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Meet Christelle Chopard of DHARMI® Method _ Life Creation in Miami Dade

Today we’d like to introduce you to Christelle Chopard.

Christelle, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
Nature has been my refuge since early childhood. I learned to read the clouds and to listen to signs from nature with my grandmother. Her wisdom inspired and comforted me whenever I felt confused. I learned to listen. My free spirit nature leads me to tune in what feels right along the way and to follow the whisper that is guiding me.

I have been the first person in my family who left our little village in the countryside in Switzerland to explore other cities, countries, environments, and lifestyles.

Since my teenager time, sometimes my hands were becoming very warm and my mother was telling me that I was meant to heal people. My career as a holistic healer, coach, and spiritual guide began in 1991 in Switzerland. It was an education that was initiating its integration into the system. Three years of dedication based on the Grinberg Method, holistic foot analysis, aromatherapy, magnetism and massage therapy have given me a strong foundation to initiate this career and professional path.

All was nice in my homeland, yet the whisper inspired me to move on. While honoring the connection with my roots and loved ones I chose to take a one-way plane ticket to Asia. Usually, my travels to Asia and South America were roundtrips. That time it was an open ticket which gave me more freedom.
Exploring different cultures, spiritual paths, traditions and healing modalities, I have been studying, teaching and working on six continents.

All the teachers and masters who I had the privilege to meet in remote sacred locations told me that I was a messenger. During those years, I was sharing my knowledge with them and they were sharing theirs with me.

I learned about Buddhism and Hinduism while traveling through India. A passage through the south of China guided me to QiGong masters who shared their wisdom with generosity. In the north of Thailand, I did a training in Thai massage in a traditional school with masters who were sharing wise teachings honoring a clear lineage.

Learning and integrating those traditions and healing modalities have been a great addition to then offer my services in an SPA in Sidney Australia for a year.

I was then moving forward applying, integrating the teachings and healing practices to support people on their paths to well-being, mindfulness, and self-development.

South America inspired me to explore different shamanic paths, healings, and ceremonies. The more I moved forward, the more I could sense a connection in all those modalities. As my foundation was based on the Five Elements, I noticed how those fundamental elements of nature were present in most of the healing modalities and spiritual paths.

It is when I was in the south of the Andes, and connected with Condor Blanco, that a new shift happened. I received inspiration to recollect the teachings of different forms, paths that I learned and to create a clear methodology to bring it to support the wellbeing and evolution in the community.

That process took me two years of profound inner work while living in a sacred space without any electricity nor tap water. I was going to a village nearby where I opened a healing space and could work to support people energetically, and to support myself economically. Once a week, every day of transition of the moon, I was doing a fasting, meditations and drinking spring-water to support the clarification in the connection.

When the programs and the name of the method appeared clear: DHARMI® Method_ I began to teach around the Americas and Europe, while still integrating other healing and coaching modalities.

This methodology supports people to heal physical conditions while transcending the core beliefs and emotional stress that is directly linked to it.

Some people experience a remarkable transition into their lifestyle attracting new opportunities along their way_ after clarifying their intention and aligning this frequency in all five bodies and elements.

Along the way, the map continued to become clearer and clearer. We published a trilogy that is available on Amazon to offer tools supporting people along their journey:

After many years of exploration within and all around, I needed some more grounding and integration. I came to Florida and opened my company to bring a cultural art form for the betterment of the community.

The DHARMI Institute is headquartered in Miami. So far, licensed DHARMI Method Facilitators offer the services in Florida, Texas, Switzerland, and Australia.

The Methodology is a simple and natural way to manage stress, to access your true nature and to attract abundance into your life.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
It has been a safe and beautiful journey so far. I navigate the ups and downs of life with as much grace, strength and positive perspective as I can. Sometimes challenges can be difficult. They remind me to stay humble along the path and to keep learning.

I had the opportunity to experience magnificent as well as scary places and situations around the world as well as deep within me.

Life is a journey, each dharmic step along the way invites us to awaken, to get closer to a compassionate, peaceful state of being.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about DHARMI® Method _ Life Creation Inc – what should we know?
The DHARMI® METHOD ( is a simple and natural way to manage stress, to access your true nature and attract abundance into your life.

We support you to clear space and to awaken hidden potentials. We guide you to access your inner voice and to channel your emotions in a creative way.

The services are offered in person and online. Each session includes guidance, reflection, meditation and coaching. We offer a series of 7-maps private guidance consultations, Immersions, Seminars and Training Programs.

This clear mapping process nurtures your whole being leading you to walk the journey with compassion, confidence, and clarity.

The approach is based on nature’s principles and the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. It focuses on balancing the five bodies with positive intention and vibration.

We invite you to experience a dharmic journey, honoring your gifts, inspirations and rhythm.

Any shoutouts? Who else deserves credit in this story – who has played a meaningful role?
So many people have crossed my path inspiring me to move forward and guiding my step with compassion.

I learned from wise teachers along the way, and feel thankful for their guidance. Avi Grinberg has been one of the first one providing teachings that gave me a strong clear foundation in my career.

My first experience in Vipassana meditation was in 1992, a 10-day silence retreat learning profound wise teachings and experiences.

In Ladakh, I had the opportunity to share some time with monks who had to leave Tibet due to the war. We meditated and chanted together, they showed me some aspects of the kalachakra, their Tibetan mandala.

In South of China, I learned basics moves in QiGong with masters, who I never knew their name. It was in 1994. We exchanged our experiences in different healing modalities.

When in Bolivia I had the opportunity to spend some time high in the mountains, learning from a chaman who was sharing with me teachings about the cross of the Andes and their healing rituals.

Other chamans around the Americas taught me about the medicine wheels and other linages, traditions.
The whisper guided me to a sacred mountain in the south of the Andes. I felt such a pure and enlightening energy that I spent a few years in that location.

Suryavan Solar has been and still is a leader, mentor and master who inspire me to follow a path of authenticity and integrity. His guidance and teachings are awakenings.

In Florida, I am thankful to the team of friends with whom we swim every Sunday in open water, the Dolphins and Rainbows_ the beautiful and positive energy of everyone inspiring each other unconditionally on our own ways and paths.

I thank’s the people with whom we collaborate in the creation of projects, give space for continuing expansion and creativity.

The connections with the International Association of Yoga Therapy bring support in constant development of the teachings and guidance.

The ICF (International Coaching Federation) has brought support and it has been productive to collaborate together.

The collaboration with Just Breathe Magazine is offering a way to share the teachings accessing more people along the way.

So many people, friends, clients, family members and collaborators have made and continue to make a great difference in my life. Their presence in my life is inspiring. They all deserve to be mentioned and to be acknowledged. I am going to connect with them personally with a note, a message, a call in these next few weeks. 🙂

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