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Inspiring Stories from Coral Gables

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out Boca Raton rising stars below.

Emiliano Torres

My story is somewhat strange. Music found me and I started playing the trumpet by mistake in middle school. I didn’t pick band but they made me stay in that class and after I tried the trumpet I fell in love with music. I started playing in bands and “gigging” while in High School. During my junior year in College I began touring with a Grammy winner and that’s when I became a professional musician. Read more>>

Veronica Cabrera

I was always coloring or drawing from as far as I can remember creating little stories and animal characters. My mother studied architecture in la Universidad de la Habana so her artistic and perspective skills were an asset to my growth as an artist. She was a constant motivation and never discouraged me from pursuing a degree in the Visual Arts. Read more>>

Jerry Perez

Our story began as a small company providing flyer distribution services for other small businesses. So, I guess you can say, we were a small business helping other small businesses. Once our clientele grew, we began to expand to accommodate the demand. Shortly after, we realized that our service became a mission statement to assist other companies with the advertising process; so they can focus on other areas of their organization. Read more>>

Maria Savchenko

It was struck by war so many times in the past century that it felt almost impossible when yet another military conflict started in the east of Ukraine by Russia supported insurgents five years ago, flooding my home city Donetsk and making millions of people homeless and refugees, including my immediate family. But this came later. Read more>>

Tiffany Zakka

I started Kidnetics as an occupational therapist, to empower children who struggle in school to make mind‐body connections, build inner strength, and self‐confidence for them to become independent learners. Through my experiences and depth of education in occupational therapy and movement, I saw a need for children who were falling behind, have anxiety. Read more>>

Katherine Manas

My name Is Katherine Manas, I was born and raised in Miami, Florida and My background is Colombian. My passion for food started at a really young age. My family loved to explore new restaurants and as time went on it became a lifestyle. We were constantly In search of new places. Due to my family’s cooking and travels I developed a taste for different foods. Read more>>

Morgan Field

My journey started with my own awakening and transformation. When I first began my journey of growth and expansion, I found myself lost in the world of shoulds, constantly seeking worth, love, happiness, and validation from the world around me. I found myself subconsciously trying to fill internal voids with money and status and achievements, blindly trying on other people’s strategies for success. Read more>>

Sean Anthony

I started training out of my bedroom in a one-bedroom loft apartment back in the 90s. I always knew I had a passion for helping people I worked at a place called Bally’s Scandinavian back in the 80s. So, I’ll try to make a long story very short, I rented a 500 square-foot warehouse down in Tamiami Airport many years ago and started my journey. Read more>>

Karolina Mantilla

I came to Miami from Venezuela, after having to give up my career as a lawyer, distancing myself from my family and starting again like so many Venezuelans. I decided to reinvent myself and take the way of fashion and beauty that I love so much, take fashion styling classes, and at the same time beauty and skincare. Read more>>

Monica Del Valle

I am a wife and mother to two healthy and amazing little girls. For almost 10 years, I have worked alongside my husband who is an incredible physician in Miami. I became certified in nutrition and wellness consulting as well as a life & health coach because I saw how important lifestyle education was in our office practice. Read more>>

Vic Garcia

Using my art to express things I never could with words, my freestyle work and newly realized passion soon began to infest my room from walls to beneath the bed. Everyone, from my friends to guests wanted to take a piece of VGA home with them, but it wasn’t until after college when I went to work for my dad that it became obvious that art had completely taken over my life. Read more>>

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