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Downtown & Brickell’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Downtown and Brickell’s rising stars below.

Alexandra Karamitsios

I grew up in Boston with a Greek Background. Every summer, I traveled to Greece to see my family and always had a love for Greek food and culture. Although I studied education and PR and was a teacher before this, I always had worked at restaurants as side jobs growing up and always had it in the back of my mind to work in hospitality and own some sort of food business. Although I loved working with kids, I finally called teaching quits and came up with the idea of selling loukoumades. I had no idea how to make them so I bought the machine from Greece and put it in my apartment and started cooking them for months and through quarantine. My initial idea was to do a food truck and do different events throughout Florida when the pandemic came. Miami Design District contacted my around May and I didn’t want to lose the opportunity and everything else fell into place. It was very tough at the beginning, everything, I planned for didn’t go the way I envisioned. It was extremely hot inside the truck with no AC, my machine broke to make the donuts and I had to wait for a new one to come from Greece so a lot of times we were doing them by hand. Read more>>

William Gardner

After 15 years in Sales Marketing & Business Development, I decided to branch out and start my own online digital marketing company known throughout the industry as Gardner Media Group. Though my approach and ideas led to a lot of monetary success for the companies I was a part of exemplified with helping these companies scale from five million to 30 Million and another company from 2.4 Million to 7.2 Million in Revenue. My entrepreneurship led to my freedom to live in various parts of the world and travel a whole lot more. I’ve lived in Europe & Dubai all while running my company and learning and becoming a google nerd. Part of the reason my clients see success in their relationship with me is my ability to identify their needs and properly address them. Part of my network includes my podcast. I show run several podcasts, including the William Gardner Podcast, Keys to Miami, to name a few. Over the years, I’ve perfected an organic approach to generate clients using a podcast format and that has translated to success throughout various industries. Read more>>

Rafael Ramsa

We started our company three years ago, in the Miami Design District. We are the first ice cream store for adults 21+, with ice cream and sorbets infused with premium wine and spirits at 4.9% ABV. We worked many years developing our ice cream recipe to be the perfect base for a “liqueur marriage”. Once we had it we started developing our brand, which is a very polished and sophisticated creative expression. Today we have five stores in Florida and one in Las Vegas, with upcoming store openings in Wynwood, Las Vegas Resorts World and New York. Read more>>

Jayma Forman

I’ve been working in and out of the fashion and art industry for the better half of fifteen years. I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’ve had some pretty terrible jobs and bosses! Despite this, I was able to learn something valuable, whether intentional or not, from each role and each boss and attribute it towards my businesses. I’ve always loved the styling, hosting or being a part of events, vintage sourcing, sustainable living, collaborating with other creatives, traveling, etc. These elements, paired with being creative (getting stir crazy when work gets complacent, stagnant, or stale), helped me realize it was time to start a vintage company that was unisex and inclusive. We started small a few years ago on a well-known e-commerce platform, we now have our own website, participate in pop-ups in various cities during the year, collaborate with locals for studio visits and shoots, and have had the pleasure of sourcing goods stateside and internationally. My partner handles operations and customer success while I stay at the front of the project with sales, creative direction, copy, etc. I truly couldn’t do it alone, so I’m thankful for our pairing of skills and collaboration. Read more>>

Jenny Zayas

In 2018, I became pregnant with my daughter Ruby Rose and my whole world changed at that moment. I had only been vegan for a year and my obsession for a healthier living was at an all-time high… being pregnant made it worse! Everything in my life had to be all-natural- from vegan food to skincare to home cleaning products. At five months pregnant, I lit one of my candles at home and I immediately became nauseated with a slight headache. I couldn’t believe it, not my favorite candle. I did some research and educated myself on all the hidden dangers of name-brand candles, which then led me to become obsessed with the idea of creating a clean candle. After months of research, I connected with my supplier and ordered my first candle kit. I set out to make a few handmade candles for myself and fell in love with knowing that creating a clean candle was possible. I ended up building up this business around the craft, but mainly because of her… My Little Lover. Read more>>

