, unbelievable amount of discipline and an incredible amount of yearning power. Read more>>

Carly Grief

I was about a year out of college, living and working in NYC. I was starting to lose interest in my job at the time and was looking for a way to incorporate my interest in fashion with something that would also fulfill me as a businesswoman. This is when I started playing around with the idea of an online boutique. Read more>>

Alex (DJ LX)

A few years ago my blogger and host Mellystarz brought up an idea of having a radio station or a podcast on a consistent basis with my DJ experience. During the time I was far from thinking about it focused on other opportunities. In 2018 I started an online store to promote and show the love of the DJ. Read more>>

Susie Moore

I grew up in the UK before moving to Australia, then New York and now beautiful Miami! My background is corporate – as a Silicon Valley Sales Director. After over a decade in corporate sales, the majority of it in ad-tech, I was fortunate enough at age 30. Read more>>

Daramola Olaleye

I was born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. I moved to the United Kingdom to complete my high school education and later found my way to the United States for my university education. I went through four years of my undergraduate degree and two years in a Master’s program in Hunstville. Read more>>

Heather Marie Scholl

I am an artist and activist. I knew from the time I was young that I wanted to be an artist. However, I didn’t fully commit to it until I was in my late 20’s when I arrived in NYC. I grew up in Portland, OR. Born from a father with roots in the Northwest and pascifist traditions and a mom from Arkansas. Read more>>

Martha Solorzano

I am an actor/producer/writer who around 2008 was living in LA, pretty broke. It was then that I started painting. After the first time, I could not stop. I would stay up painting until the wee hours and wake up to keep painting. I posted my paintings on FB and people loved them. Read more>>

Dylan Nine

Started with photoshop when MySpace was a thing, and always had unique layouts from editing my photos and backgrounds to merge together as one. Eventually, I started to take the photos on a more professional camera and developed a passion for shooting the photographs instead of just creating cool layouts. Read more>>

Elijah Wells, Tina Brown, Keon Hardemon, Nicola Gates and Terry Elliott

I’m a 21-year-old actor, writer, promoter, and film director who at an early age demonstrated interest and talent in music, dance, and photography. My gift surfaced quickly at age nine when my father Willie Wells Jr, bought me my first camera. With camera in my hand. Read more>>

Cristine Artamendi

I have always loved working with my hands. In elementary school, I looked forward to the day we had art class. I wanted to use all the tools and paints! Although I dabbled on and off with craft projects as well as some sketching throughout the years, it wasn’t until I was well into my 30’s. Read more>>

Carly Sanker

There’s one day that I always credit my art career to. It was the summer after high school and I was about to start my first semester at MassArt in Boston. I volunteered to participate in a rigorous two-week drawing program that ended with the beginning of the semester. Read more>>

Julian Stroleny

My family has been in the Coconut Grove area for generations—over a hundred years, in fact. So, while I’ve traveled a bit, I really never considered practicing law anywhere but Miami. When I was studying law at Florida International University, I also worked for a probate and guardianship law firm. Read more>>

Brandon Evans

1heart was truly started our of a passion to help evolve the consciousness of leaders, entrepreneurs and change-makers and what they create in the world. I started 1heart with my co-founder and best friend, Barry Stamos a couple of years ago. 1heart Journeys are eight-week long programs for leaders looking to elevate every aspect. Read more>>

Faith Grant

As a child, my weekends were spent serving food at soup kitchens, tutoring children for free at my local library, and reading to senior citizens at nursing homes–not your typical childhood. In my household, the value of community and giving back to others was less of a “speaking point”. Read more>>

Tiffany Norman

I grew up a fashion kid… I modeled, but also sang and danced, which gave me a love for creativity in all facets. While getting my fashion degree at Miami International University of Art & Design (where I later taught), I started dabbling in production and quickly found my new calling, making things happen. Read more>>

J.C. Mari

I’ve always felt the urge, since a very early age. I don’t subscribe to any political/social agendas or anything of that sort. I write what I write when I feel like doing it in the way in which I feel it is more appropriate. Different moods/impressions create different voices and not every poem is stylistically the same. Read more>>

Luisa Buitrago

I was born and raised in Colombia, in the city of Bogota. My inspiration has always come from my family: Grandmother, mothers and siblings. I studied public accounting and then at the age of 22, I decided to continue my passion for the performing arts. Read more>>

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