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Meet Christelle Chopard of DHARMI® Method

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christelle Chopard.

So, before we jump into specific questions about the business, why don’t you give us some details about you and your story.
I am a pioneer in holistic coaching, with practice and experience on six continents. I began my career as holistic consultant and therapist in the early nineties in Switzerland. The transition from a corporate job to being self-employed took me approximatively two years, and I was self-employed at the age of 22 years old.

I combined travel and work while visiting Asia. I lived for a year in Sydney, Australia, where I offered my services in a SPA with a nice team of professionals. Then, I went to South America to learn from other cultures and healing modalities and worked along the journey. The choices of the destinations I have visited and lived in came from some inspiration and insights. I didn’t know people neither had any specific connections in a place before I entered most of the countries.

For seven years I offered my services throughout South and Central America. After I made a few connections, many of the activities and programs that I offered have been organized in collaboration with an international organization for coaching, healing and self-development. As an entrepreneur I opened a space for holistic therapies and coaching in Pucon, south of the Andes where I lived for two years. I conducted seminars, TV Interviews, to support the wellbeing, mindfulness, self- and professional-development in different countries through Latin America. I also opened a space in Buenos Aires where I lived for two years.

In 2004, I moved to Florida and opened a first company and holistic center. It has been a learning curve in my career. After some transitions and reconsiderations, I closed the company and went back to a more comfortable self-employed position for 2 years.

Then, in 2008 I opened another company and became again business owner, which gives more space to grow.

I founded the DHARMI® Method, GPS for your life. It is a method for stress management, holistic coaching and healing. I published five books and write articles regularly to educate people about the principles of this methodology and to bring mindfulness in the community.

We offer private consultations online and in person, seminars, licensing and training programs to individuals as well as eco-resorts and hotels worldwide.

During my free time, I also founded DHARMI-YOGA® School, RYS-500, and YOGA-WATER®.

At this time, those teachings and trainings are offered mainly in Florida and in Switzerland.

The most key element for me is to follow my path with dedication and compassion. It is important to me to have a balanced quality of life in the process, to learn, to meditate, to act with mindfulness and to have a daily connection with nature.

I believe that when we honor a positive intention and direct our actions with a clear purpose for the wellbeing around us, doors open and unveil wonders on our journey.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
I am aware that I didn’t choose an easy and smooth way.

From the beginning of my career, I had to work full time to pay for my personal costs and the trainings and educations that were necessary for a good foundation as holistic therapist and consultant.

As a pioneer in this field, I haven’t received much support, neither economically, emotionally or mentally. A profound voice inside, a whisper has guided me and gave me the strength and the clarity all the way until today.

I arrived on my own in Asia, in Australia. I arrived in South America knowing barely any words of Spanish and made connections slowly, day by day, to learn and to find a way to bring my teachings and messages to bring a positive influence in the lives of those who crossed my path. This dedication opened doors to teach seminars in Chile, in Colombia, in Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay, Costa Rica, Argentina, Brazil, … The economical outcome hasn’t been very prosperous, yet just enough to keep moving on, to pursue continuing education programs to improve my skills and to stay in my line of work. The connections sharing with the people and the profound levels of life experiences have been above anything I could have imagined.

The decision to come to Florida was made after meetings with two shamans, one from south America and one from Holland. Both of them suggested me to bring support and my message to places where the materialism is taking over and Miami would be a perfect opportunity to make that step.

As a nature lover and a woman who enjoys the mountains, the city can feel quite overwhelming.

The practice of kitesurfing, paddle boarding and open water swim helps me a lot to reconnect.

It has been and continue to be quite a challenge to bring a concept like the DHARMI® Method into the system we live in. I think that my swiss background and education, as well as my willingness and constant interest to learn, has served me a lot to do as much as I can on my own and to receive support from skilled professionals for specific aspects in the development process.

I am applying what I teach into the development of my business and in the relationships with the people. As I don’t have any backups it is key for me to stay alert and centered in a daily basis.

In these few years in Miami, I feel blessed and grateful to have built beautiful and healthy relationships with likeminded people.

To be honest, I have been taken by big waves at many occasions. Each time I have seen them as an opportunity to learn, as a gift to grow and to improve myself.

There is always the sun shining, and the ocean calm after a storm 🙂

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about DHARMI® Method, GPS for your life – what should we know?
The DHARMI® Method is a GPS for your life. It is a clear methodology for holistic stress management, coaching, self- and professional-development.

The teachings and guidance are based on the Five Elements to guarantee an integrative experience. We support people to navigate life transitions with clarity, compassion and mindfulness.

We do offer private consultations online and in person, seminars, licensing and training programs.

I am known for supporting people to heal unresolved aspects of their lives, to access their main potentials, to clarify their vision, to nurture healthy relationships and to follow their path with compassion, confidence and abundance.

I am proud that the company is expanding with balance and inspiration. We are offering the possibility to grow and to develop their main talents and potentials to all those who have the license and/or who are collaborating while honoring a balanced quality of life.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
All the teachers I learned from and who supported my journey with their wisdom and teachings.

The people who cross my path and give me the opportunity to grow and to better myself.

Condor Blanco International with whom I received space to grow and high quality coaching to develop my skills during my time in South America, and to continue my path with dedication.

Julio Ferraresi with whom I have been working for approximatively 18 years who translates my visions into designs and symbols that are integrated in the methodology.

Keeley Ward who is now supporting the Institute as connection manager.

My accountant.

Rolf Ritter, and his company People as a Service, who support me to find reliable freelancers to work with along the process.

Rowanna Body who completed her training a few years ago as a DHARMI® Consultant and supports me with consultations regularly to stay in my truth along the journey.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
Miami is a city with many facets.

What I like best is the access to the ocean and the beautiful weather. I also like the diversity that Miami offers in the people we meet, the artistic expressions, the openness to new ideas, to different perspectives and the space that we can find for creativity.

Professionally, it is a place where I can make connections with people from Americas, Europe and different places in the world. At this time, it is still a good location for the headquarter of my company.

It is a city of passage for many, while it is a home for a lifetime to others. I like to connect with people who consider this city “home”. We join our effort to take care of the environment, to bring positive influence and to inspire the community for a healthy quality of life.

What I dislike the most in Miami is the corruption and the destruction of the beautiful natural environment.

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