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Inspiring Stories from Palm Beach

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Palm Beach below.

Heather Davis

My husband always wore sunglass straps around his neck as not to lose his sunglasses. I thought it was a very practical concept but didn’t like the look of them for myself. Everything on the market seemed to be for fishermen or a librarian or grandma with a more dated style. I prefer statement accessories that coordinate with my jewelry. Read more>>

Johan Danno

My story is comprised of many, all starting and circling around South Florida. My music journey. Why I sold everything and moved to Australia for eight years. The top corporate career I killed myself to get, then left behind to seriously pursue music. Yet at the core of all our stories, is always our journey within. Read more>>

Dianna Shade Herron

From a teenage mother to a convicted felon, I have overcome and am creating the life I was destined to live. My “never give up” mantra kept me in pursuit of my purpose even though for many years I didn’t know what my life purpose was. There were many times too many to count when I just wanted to “tap out”. Read more>>

Dion Kerr

Dion Kerr is a multi-dimensional artist (multi-instrumentalist, producer, arranger, songwriter, photographer, and videographer) born and raised in South Florida who currently lives and works between New York City and Miami. Kerr’s work reflects a broad range of influences and mediums. Read more>>

Blake Pruitt

In 2009 I purchased an Olympus Tough camera to document Fire School. Between semesters at Auburn University, I had the opportunity to become a firefighter in the City of Auburn’s student program. These are fully certified full-time firefighters enrolled in college while also being reimbursed for tuition (Another story, another day). Read more>>


Everyone knows me as SHAI or SHAI ANGELITÁ pronounced (shy not shay) born and raised in Bridgeport, CT. I relocated to SoFlo in 2011 to further my education/career in child care. In 2016, I graduated from college with all certifications and degrees in hand. But, I didn’t feel complete growing up I always wanted to open my own boys & girls club. Read more>>

Diana Zajicek

The girl behind the bronze. I have worked at Paradise Tan since I was a teenager in the late 2000s, and have bought the store outright the past several years ago. I personally have not missed my own personal spray tan session in over a decade LOL! My passion for spray tanning is only matched by my penchant for cosmetics and all things beauty. Read more>>

Jake Salter

The original music of Jake Salter & a Unique Group of Talented Musicians come together in Tru Phonic. Tastes of Alternative rock, Funk, Blues, Reggae, and Hip-Hop can be heard when seeing the band live or on their debut album released September 2018. “Tru Phonic is a Band with an exceptional, Exciting, ever-changing Live Show.” Read more>>

Keshia Patrick

Started out doing hair in my house as a teenager (13-14) I used to do my teacher’s and school mates’ hair. Had a child at 15 and still continued to do hair off and on. I had another son at 23 my dad died at 24 and I got my cosmetology license at 26. Made a failed attempt to move to atl to be a celebrity stylist in 2005. Read more>>

Chuck Halberg

I started sweeping floors as a 13-year-old in Michigan for a major home builder. At 19 I was running my first project of 132 townhomes in Michigan. While working on a hi-rise in downtown Detroit in December of 1979, I realized I didn’t like the cold anymore and in January 1980 the company offered me a move to South Florida to run a project in Plantation. Read more>>

Erica Glenny

In 2018, I turned 40. I expected to feel energized and vibrant but instead felt a sudden sense of dread that my life was going by too fast and I hadn’t done (or even started) a lot of the things I thought I had wanted to do. I threw myself into cooking, which has always been a passion. My husband and I had long been vegetarians and over the years stopped using egg and dairy as well. Read more>>

Jennifer Martinez

Public relations was never in the plan for me. I always wanted to do something to help others. I went to school to be a social worker and had almost accepted a job when I was approached about taking on a role in PR. I was asked to fill in for someone as she went on maternity leave for three months. Read more>>

Melissa Landis

Elevate Palm Beach is all about relationships and specifically working relationships. When I was an undergrad I had an on-campus job for our outdoor program. I was a student facilitator that lead groups through leadership programming and utilized a ropes course, hiking, caving. Read more>>


I began taking an interest to writing music about two years after I graduated High School. Me and a few friends would always freestyle around each other, and eventually, they started telling me I should record some of my verses into songs. I didn’t take any of them seriously. Read more>>

Dr. QT Norika

My journey into the Samurai Spirit began long ago in Japan. My passion for baseball was in my DNA, and as a child, I dreamed of becoming the first female professional player. I was influenced by a popular manga comic book about a female player who got into professional baseball and disguised herself as a male. Read more>>

Stefany Allongo

I’m a born and raised West Palm Beacher – we are few and far between – and a proud alumnus of Dreyfoos School of the Arts, University of Miami (BA), and Clemson University (MBA/MS). I started my career 13 years ago working with the event planning teams of the 2007 Tony Awards and the RunDisney 2008-2009 race season. Read more>>

Juan Cristobal Contin

Our firm was started in Hong Kong in the year 2000. In Asia, I worked on large scale projects for large companies and we felt there was a need for change. We traveled, worked in every continent but Africa and Antarctica and needed to dig our feet in to form a base. Read more>>

Yisel Cabrera and Kimberly Garcia

I, Yisel, have always had a passion for photography. I’ve always loved getting my pictures taken, and documenting every moment. My family often calls me “paparazzi”, I’m known for being the one that always takes the pictures. I bought my first DSLR full-frame camera in 2013. Read more>>

Zena Tarantino

I moved to Fort Lauderdale my second year of college, where I went to Broward Community College and then to FAU to get my bachelor’s in Business Management and Marketing. I have worked in the service industry since I was old enough to have a job. Read more>>

Harryson Thevenin

SR50 Magazine is an arts and culture brand located in Orlando. We started because there was not enough representation or publication in the underground scene. Read more>>

Taylor Smith

I’ve painted since I can remember – took painting lessons as a kid, created my first mural at eight years old, and attended art classes throughout high school and college. I only minored in art in college; I was afraid to commit although I always had a hunch it was what I wanted. Read more>>

Courtney Palacios

My journey started when I got my first nanny job right out of high school and continued with multiple families over a ten-year span. During that time I did the same things with the children like Groundhog Day and always felt there was a void in the market when it came to offering art & music for children. Read more>>

Shawnteria Norris

It all began at the age of just four years old. My dream was always to become a Pediatrician. I always loved children, and growing up, that love for them never changed. My mom was that mom that always invited children to her house for sleepovers, slumber parties, birthdays. Read more>>

Samantha Cunningham

I started at home, almost 20 years ago. My cousin started school and came home and showed me how to do acrylics and I fell in love with nails. Today I have own three salons n currently working in my salon. I love everything about nails and I’m currently working on opening a nail school. Read more>>

Mitchell Sadowsky

I started off as a very typical Midwest kid growing up in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin, a suburb of Milwaukee. I played almost every sport you could think of, mainly Baseball, Basketball, Football, Golf and Hockey (when the baseball fields froze over in winter). Read more>>

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