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Downtown & Brickell’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown and Brickell’s rising stars below.

Gabrielle Pelicci

I started out as a fashion model when I was a teenager. I lived in New York City and Europe. My agency repeatedly asked me to lose weight even though I was very thin. I quickly realized that modeling promoted an unhealthy lifestyle and false ideals so I enrolled in college to study Psychology – specifically Body Image and Eating Disorders. While I was in school, I discovered wellness modalities like massage and meditation. I fell in love with these practices and began a journey to learn as much as I could. That was 22 years ago. I now have a Ph.D. in Holistic Health and certifications in Massage Therapy, Energy Medicine, Yoga, Mind-Body Medicine and Wellness Coaching. Read more>>

Sean Casey

I made some poor decisions when I was in my late teens early 20s ended up getting sentenced to 65 months in federal prison for drug trafficking marijuana. I was out of shape got introduced to some good guys who took fitness very seriously. In my last three years, I hit the books and the workouts hard teaching classes and ended up getting about nine different fitness certifications while inside. When I got out, I ended up at legacy fit (thank god every day for that). I was there for five amazing years the best time of my life. Now I’m starting out on my own have a couple things in the work but still to early to talk about you’re just going to have to wait and see. Read more>>

Christopher Millan

I started this long career as a young kid. When I fell in love with the first movie that would shape my life. This movie was Braveheart starring Mel Gibson. I fell in love with this story because it taught me how to act and behave like a man. At least, that’s how I viewed it. To this day, it’s still my favorite movie. I was raised by a single mother. She is also obsessed with cinema. She used to take me out of school early just so we can go watch movies all day at AMC. You know the trick, pay for one movie and slide into the next one. This was the foundation where my love for Acting had begun. Read more>>

Livens Toussaint

Well! I was raised in the beautiful Island Turks & Caicos. I worked at a marine shipyard for about seven years, but I’ve always loved being on a yacht. Then I moved in the US where I ran into some Russian friends and they invited on a yacht for July 4th. Then I started asking question that’s when I found out the captain was the owner of the yacht. He explained everything to me. How I can make extra by renting out yachts with little to no experience. But I started as a broker and learning along the way. Now my company is the number one luxury yacht rental company MIAMI. We cater to 90% professional athletes. Read more>>

Liandra Salles

My company Skep360 does the internationalization of Brands to the American market with a 360 approach. I do everything image related for our clients. Starting with the curation of the right product mix, product shots that will feed the e-commerces, campaign shots that will be used for marketing and ads to the Mostly important part of the internationalization process that we do as a team: the strategic planning and the execution of that planning. Read more>>

Matt Carroll, Deejay 8Ball

I was a partner of 16 music festivals all around the world. They were ranging from Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, New York, North/South Carolina, Tennessee, Barcelona, Puerta Vallarta, etc. Now, I am branding an anonymous DJ named “8 Ball,” he will be the only singer, songwriter, producer, and DJ all in one. He is currently one of the largest artists in his day to day career, but he came to me with my branding expertise and we designed this unique concept also seen with Marshmello, but much more unique and cohesive. I’ve been in the industry in all verticals for seven years from owning and operating festivals to making music, selling tickets, etc. Read more>>

Simone Marsiglia

I was born in Southern Italy, but my family moved to Northern Italy when I was seven years old. Even though my heritage is in Italy, my heart has been in Miami since I first visited at age 17. I came to the city as a teenager to study for my pilot’s license, and I fell so in love with it that I’ve considered Miami home ever since. I did go back to Italy though and I’m glad that I did because that’s where I met my wife, got married and began to build a family. In Italy, I shifted my career interest and began working as a sales representative for one of the country’s largest fuel companies. Read more>>

Marco (Mall) Molinet

Marco (Mall) Molinet is the producer, creator, and founder of the Florida Film House (FFH), 1st Take Youth Film Program, Urban Film Festival(UFF), World Wide Urban Distribution (WWUD) and an executive with the Urban Streaming Network (USN). Florida Film House is a film studio in Miami, Florida, with a team of passionate filmmakers that have filmed over 1,000 productions together and specialize in making cost-efficient, high-quality content. Marco has spent the last 11 years mentoring young talent, developing an in-house team of more than 30 filmmakers, and vertically integrating their business from service productions to their own six feature films. Read more>>

Amy Riumbau and Mia Rodriguez

We, Amy Riumbau and Mia Rodriguez have always bonded through our love of music. We discovered the local Miami music scene some years ago and we were enamored with the people, the energy, and above all, the bands and their music. We realized that a lot of the bands that we admire generally don’t receive the same amount of support that larger bands in the local scene do. Therefore, we decided that creating a platform where smaller and larger bands alike receive support for their art. Being artists ourselves, we understand how important representation is and how impactful it can be on ones career. Read more>>

