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Downtown & Brickell’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown and Brickell’s rising stars below.

Manuel Vidal

Born in Santiago, Cuba and migrated to the US at the age of late 12. Big change. Dad migrated a few years before when I was seven, which created a big separation gap growing up. But ’til this day, I’m still very proud of my childhood in Cuba. I have learned most of my work ethics through my dad; he being an entrepreneur I learned early in life the true value of entrepreneurship and innovation. Read more>>

Francine Marie Acevedo-McCaughan

 I began my Pilates training in Atlanta, Georgia, while I was a Varsity Georgia Tech Cheerleader. Originally seeking mental respite from the scholastic and physical rigors of student-athlete life, I found that Pilates not only soothed and calmed my mind but also invigorated my body, lengthening and leaning it out. After noticing the results, I was hooked. Read More>>

 Paul Crucet and Nick McCrea

It got its start after we found ourselves talking about how nobody (at least, nobody our age) seemed to know or talk about Miami’s history. For us, Miami history started in the 80s, with criminal drug traffickers and fast boats and yachts that were popularized by the likes of Scarface and Miami Vice, and it seemed like that period had become Miami’s entire legacy during our time. Read more>>

Elias J. Manzueta

My interest in photography started in 2016, when I started my Instagram account (@visualsfervor). I started this hobby as a way to share photos I took on my phone that I thought looked good. Since then, I’ve invested by buying a drone and learning how to use Adobe Lightroom. I really started taking this hobby seriously when I moved to Miami from Pennsylvania in 2018. The attractiveness of the city inspired me to invest more time visiting new places and finding different angles. Read more>>

Jorge Zambrano and Hector Castaneda

We both fell in love at a very young age, and luckily it was to each other. Being high-school sweethearts since 2009 made us experience many of life’s ups and downs together. Since then, we have learned to be a stronger unit, especially after surviving our teens and college years together. Currently, we are excelling in our careers, Hector as a project manager for Amicon Construction, and Jorge as a research associate for the University of Miami. Read more>>

Camila Alfonso

Toronto, Canada – 2012. The place and time where my career officially began. I transitioned from being a volunteer creating gift bags, and greeting guests to being hired as an assistant event coordinator and over time becoming an event planner & director. In the ten years of being in the event industry, my parents have always encouraged me to become a business owner. They believed in my talent, passion and potential; although I believed in myself too, I was not quite ready to make that jump just yet. Read more>>

Amerika Brooks

I went to school to obtain my degree in Elementary Education and during my sophomore year, I started working in a retail store in the mall. I moved up rather quickly in the company because I truly loved my job and decided to quit school and work full time. One day, my manager called me and said there was a lady looking for me to help her match her clothing to the jewelry in the store. Read more>>

Milan Williams

I’d like to thank Voyage Miami for the opportunity of allowing me to share my vision with the world. This is an amazing opportunity and I’m beyond thankful. My friend Dynasty and I were having a conversation about fashion and fashion designers as we did often while sitting in the cubicles at our old job. We were both grateful for the job but knew that we had something different, something more to offer the world. Read more>>

Shane Neman

I pride myself on being a problem solver and a consummate optimist which are traits that have been significant advantages in my life as a serial entrepreneur. I was born and raised in New York and lived most of my adult life in Manhattan before moving to Miami approximately six years ago with my wife and two children. My experience and expertise in business span many industries from technology and telecommunications to real estate and hospitality. Read more>>

Anthony Salcedo

In 2008 I was a Finance Director for a subsidiary of one of the largest and most revered companies in the world based on Lincoln Road. One Friday afternoon, I was unexpectedly advised that it would be my last day of work. The company was making a lot of money but unable to reach the incredibly unrealistic revenue goals they had forced upon everyone and higher management did not want to miss making their bonus. Read more>>

Alfio Lora

Photography has been a hobby of mine for over 30 years, even though I was working in another totally different industry, life has many surprises, and sure enough, without me looking for it, people starting requesting me as a photographer for their events, and realtors, for their listings. Appreciating my work is the highest form of flattery. Read more>>

Indiana Moise

I remember being a young girl, roughly about 6 or 7 years old, who would take any blank piece of paper I could find and draw women’s design. Eventually, I knew I had to bring my visions to life. In my first attempt, I took my parent’s bedsheets without their consent, found some sewing needles, thread and a pair of scissors to begin sewing my first design by hand. I had a friend, Judy, who I grew up within church that I asked to be my model and try on this pencil skirt and halter top I made. Read more>>

