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Downtown & Brickell’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown and Brickell’s rising stars below.

Dani Perez

I’ve tried a lot of things before becoming a Makeup Artist I’m a very creative person I get bored super easy and I’m always looking for something new. I started blogging, working as brand ambassador, traveling a lot! Doing tons of free things just to be creative; I’m very passionate about my career so I was always saying YES to everything. Passion took me where I am today and it will take me further. You can’t call a job to something you love doing so much. Read more>>

Nina Surel

I studied fashion and textil design at the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and costume and set design at the Teatro Colon Instituto de Arte in Argentina. I moved to the United States in 2001 to focus in my art. I’ve been shown mostly in Italy and exhibited in institutions and galleries in the United States, Europe and Latinoamérica. In 2016, I founded TheCollective62, an independent art space devoted to the creation and community-based workshops located in Liberty City, Florida, where 17 women artists show up every day. Read more>>

Alejandro Arenas

My story is a bit of a cliché. I have had a passion for art since I can remember. I used to draw endlessly and began oil painting from a very young age back in Colombia. When I arrived at the United States at the age of 14, I took a little hiatus from painting until I was introduced to Graffiti in High School. It wasn’t until I went to college that I stopped practicing art altogether and began studying Mechanical Engineering. I liked engineering but it was a lot more different than I thought it would be. I struggled to find joy in what I was doing with engineering late in my college career. That’s when destiny knocked on my door and introduced me to video production, all by chance. I was studying late at the library and began browsing through YouTube when I saw a video of a young kid that blew me away; in it, he had changed his face and applied some effects to it in what I could closely explain as photoshopping, but for a video! That’s when I fell in love with Visual Effects. I thought, if a random kid on YouTube can do something like this, surely I would be able to do it. Read more>>

Gio Smith

The whole idea came to me while I was hiding out, and living in Tulum, Q.R, Mex during the pandemic. GTFO is something I created because I wanted to give everyone the opportunity to experience the world. So many times we get stuck thinking, “I wish I could go there,” or “I wish I could experience that.” Together we create the trips you’ve always wanted to go on, working with the budget you have, and of course, within your schedule. We all have different ideas of travel and trips we dream of going on. Whether you’re looking for a couples getaway, a celebration trip like a bachelor/bachelorette, family vacation, or simply want to roam as a backpacker, I want to help you get the f*** out and do it. We talk to each of our clients and create a custom itinerary tailored to their style of travel and activities they will enjoy, so no itinerary is ever the same because no traveler is ever the same. Read more>>

Adriana Castro

My journey began in 1999 when I decided to become an Architect back in my country of origin, Venezuela. During five intense years of learning and coaching from outstanding professors at UJMV University, I fell in love with the profession and with the infinite possibilities of transforming design ideas into real spaces that impact other people’s lives. From that point on, that concept became my professional objective as a design-builder. It also became the inspiration and motivation of my way of teaching. At 21, I was given the life-changing opportunity to teach about what I love to freshman students at the UJMV University and the UCV in Caracas. That experience made me grow fast, shaped my personality, and laid the basis for what I’m doing now. Read more>>

Alberto Rojo

Since I was studying at the university, I was always intrigued to work with teams from other countries and learn how to interact with them to diversify my skills. During my first job, I had the opportunity to work with European teams, where I was able to learn many financial and economic aspects and wherewith effort and dedication, I achieved a broad vision of the financial industry. Subsequently, I had the opportunity to combine an entrepreneurial theme with a consulting job, which has allowed me to travel and work in Spain, UK, Mexico, and the United States. With the pandemic and remote work, this possibility to travel and work from anywhere in the world has become more of a reality. With this mobility, I have been able to experience the magic of working with multidisciplinary teams, learn to have a much broader strategic vision and meet great colleagues and entrepreneurs who accompany me on the path of leadership and success. Read more>>

