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Conversations with the Inspiring Petra Madisa

Today we’d like to introduce you to Petra Madisa.

Petra, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My story started when I entered into this crazy world… lol.

I was born into a highly dysfunctional family with alcoholism, abuse, and also lots of love. As it was filled with all these inconsistencies, it was a very chaotic, traumatic, confusing, and extremely stressful childhood. Which resulted in me growing up having an erroneous view on what love should look and feel like, and ultimately it became the foundation of my purpose.

Fast forward to when I was 11 years old, my mom took my brother and I on holiday for the first time to her home country, Botswana. The trip from Denmark to Africa was long, but I was so excited, and remember when the plane touched down, I told her, “it feels like coming home.”

On this voyage, I had my first encounter with a shaman.

I remember like it was yesterday his presence and compassion. I was in awe of the Old Man as he was called, he was so kind and had what felt like thousands of years of wisdom shining through his eyes when he gazed into mine.

He took my hand and immediately turned to my mom and said something in Setswana, my mom stared at me and looked upset when responding to him, and with my limiting understanding of the language and 11-year-old mind, I immediately thought…

OMG! I am dying… lol.

Thank God! It was nothing that morbid. What he said was; “She should be taken to live in the village.” Little did I know the impact that little sentence would have on the rest of my life.

In African believe, I was destined to apprentice with the shamanic community to become a healer. It’s normal to start studying under your village shaman from an early age, and from there you will come back to your community and be of service to your tribe.

Nonetheless, being born in Denmark, if my mum returned without me, she properly would have ended up incarcerated, so simple to say it never happened.

Before leaving later that day the Old Man reiterated to my mom that this would be my path and if I weren’t to follow it I would never feel whole and every shaman I encountered after the Old Man told my mum the exact same thing.

Nevertheless, my mom never told me this until I was an adult, as her wish was for me to go to college and be the first in the family to get a degree.

Pursuing my mom’s wishes was the start of me veering off my destined path, I basically got a Ph.D. in ignoring my inner guidance, which lead to my internal struggles getting bigger and bigger.

I became so successful at being unsuccessful as I bought into what society was telling me success should look like. I did graduate from college. I actually went on to get my own tv-show on Danish tv, build very successful businesses with my ex-husband, had two beautiful and smart kids, living this “amazing” life.

However, I always had this deep down sadness, that most nights after the kids were in bed I would drink a bottle of wine, trying to numb out the pain and the shame of feeling ungrateful when having what looked like on the outside as everything…

One day when the chaos of my inner and outer world collided, the call I always tried to ignore, became so loud and so clear, that I was forced to answer.

As said, when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and I was finally ready…

I was introduced to Ayahuasca by my ex-husband, he booked me a trip to Rythmia in Costa Rice and that was the start of me eventually having the courage to take the road less traveled and where my journey of the dark night of the soul began…

Following the guidance of mother ayahuasca, my guides and my ancestors lead me to find and study under my Reiki Master, and eventually, I became a Reiki Master which was the turning point for me, as I knew I had found my calling;

To help my tribe find their own strength to heal, to overcome any adversity and not just to survive but to thrive and live their most abundant life.

Challenges still show up, but they know on the other side of the challenge is their pot of gold. Their freedom from whatever hurdle lies right on the other side. And because of the work we do together, they have the courage to lean in and surrender.

Further on in my journey, the very generous universe brought me my now mentors who have become my soul sisters Jennifer Grace & Berjheny Del Mar. They gave me the tools to unlock, gain clarity on my purpose, AND take action in bringing my gift to the masses.

Now, I am finally helping to move fear into freedom not only on an individual level or a community level but soon on a global level.

Thanks to those two ladies, today, I am finally living my purpose and walking the path I was destined to walk. Every day I wake up grateful and excited to experience just how much better today can get.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Let me answer this question with a quote because when I think of the road I have traveled up until now this quote sums it up perfectly.

“Wounded healers –

They are not born, and they are not made…

They create themselves through conquering adversity, trial and error, and extreme pain and suffering.

