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Downtown & Brickell’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown and Brickell’s rising stars below.

Taciana Kalili

The girl from Minas Gerais, who made a name for herself in Brazil with a chain of stores called Brigadeira, is now opening a new chapter in the history of gastronomic entrepreneurship in the USA. Taciana Kalili started it all back in 2010 with only one store in SP which rapidly grew into 13 different locations across the state, bringing a new concept of the most famous and beloved sweet in the country, the Brigadeiro. Read more>>

Chi Chi Truong

After graduating from Purdue University during the recent economic recession, I moved to Miami looking for new opportunities and a fresh start. I took a position as a district manager for a start-up general contracting company my friend’s dad was starting, but other than her family, I knew no one…I had no other friends. Read more>>

Inês Martins

I was born and raised in Lisbon, Portugal. The love I have for traveling around the world, the passion for different cultures, textures and colors is what got me inspired to follow my career into turning homes in intimate and modern sanctuary. Read more>>

Emmanuelle Bernard

I was an interior designer and set designer in Paris, France. In France and Europe in general, there’s a new wave of very creative designer. And young brands are editing their creation.They are having huge success in Europe. Read more>>

Oliver Evans

After leaving school at 18 i spent a year or so doing several jobs back home in England, lastly a job selling communication services in London. In my first month, I over achieved on my target and was top of the sales team, winning a bottle of champagne. I always longed to run my own business, and this gave me the confidence to do so. Read more>>

Susan Duprey

Im a nutrition educator, yoga teacher, entrepreneur and momma. My undergrad education is in political science and theatre and first few years of work were in creating politically conscious socially active non-profit theatre and volunteer co-ordinating on staff for several presidential campaigns. Read more>>

Denise Fournier

My journey into the world of mental health and healing began auspiciously in 2002, when I was first introduced to both the field of psychology and the tradition of Buddhism. It was then that I officially committed myself to learning about human nature and exploring the great mystery that contains all of us. Read more>>

Carolina Rainer

I started back in 2000, when I moved from Argentina to study a Masters Degree in Psychology. While searching different schools I got the opportunity to work at the Bentley Beach Condo Hotel. Miami was rapidly growing; it was the beginning of the real estate boom. Read more>>

Ricardo Protheus Rodriguez

Born Ricardo Antonio Rodriguez April 8, 1979 in Washington Heights (Dub H) the Dominican Republic of NYC. Into a humble, caring and loving, Dominican family. There he was raised in the strong culture and atmosphere of Latin & American music and film. Read more>>

Daniel Mejia

Virtual Turbo is an exciting start-up in the newly emerging field of 3D virtual reality. The beauty of virtual reality video experiences is taking people to places only possible in their imagination. My business partner and I founded the company in June 2016. Virtual Turbo LLC uses the latest 360° equipment, rendering tools and techniques to bring imagination to life. Read more>>

Katie Masucci

Everything I’ve done and accomplished today derives from the basic fundamentals I quickly learned growing up as a dancer. Lead a routine with your heart, find confidence in hearing the word “no”, give your audience your all, and express with honesty in communicating your message. Read more>>

Alex Bohatka

Since I was a kid I have always been intrigued by fashion and different clothing styles. To me, someone dressing stylish in a way that no one else does was a form of art. So I figured out how I could combine my passion and obsession with style into my day job and came up with ThredLine. Read more>>

Nicole Guerra, Sean LaRochelle

Famed Media is run by Nicole and Sean, we are a couple who came up with the idea for Famed Media from our love for photography, social media, and all things revolving the media world we live in today. We are both very creative people Sean is more of the camera man, and a wizard with photo editing. Read more>>

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