Tamara Semeniuta

I moved to Miami from Saint-Petersburg, Russia in 2016 and back than was working at the regular office job, 9 to 5 kind of thing. I was doing accounting for a law firm, very serious job at a very serious place. But my heart was seeking a way for a creative expression, so a lot of my free time I was spending preparing digital fashion collages. You know, the ones we often see in a fashion magazine – various tops, skirts and dresses on a white background. The only thing, I was doing them only for my eyes, rarely showing to some close friends. One day I was taking an elevator to go to the office and a guy standing next to me said he likes my outfit. I replied I really appreciate the comment, since I love fashion very much. And admired his stylish outfit back. Apparently, that young gentleman was a fashion designer and a photographer! We kept talking for a bit, I shared my passion for styling and felt comfortable enough to show my fashion collages. He was pleasantly surprised and said I definitely “have an eye” for styling. We exchanged contacts and soon enough I was assisting in styling my first photoshoot. Read more>>

Susset Cabrera

I graduated from the University of Miami in 2019 with a Master of Arts in Public Relations. Upon graduating, it became difficult to secure a corporate job due to the economy at the time. Eventually, I met my first client, who encouraged me to open my own PR firm and a week after our initial meeting, I founded Peacock Public Relations. The inspiration for the name came from a beautiful vase my mother kept in her backyard. I was trying to think of a cool name for my company and when I looked over at the vase, there was a gorgeous peacock staring back at me. I quickly googled the significance of a peacock and realized it was the powerful symbol that would lead me to success. In May 2021, I will be celebrating my company’s 11 Year Anniversary and it’s honestly been the most incredible journey of my life. Throughout the years, I’ve been able to work with clients in design, art, fashion, wellness, education, nonprofit, music, entertainment and film. Read more>>

Aniyé Strachan

As many teens and adults suffer from insecurities, so did I! I came from a place of very low self-esteem. As a young child, I never could find anything physically attractive about myself. I did not know how to love myself. The only thing I felt I was good at was music. Through music, singing, performing, Jesus Christ, and the love of friends and family, I was able to push through and find my value, purpose, and confidence in the world! Music played a key role in developing my self-esteem. My musical journey started at the tender age of three! It started off with a good ole’ gospel hymn titled Amazing Grace and it branched off into the many musical genres I sing today. I was nurtured at the African Heritage Cultural Arts Center starting at the age of five and I later joined artist development programs like Entourage at 15. I have been taught and nurtured by many wonderful musicians/performers, which molded me into the artist I am today. Read more>>

Zarit Pedraza

Since childhood, I have battled with weight gain and weight loss issues. This led me to understand the role that good nutrition plays in both health and beauty. After arriving to Miami at the age of 18, I started to notice how I was gaining weight myself, although I was eating the same way I had all my life. This made me realize that although we may have a variety of healthy foods available to us, we should still be careful with what we consume. My intense desire to understand this balance between health and nutrition is what has lead me down a lifelong path of helping others. I began to dive into the science of nutrition, and this lead me to work at a weight loss center where many patients where overweight due to health issues and food-related illnesses. Here I began to appreciate the journey my patients were going through, not only with weight loss but with understanding the role of proper nutrition. My schooling taught me how to treat my patients, but my personal battles with weight gain allowed me to have a deeper understanding of their struggles. Today, after 26 years in the industry, I have helped children, teenagers, and adults alike achieve their health goals to live a better more satisfying life. Read more>>

Michelle Nicole Cardenas

I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve always loved fashion and putting creative pieces together. MINICO comes from my name, Michelle Nicole and began as a personal outlet to create jewelry for my friends & family and quickly turned into a passion-led business. MINICO’s collections are catered to all ages, genders and identities to offer unique pieces that enhance any style. Each piece is a celebration of the beauty and personality found when growing up in Miami. I wanted MINICO to mean something special to me as well as my family and friends. As such, all of MINICO is modeled by- and named after- family and close friends and photographed by myself. Read more>>

Jasmyne I. Cintron

Like many people, my journey has not been a straightforward one, I wasn’t always a Micropigmentation artist, I started my working life in the hospitality industry, following a food and beverage dream of opening my own restaurant. My entire life has been beauty, food and art. I am either doing one or the other. Through my teen years, I used to doodle in my notebook many dots and eyebrows. Read More>>

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