They conquer fear and find a way to speak their truth even when they are afraid.

In doing so, they shine a light for others who are lost and feeling alone, and in return, their inner light ignites with renewed purpose.

A purpose greater than they ever could have imagined.”

-Unknown Author

It hasn’t been an easy road up until now, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I love and feel privileged to be alive today where this whole movement of women supporting women is on the rise, we are opening up about our struggles and challenges which in turn, allows our sisters to be open and honest about theirs.

As we all rise together, side by side, we see how courage begets courage allowing us to start shedding all the layers that don’t serve us anymore and as that happens pure potentiality starts shining through.

Wanting true transformation that lasts, we need real honesty, no hiding, nor blaming.

When I realized the choices I made lead me to be homeless for 1 month on the streets of London, lead me down the path to divorce, lead me to lose everything I had work so hard for over the last decade.

At that exact moment of realizing that, is when I took back my power to create a better life.

Knowing life didn’t happen to me. It happened because of the choices I made. And I made those choices, not because I am an idiot but because within them were the lessons I needed to level-up my life.

That is why energy and mindfulness work is so essential because when your vibration and energy centers are aligned, there is no way you are NOT going to make beautiful, excellent, and conscious choices.

Once understanding the power of that, you become a powerful co-creator of your life, and there is no limitation to what you can accomplish or do.

Obstacles now become exciting because you know they are lessons, and when you are out on the other side, there is a gift from the universe awaiting you.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into your business story. Tell us more about the business.
The work I do is inspirational, fun, and transformational. However, it is not for the faint-hearted as I help my tribe take the road less traveled.

I am a Transformational Catalyst or Activator… in essences, I help souls embark on their hero’s journey.

They usually find me when a crisis or a turning point happens, we go on an adventure, they win a victory, and then they come home changed and transformed.

Whatever the reason a soul shows up at my door.

I find when we start peeling away the layers, the challenge they came in with is usually not the hurdle at all. It’s just how it manifested itself in this lifetime… it shows up where they experience the most pain, you can call it their wake up call.

However, the root of the problem I find is most often the same, not living in alignment with your higher self.

Embarking on the journey set forth, I use different healing tools reiki fusion being a big part of it, and I leave them with tools and wisdom to unlock their own power.

I am truly living my best life having the privilege to hold space for souls finding their voice, inner power, and purpose is the most rewarding gift ever.

It is pretty amazing and humbling to be on this journey with them and witness the transformations taking place when they step into their own power.

Having done this work myself and now working with other souls, I have found that doing this kind of work in groups is very, very powerful. Coming together in communion is very transformative, and the growth seems exponential.

One of the things I am proud of is; Launching an 8-week program for women where we meet online every week and deep dive into moving from a fear-based life to a life of freedom, fun, and excitement.

We go through step by step how to free themselves from fear, anxiety, shame, guilt, and hopelessness.

Into remembering who they are and finding clarity. Getting clear about their life almost always leads them to find their purpose.

And as a bonus of doing this work, as they level-up their vibration, they start manifesting amazing things.

Like mentioned earlier, my work isn’t for the faint-hearted and takes a willingness and courage to look at your shadows, start setting boundaries and showing all of who you are, no hiding… saying, here I am world take me as I am or F off… lol.

After the work, life is still going to happen, and struggles still occur, but now we face them with grace, courage, compassion, and most important love.

Living like this is magnificent, fun, and exciting.

Do you have a lesson or advice you’d like to share with young women just starting out?

You Matter!

You are fearfully and wonderfully made and a fabulous spiritual being, don’t wait to start living your life till everything is perfect, as you will never get started…

We all have a gift to share with the world, and you can share it while being a hot mess, it took me years to recognize this and loads of souls went without my help, and this is my biggest regret today after I have seen how transformative my work is.

Please step into your power, the world needs you, and if you can’t do it yourself seek somebody who can help catapult you into your destiny…❤️

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