Julia Edelman

Edelman New York (ENY) is a multi-disciplinary design firm that specializes in interior design, custom furniture, fine art and leather goods. We create unique spaces and contemporary heirloom pieces. Our designs captivate, drawing your hand in closer, taking your eyes for a walk around the room. Through the use of rich and natural materials, ENY carries on a legacy that lives on for four generations strong – a trade that fills life with adventure, patinated with passion, devotion, and a love like no other. ENY was founded in 2018 after the passing of her grandparents, Teddy and Arthur Edelman – a couple as married to each other as they were to their careers in fashion and interior design. Growing up in a world where life and design were one and the same, ENY is a tribute to their everlasting love and legacy, a true heritage brand, and homage to the tradition of making and collecting treasures. Read more>>

Julia Montanez

I graduated with a finance degree during the recession of 2009. I quickly lost my job and spent the year jumping from internship to internship, trying to figure out what I wanted or did not want to do. Finally, my mother convinced me to spend a few months in Paris since we have family there and leave NYC while the economy recovered. In Paris, I spent all my time walking and discovering all the culture the city had to offer. I came across the Decorative Arts Museum, a lesser-known museum attached to the Louvre, where I came across their permanent collection of historically relevant chairs, organized by decade. It was eye-opening to see that functional design could be so historically meaningful and led me on my path to becoming an interior designer. Read more>>

Araceli Velazquez

Araceli herself is no stranger to struggle. “I came from a poor immigrant family that didn’t really have much,” she explains, “because of that, I had to fend for myself. I didn’t have any family members or friends who had ever been wealthy, so I knew that it was up to me to break the curse.” Araceli began working at the age of fourteen and steadily cultivated a life she was proud of. In her early twenties, however, things took a turn. Debt from a bad business decision, drinking, and a toxic relationship eventually led to a profound feeling of having lost her path. She soon discovered, however, that this was only the beginning of a much larger journey. Araceli began by reading books and eventually found her way to bodybuilding. The supportive and motivating community that it fostered served as the perfect foundation for the new chapter of her life that she was creating. At that point, she began to take notice of the effect of her story on others, nothing, “I came to be where I am today by learning from my mistakes and my struggles. Read more>>


When Covid started, I wanted to help local restaurants, so I started a food Instagram. Over a few months, it really caught on and has become a nice hobby and overview of the Miami restaurant scene. Read more>>

Niharika Khanna

My grandmother was very passionate about her silverware. When I was little, I often helped her clean, preserve her collection and wondered what was so special about serving food in a plate made of silver. Isn’t dining just about how good the food tastes, I thought to myself. As I grew older, I started to appreciate the whole experience of dining and not just the food. That’s the inspiration for crockerycutlery. It’s not just the food that makes the evening. It’s how you serve it! Through my dining ideas, innovative tablescaping techniques and showcasing unique dinnerware manufactured across the globe, I am able to enrich your dining experience and put a huge smile on your face!. Read more>>

Deidra Washington

I attend college in Tallahassee, FL at Florida State University. I was a nutrition/dietetics major. I fell in love with the notion that the foods we eat can either cause disease or prevent it. I learned so much in all of my classes about nutrients and how they affect the body, which I thought was so interesting. After college, I got a job with the department of health as a WIC nutrition educator. From there, I counseled pregnant women breastfeeding women and help educate them about healthy ways to feed their families. I also became interested in closing the gap in disparities that affect communities and people of color. I am a co-founder of a nonprofit organization based out of Miami, Florida, called EatWell Exchange. We teach communities about Nutrition with a focus on their cultural foods. Along with learning about nutrition, I became very interested in the first nutrition that humans receive, which is breast milk. I became a CLC or certified lactation counselor. Read more>>


I started making music supporting a really good friend of mine. He wanted to become a rapper. He would try to get me to freestyle with him so that he could practice his flows & rhymes. Being the supportive friend I am I would go back & forth with him. This went on for a little bit then after a few sessions he & a few other friends took notice that I was getting fairly good at it. This is about the time I started using music as an outlet for my personal life. I started writing daily & taking it more seriously. Read more>>

Jaida Deco

First and foremost I want to say thank you for extending this wonderful opportunity to be able to highlight what I do and for creating a community for creatives and community leaders such as myself. Read more>>

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