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Downtown & Brickell’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown and Brickell’s rising stars below.

Justin Trieger

Buskerfest Miami began in 2013 as a response to the lack of activity in Downtown Miami after 5pm. A group of five people (Amy San Pedro, Gary Ressler, Colin Worth, Ben Jervis and myself) got together and decided to take one of the signature bits of transportation infrastructure (the Metromover) and create a program like Music Under New York, the group that activates NYC’s subway system with local performers. Read more>>

Fabiola Marquez

WARIMBA was born in the midst of an existential 30-year-old crisis when I suddenly lost my corporate job. In January 2016, after working for four years in a place I did not like and where I didn´t feel inspired or happy at all, I felt the need to reinvent myself and I decided to start my professional career from scratch. Read more>>

David Charette and Jay Britto

Jay: “My interest in design evolved, really. Music was one of my first passions and essentially opened the door to creativity and the arts for me. At eighteen, when I was struggling with affording college and choosing a major (architecture or interiors), music was always there, pushing me forward. Read more>>

Alexandrine Michelas

After working 10 years in the cosmetic industry in France and Europe I decided to take this step… and travel… Europe… Asia… The United States… It is now 1 year ago that I met and decided to join Sylvie the creator of our amazing product Hair Flash Color! Read more>>

Erika Ryles

As an entrepreneur, although I was born with the spirit, I started my official journey in 2003 by opening an online retail store. As I went through the motions of fully establishing the business, I learned what was necessary to start and to grow. Read more>>

Talia Morrison

Born in 1986 in Tel Aviv. As with all Israeli citizens, at the age of 18, I began my service in the military where I served for 2 years. After finishing my service, I set off to see and live in other places – spend time living in both Europe and India being exposed to such colorful cultures which made an impression on me for life. Read more>>

Cristhian Mancera Mejia

Cristhian was born on October 9, 1978 in the city of Cali. Cristhian, who currently is 39 years, resides between Colombia and the United States. He is a lawyer and political scientist from Jorge Tadeo Lozano University in Bogotá and holds a master’s degree in common law from Washington University, St. Louis MO, as well as an international certification from the University of Cambridge in the teaching of languages to adults; Master’s degree in leadership from Keizer University of Florida. Read more>>

Ruben Rozental

I was born in Argentina and arrived in South Florida at the age of six. My parents worked six days a week for me to be the first in my family to go to college. I am the embodiment of the American dream, and I live my life according to the responsibility that comes with this gift. Read more>>

Emily Bench-Lahrssen

I had always wanted to put smiles on peoples faces, so career choice was super easy for me! I went to Dental School. I loved my work but long hours stooping and bending over patients and working in their mouths took its toll and frequently upper back and neck pain was severe and I was forced to address this. Read more>>

Dr. Martin Bloom

I was a practicing Cardiologist at Boca Raton Regional Hospital for over 40 years and had become frustrated with the traditional healthcare model, which can be confusing and typically leaves a patient with more questions than answers. Read more>>

Michelle Martinez Reyes

“The power of will and choice defines you. Success results from part commitment, work, association, and time.” – Michelle Martinez Reyes Open a South Florida newspaper, check your social media feeds, or attend a local charity event and you will most likely see the name, Greenspoon Marder. Read more>>

Vanessa Jucah

I am originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. In the last few years, I’ve been splitting my time between Rio, Florence, and Miami. Often while visiting the sunny beaches of Miami, I was never able to find the well-known Brazilian swimsuit brands that I love. Read more>>

Andre Lira

Hospitality is in my blood. I grew up in a kitchen. My mom was a pastry chef, and I remember her showing me how to decorate wedding cakes. I had an inherent knack for it. It must’ve been in my DNA. I actually was very good. Despite the obvious – that the hospitality/service industry was my path – I decided to go to aviation school, but realized that I couldn’t fight what my true calling was. Read more>>

Raquel Suarez, Dr. Stacey Jones and Dr. Margarita Tomasso

Raquel and Yusi established Gables Psychology and Wellness Associates in 2015. The decision was prompted by realizing they shared the same philosophy about their profession. Both were deeply invested in their work and their patients. Raquel and Yusi shared the same therapeutic style and guiding principles as clinicians. A love of humanity and a strong desire to help others. Read more>>

Ricardo Mualin

From the early beginnings, my professional career took me to work in the senior services industry. Having graduated in healthcare management, it was natural that I would be exposed to senior services in South Florida. After all, South Florida is among the country’s highest and most sought-after retirement areas is the US due to its climate and natural beauty. Read more>>

Simone Stark

In 2008, I was looking for supplementary work and decided to rely on my background in the arts when showing up at a florists door interested in a job and having never worked with flowers in the way that would be required. But in my eye, flowers, plants, were another medium that could be shaped and molded. Read more>>

Cynthia Muniz

Cynthia is a prominent pole dancing studio owner and teacher with a studio located in downtown Miami. Her services cover South Beach as all South Florida. She has always been a major believer in healthy living and eating habits. Cynthia became attracted several years ago to pole dancing as an excellent way to remain fit and healthy. She started teaching pole dancing classes at a local gym, and decided in 2007 to open her own company to organize pole dancing parties and events, which she named Kitty Kat Pole Dancing. Read more>>

Esteban Kadamani

I am a native from Colombia arrived to the US in 2001 at 18, quickly awakening a business savvy state of mind. By the time I was 22, I joined my best friend (and future business partner) at a window company, where I swiftly climbed the ranks. Two months after joining the company, I was named sales manager were Santiago was known for being the best Sales person in the company. Read more>>

Federico Nunez

My family moved to the U.S in 2010, after living conditions in Venezuela kept deteriorating. I was 14 at the time, leaving friends and family behind. As immigrants, we were allowed to stay in the U.S with student Visas. With such visa, we weren’t allowed to work as employees, and so my father began investing in real estate. Read more>>

Bill Wisser

Bill, perhaps best known for his elegant and eye-catching photography of food, restaurants and resorts, is also a committed historic preservationist who has photographed and written about Miami’s brilliant Tropical Deco and Miami Modern architecture. Read more>>

Jessica Landwersiek

I was always good at math and while I was in college I would tutor friends and classmates. For many years I took students part-time, but it wasn’t until I had my son that I started thinking of ways to tutor from home. Read more>>

Jaya Kader

My story started with a passion for nature, design and beauty. My curiosity leads me to architecture–a field that encompasses many aspects of the human experience and offers a great vessel through which to express and enhance it. Read more>>

Camila Ramos

I’ve worked in specialty coffee since 2008, beginning at a coffee shop in Gainesville while I was going to school at University of Florida. I worked for a local roaster once I moved back to Miami, and grew from an intermediate barista to a nationally recognized competitive barista, and the Director of Retail Operations for the company. Read more>>

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