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Inspiring Stories from Coral Gables

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Boca Raton rising stars below.

Cindy Ariza

In 2018 I had been working for Starbucks for a couple of years when they launched a pilot fellowship program that would have participants partnered with a community site in 13 markets while also working at a company store. While it was unlike anything I’d ever done before, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and apply! Luckily for me, I was chosen to be a part of that program and really got a chance to volunteer without having to be stressed about finding the time. During those six months, I was able to learn so much about creating meaningful change through art and inspiring others to serve. At the end of the program, I was blessed with the opportunity to stay on and continue the community work I had started during my fellowship and mentor the next cohort of fellows. Three years later, I could not be more grateful for that opportunity and proud of the work the HandsOn Miami team achieves with the help of our amazing volunteers. Read more>>

Ruby Bacardi-Garcia

Maison D’Olenzo opened in South Miami in November of 2019. The name comes from “home” in French and Olenzo because of my two children Oliver and Enzo. Maison was chosen for the name because I wanted you to feel like you had just walked into someone’s home when you are in the store. I wanted to environment to feel inviting, warm, cozy and authentic. Maison D’Olenzo is comprised of women’s clothing, candles, and home decor. The home decor is hand-selected and curated from different companies that reflect Maison D’Olenzo style. The clothing is exclusive to Olenzo, as well as the candles, and are designed in-house and produced locally. I personally design the clothing from concept to hand-selecting fabrics and buttons, zippers, colorways. I wanted to stay true to sustainability which is why all clothing is produced in the United States, locally in Miami specifically, and the quantities are very low. So low in fact that there are only 2-3 of each size of each design. The design ideas stem from the idea that you can dress any piece up or down- throw on some heels and elevated jewelry or a jean jacket and sneakers. Read more>>

Violeta Parilli

Psychotherapy is my second career. After working in finance for ten years, I decided to stop working and dedicate myself to my family. I had two children and was deeply impacted by their arrival and the transformational experience of becoming a mother. When I decided to go back to work, I realized that I wanted to do something that had always been my passion but that I hadn’t been able to fulfill. I wanted to give back and help others. So I went back to school and became a Couples and Family Therapist. After graduating, I took special courses with The Gottman Institute and Postpartum Support International to work in Couples Therapy and Perinatal (Pregnancy and Postpartum) Therapy. I opened my private practice where I am proud to serve the Florida community in English or Spanish, especially couples and women during pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, or postpartum. Read more>>

Decoraciones Globos

Back in 2011, Decoraciones Globos LLC started in a local shopping mall located in Caracas, Venezuela, with a young Genesis Nieves (one of the company’s co-founders) wanting to invest in a small bounce houses business where customer could start renting her services. After a few months, she noticed that most customers would also ask her for decorations for their children’s birthday parties, and the idea of having the balloons along with decorations came up. Later, both her husband and sister, Francisco and Iravid, noticed the great success of this amazing idea and how much customers liked and enjoyed the wonderful and outstanding designs coming from the creativity of this unique team. They ended up quitting their personal jobs and joined Genesis in this journey which has brought joy to thousands of families worldwide. Read more>>

Janelys Gonzalez

Being a part of a large family and youngest out of six showed me what it means to care, serve, encourage and love others. When I was younger, we faced many trials as a family. One thing our parents taught us is that we could have nothing, yet we still have everything; our love, our faith, our unity… us. They’ve been my greatest blessings till this day and pushed me into the woman God’s called me to be. After completing an internship at VOUS College, a little seed was planted and a vision was received. About three years ago, I realized I had a God dream to impact the next generation and to build a sisterhood of strength. As I found my purpose, it was evident that the time was now. Learning, growing and having my capacity being increase equipped me to be prepared for where I was going. It is an honor to lead the vision and mission of Trendy Nanny. We are called to impact families by one kiddo at a time. I’m forever grateful for the tests that have to build my testimony, I’m grateful that I trusted that there was MORE in-store and ran with that promise. I’m beyond thankful for our team and those that have carried a place in making this happen. Read more>>

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