Deiby Quintero

My interest in photography began when I was a teenager due to the influence of my older brother. When you are a child, you always look for a role model. In my case, Ricardo, my brother, he was the person that I’ve always admired for his artistic side. He is a sculptor and a painter and was him the person who purchased the first camera I could use at the age of fourteen. My brother loved nature too, thanks to him, I discovered the Andes mountains. Read more>>

Luisa Rangel

Since I was 15, I worked as a model in Colombia, then I entered the university and graduated as a professional in business administration. At the same time, I worked as a TV host for diferentes programs and I started having a big passion about the fashion & beauty industry. Read more>>

Subbound Maniax

I fell in love with music at an early age. I stayed in a Housing Projects called Scott Projects before I moved to Brownsub, One-day trick Daddy came to the hood and let all the Jits dance in his music video, from there I fell in love with music. I started taking music seriously around 2014 but due to receiving a federal indictment, I had to place my dreams on hold for a few years. Read more>>

Ana Cruz

I graduated from South Miami Senior High. I wanted to be independent and announced to my parents that I wanted to pay for college myself. After realizing how expensive college was, I looked into job opportunities with companies that offered tuition reimbursement. This brought me to Citibank. I had never worked before and did not even know how a checkbook worked but I guess I gave a great interview because I was immediately hired as a switchboard operator/customer service representative. Read more>>

Luis Aleman

My name is Luis Aleman. I was born in Miami, Florida. I have lived here all my life, and I have been engulfed by the different cultures and the lifestyle Miami has provided. Ever since I was little, I found an interest in art. Just the simple idea of creating your own world on a sheet of paper or canvas and having that control over it always fascinated me. One of my elementary art teachers, Ms. Smith, suggested me to try out for a magnet school because she had seen potential in me. Read more>>

Mike Lopriore

In addition to being the CEO of my father’s namesake footwear label Michele Lopriore, I am also one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Brickell, just under 30. Not only was I born into the industry, but I have dedicated most of my life to the design, manufacture, and business of shoes. My father, Michele Lopriore, founded our family-owned and operated company in 1986 and I grew up learning everything about footwear and working in various capacities. Read more>>

Viviana Espinosa

My love and passion for cooking came to me at a very early stage of my life. Apart from my love for the kitchen, I grew a passion for making extraordinary meals for the people I cared for the most. I worked as a waitress in some of the best restaurants in Miami for many years before deciding to start my own business. Eating By V was originally a blog I created to post step by step recipes of all the dishes I loved to make. After two years of posting recipes and growing an organic following of loyal fans. Read more>>

Andrea Parker

I am originally from a small town in Connecticut but moved to Miami about nine years ago for college. I graduated from FIU and I had no idea what I wanted to do once I graduated, so I started teaching at a public middle school. I’ve been teaching for the past five years, but I knew I wanted to start a business, but I wasn’t sure the type of business or industry I wanted to be in. I figured when the time was right, the right business idea would come to me. Read more>>

Liel Lankri

Jewelry has been in our blood for generations, Lankri’s story begins with our grandfather when at the age of 18, began crafting and designing jewelry pieces in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel. Many years later, our father also took on the craft of jewelry. When we were young, our family decided to move to the United States to start a new life. Soon after in 1999, our father founded Lankri’s in Miami. It began with only fine jewelry that was designed and handcrafted by our father. Read more>>

Luisa Laureano

I am originally from the Colombian Amazon, I arrived in New York first, I started working as a private security, but then I decided to take a step further, and I ventured through Florida, where I found many opportunities until I decided to be a real estate agent. Currently, I am in Brickell a very commercial, cosmopolitan area with many opportunities to grow economically. Read more>>

Lizenia Yenigun

All my life, I’ve been surrounded by fashion. When I was a little kid, my dad who was originally from Turkey had opened a clothing store Downtown Miami called Modi. I come from a textile production family, my father’s side of my family owns a textile factory in Istanbul, Turkey. So there was never another career option but fashion for me. Read more>>

Ellina Sukharenko

I started OfficeFlow Consulting because meditation changed my life drastically. I went from a work-eat-entertainment autopilot mode, which had permeated my health, to living a life beyond my imagination filled with purpose and passion. I wanted to share with as many people as possible how simple techniques can be integrated into daily life. I didn’t want to just tell them about it, I wanted to show them. Read more>>

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