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Meet Kathy Buccio in Downtown Miami

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kathy Buccio.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Kathy. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I knew that I always wanted to work in TV. It was in my blood. My grandfather was a sports broadcaster, and some of my earliest memories are of watching him work on his stories or broadcasting during a baseball game. Entertainment was more my speed, and I knew that in order to get up close and personal to that world, I needed to go to New York or LA. I like to say that I was born and raised in Miami, and made in New York. At the age of 20, I packed two suitcases of clothes and moved to the city to pursue my career. I’m a city girl at heart (and why I love downtown Miami too), and I fell in love with New York. I finished my studies at Fordham University and had access to some of the best internships in town! After two internships at Good Morning America and Access Hollywood, I landed a job at Access Hollywood- my dream job. I worked my way from the bottom up- starting as a receptionist and ultimately a producer, interviewing notable figures and celebs from Oprah Winfrey to Nicole Kidman. I got to wake up every morning and do exactly what I loved to do, and that wasn’t lost on me!

Unfortunately, I was laid off, but it was a blessing in disguise because I was also expecting my first child. In the meantime, I still continued to freelance for the top entertainment shows so I was still very much connected to the scene.

In 2013, we made a move back to Miami and I was devastated. I never envisioned moving back to Miami. I was a New Yorker, I married a New Yorker, and this was MY city, but life has a funny way of throwing you a curve ball, and sometimes it’s not always clear to see why. I went from working at a national level, to not working and it really affected me. I knew that while I figured out my life here in Miami, I needed an outlet and that’s how the blog began. I also became my own publicist- pitching myself to brands, shows, news organizations, you name it. No one is going to represent you, better than YOU.

I like to think that organically, not only did I evolve, but my brand/career evolved as well. I started writing for different local publications like Ocean Drive and, and also landed some national coverage like People Magazine, Vogue En Espanol, and Gotham Mag. Not just limited to fashion, I started writing about food, lifestyle, travel, and parenting. In addition, because of my background and contacts in fashion, I started working with brands as an on-camera style expert for shows like NBC 6 in the Mix, Un Nuevo Dia, Acceso Total, and more! New York is always on the horizon, as I frequently travel there for work and anywhere else the shows may send me!

Fast forward to 2018 and new things are brewing! I have a new adventure as host of the recently launched South Florida PBS’Health Channel and I am loving every second of it!

Has it been a smooth road?
You don’t grow from easy journeys. Struggle and sacrifice are part of accepting the beauty of new beginnings and opportunities you never thought would come to you. You learn more about yourself through those growing pains, coming out of it with a sense of accomplishment and determination.

Like I mentioned earlier, moving to Miami was the last thing I wanted. I spent many nights crying, feeling miserable and resentful. All I wanted was to go back to New York. I had left Miami for a reason and here I was again. The first thing I did was make a choice- a choice that set the tone for my future. I could either choose to be miserable about being here or I could focus on making positive and happy memories not just for myself, but more importantly for my kids. Miami, unknowingly, has opened so many doors career-wise, maybe not the way I thought it would, but definitely better, and more importantly it has shown me how persistence and believing in yourself, are not just cheesy self-help sayings. It’s the backbone of self-love and success.

It took a few years and few hurdles, and I am sure there will be plenty more along the way, but I learned to fall in love with Miami again- to appreciate the things that bring me happiness- like taking my kids to the beach, showing them all the places that I loved as a kid, being surrounded by this vibrant culture and exploring all the new happenings the city has to offer. I had to stop comparing New York and Miami, because the more I did, the more frustrated I became. I focused more on how blessed we are that we can call both great cities home.

Coming back to Miami as a mother has been refreshing, and joyous. It sounds corny to say, but it was something I had to learn- to keep an open mind and realize happiness doesn’t come from where you live but what you make of it.

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Just my name! Kathy Buccio – tell our readers more, for example, what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
I like to say, I’m a jack of all trades! First and foremost, I’m a television producer. I love doing red carpet interviews and junkets, putting together a story, chasing a story, and seeing it come to life. I’m a host- whether I’m talking about summer trends as a fashion expert, or talking about sports medicine, I like to help people and inform people any way I possibly can! I’m a writer, a mother, a wife, and a super planner!

I like to be as real as possible and I think that sets me apart from others. Yes, Instagram photos are gorgeous and amazing and I love them and will continue to take them, but its when I’m stripped down, sharing my day to day with viewers- the cool stuff as well as the ‘uncool’ stuff- that really makes me happy.

I give 110% in everything that I do and anyone that knows me, knows that they get all of me.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
I love the sounds, colors, and vibrant personalities that make our city beautiful, loud, and ever-changing. I love the different cultures and nationalities that make our city unique- the stories of survival, perseverance, and love that make Miami one of a kind. I love cafecito windows and crispy croquetas. I love how many new restaurants keep popping up at every corner. I love the sound of people speaking Spanish at the grocery store or on the streets. I love that I can drive 10 minutes to one of the most beautiful blue beaches and just go hang out with my family. I love waking up to the Miami skyline and seeing how much the city itself has grown and continues to grow. I love La Ermita de La Caridad, Sergio’s, and Cuban bakeries.

Things I don’t love about this city? I love seasons, so I don’t particularly love 100 degree weather all year round. I do love those few chilly days we get because even the air smells different in the city! I don’t particularly love the bad drivers, and ( there are many of them) and while Miami is full of wonderful humans and I happen to know many of them, it’s also full of rude people. It’s hard to defend that one.

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