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Inspiring Stories from Coral Gables

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Boca Raton rising stars below.

Jayden & Jeremiah Zsigo, Susan Zsigo

After Hurricane Irma there were many trees dismantled by the force wind that swept the city of Miami. Everywhere you looked there was a tree on the side of the road. Our son Jayden said, “Mommy all these trees are dying, I wish we could help them”. Read more>>

Steffi Kordy

I am originally from Germany and I always enjoyed travelling and meeting people. I ended up combining both and making this passion my living.
After high school I had taken a year off to travel the world. During my studies at University, I was fortunate enough to have a scholarship on the island of Zanzibar and to work as a tour guide among other places like Mexico and Thailand in Kenya. Read more>>

Guillermo Pascual

I began my Construction career in 1998, as a Union Ironworker where I was tying rebar and doing commercial high rise window installations. Then I decided to go work directly for a window company and was able to learn the systems and components well enough to be promoted to the Foreman position and run a 10 man crew. Read more>>

Alison Ferrera

You could drop a pin anywhere in my timeline and declare it the beginning of my story. It’s almost impossible to pretend it isn’t all connected to where I am today. I was taught at an early age to listen to how my body was reacting to situations in my life and how it was manifesting into pain and discomfort. Read more>>

Jorge Alfonso

I have been in the low voltage industry all of my life. I started in the telephony side then went into computer networking. Once telephony went digital it was a match made in heaven. I then spun off to the audio video and the automation world where I currently own and run Greenhome Automations. Read more>>

Juan Nunez

I studied Economics and have a Master’s Degree in Financial Markets, so I spent many years working for different banks and financial institutions until I started to get involved with the Internet world (at that time the Internet was very new). Read more>>

Marco Borges

I grew up wanting to become a doctor but; while studying biology as my pre-med path, I realized that our medical system is very reactive and that we spend more time treating symptoms than the underlying conditions and or behaviors that cause them. Read more>>

Gisela Mendoza

Who as a little girl didn’t want to be a princess, or to be enchanted by the magic of Disney? And what if on top of that, you’re a sports fan? I would have never imagined that I would’ve ended up working in such a place, but I am! And that’s the dream that I’m living every day. Read more>>

Erin Young

I am a local Miami girl, born and raised. I started my career in fashion after graduating from Florida State University. While working as a sales girl Intermix straight out of school, I decided to take the opportunity to train as a buyer with my former mentor Barbara Hinterkopf who had been the designer buyer for Burdines for many years and then opened a locally loved boutique Kristine Michael along with her partner Jeanie Bonner. Read more>>

Erik Lieux

Cristina Olaechea

I am a Licensed School Psychologist in Miami-Dade County with a passion for early intervention. I completed my undergraduate and graduate work at Florida International University, thus receiving an Educational Specialist Degree in School Psychology in 2003. Read more>>

Michael Vitovich

After 22 years in the deathcare industry 17 of which was performing hospital & forensic autopsies, I decided to chase after my dreams of being a professional actor. I continued to work by day with the dead and at night I would write, act, study and film everything from stage musicals, commercials to feature-length films with big budgets. Read more>>

Linda Bassitt

We all want to find what our passion is and work at our “dream job”. Finding out what our dream exactly is may take a while, but I am fortunate enough to everyday do exactly that. After college I joined several young professional boards of philanthropic organizations, and along with being surrounded by intelligent, inspiring persons my age, I also enjoyed the side of event organizing to raise money for our causes. Read more>>

Angie Fernandez-Pinheiro

Starting a blog was something I had always wanted to do. It meant having your own little creative corner on the internet and being able to connect and interact with people. Two years ago, my husband and I moved to NYC and It was a complete lifestyle change and It was the perfect opportunity to start a life & style blog. Read more>>

Frankie Telfort

After a short coaching career and earning a degree in Kinesiology from University of Southern California. I moved back to Miami to start a different career. I spent a year and a half at Equinox in Coral Gables training coutless hours, training other trainers to be a professional, and building a strong following. Read more>>

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