Deona Saunders

As you know, my name is Deona; I’ll stay off by saying it really took everything in me to really put it in my head that this is what I wanted to do. I was online just looking for things and I came across some hats, so I was like,” wait, I should start selling these.” I then ordered five of each just to see how it goes. Believe it or not, everybody started to write to me wanting to purchase. So I was like, okay, I see where this is going. I then ordered every hat the vendor had left. Once that shipment came and I sold out, that’s when I started to feel like I’m getting somewhere. I still have doubts now, even after starting. What I can say is that since I started this business, every restock I’ve SOLD OUT! I say that to say this, never doubt yourself! If you want it, go get it. Read more>>

Susana Illera Martínez

I’ve enjoyed arts and creative activities from a very young age, by writing and participating in storytelling and oratory contests at school, and later on, getting a degree in graphic design and also hosting and producing my own radio show. I currently work for the marketing department of one of the largest food distributors in the US, as a brand developer, media and packaging design manager. It took me a few years to realize that I wanted to share and make public my love for writing. It was in 2018 when I decided to self-publish my first book in Spanish titled Clara ~ Cuentos & Poemas, a collection of short stories and poems inspired in those life’s complex feelings and moments of love and nostalgia. Read more>>

Danny Smith

In the year of two thousand fourteen, I decided to quit my job and start an empanada company with a close friend of mine. It was fun and it grew faster than expected. Within months we had twenty clients and was pushing for more. With low funds and transportation issues, the business began to plummet. As bills start piling up and reality starts to set in, we closed down the business and began to look for work. At my ends of funds, I lost my place and everything else I work so hard for. As push came to shove, I ended up couch serving at family member houses and started to feel down. Losing felt like it was all I had. Read more>>

Katherine Wald

I am a licensed psychotherapist, certified EMDR therapist, and a certified clinical supervisor in private practice in Miami, FL. It has been a long road to get to where I am today. When I was seven years old, I was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and multiple learning differences. I began working with a specialist who helped me learn how to compensate for my areas of difficulty and improve my self-esteem, which had been impacted by my struggles. Around the same time, I became involved in competitive swimming. Swimming taught me how to positively focus my energy and, because of the commitment, how to budget my time. It also taught me how to push past my comfort zone and become the determined person I am today. Read more>>

Roman Jones

I grew up in the hospitality business on every angle and vertical; I went from bus boy to door guy, from door guy to promoter, from promoter to owner, and now I own ten entities in Miami alone. To name a few of Miamis best, {Mokai • Kiki On The River • Baby Jane • El Santo • Don Diablo • Mandrake • The Gramercy • RÍO On The River}. Are all properties and business I personally own alone. They are some of the most well-known clubs and restaurants in Miami. Read more>>

Angela Jefferson and Victoria

One night Victoria and I were discussing how hard it was to find cute shoes in our size. We went on to say that we should start a shoetique with sizes starting from size eight and up. We launched the shoetique 10/1/2017, featuring a variety of shoes, including sandals, booties and boots up to size 11. During these two and a half years in business, we have grown a lot. By adding accessories and clothing, we have grown into a full boutique. Read more>>

Raymond Adrian

Since a child, I was into Art and Design and came from a creative family all in some way or another involved in creative pursuits. After graduating high school, I wasn’t sure which way to go but new I wanted to be in the art everyone said I needed to be in animation like PIXAR so I went to school for but it was difficult because I was really good at it and the professors and students would embrace me but I never felt the drive. One day a professor told me what magazine I read and I began to tell him and he responded I think you should look into more graphic arts so right before graduating with my animation degree, I took a history of design course and was hooked and switched degrees and never looked back. Read more>>

Kelly Suarez

I was always extremely inspired by science fiction movies, characters and music. I knew I wanted to do something creative. Whether it was costume design, photography, hair and/or makeup – I wasn’t sure because I liked it all. I signed up for a Cosmetology program and here I am eight years later doing hair. Read more>>

Debby Vanessa

Since I was a little girl, I’ve always had a keen sense for style. I wasn’t satisfied to just match my outfits to school trends but instead liked to be different and distinguish myself from classmates. As I grew, so did my love of fashion and beauty. I began to experiment with makeup and hairstyles as an art form – a type of self-expression! I truly loved trying the hottest fashion trends and creating looks with my own twist. My friends and family often turned to me for advice and encouraged me to share my ideas with others. A few years ago, I turned my passion into a YouTube channel. It started as a part-time hobby but developed into more as I received positive feedback and gained followers. Now my channel Debbyvanessa is my creative outlet. I post videos on everything fashion-related from hair extension tutorials and product reviews to makeup looks, clothing hauls, and style videos. Read more>>

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