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Thought-Provokers: South Broward

Miami has always had an artistic soul. The culture and heritage of our city, like most great cities, owes a tremendous debt to the arts community. Supporting local art is something we care deeply about and we’d like to do everything we can to help the local arts community thrive. Unfortunately, too often media attention is monopolized by corporate interests and tabloid gossip – but culture doesn’t come from a focus on celebrity breakups it comes from a focus on the arts.

Below, you’ll find some incredible artists from in and around South Broward that we hope you will check out, follow and support.

Dave Damage

I was classically trained as a violinist, starting when I was 5 or 6 years old; my parents wanted me to learn an instrument and I showed potential for the violin at a young age. After taking Suzuki lessons from a young age through high school, I actually put the violin down for three or four years until late in college. Read more>>

Nathalie Alfonso

I was born in Bogota- Colombia and moved to Florida when I was eighteen years old. I did my Associates in Arts at Broward College and my Bachelor in Fine Arts at Florida International University, where I was teacher Assistant for Drawing. Read more>>

L. Mercado Studios

Just like us there were other artists in need of workspace and a place to display their art. After looking for something like this in downtown and found nothing, we realized we had to create this for ourselves and our community. Read more>>

Rebecca Joyce

I have always loved art, and beening creative. Although, I never made beening an artist a priority in my life and put my family before my own dreams. I thought that I would always have time. Read more>>

Alex Del Canto

I really began to believe in myself as a photographer upon having an instructor that encouraged me to photograph what it was like living in Hollywood, FL. Read more>>

Iman Desirae

I realized that I was more interested in Video/Film. From that interest, I created a YouTube docu-series called Made in SoFlo, which showcases local artists & places in South Florida. Read more>>

BluLine Aka BluLine the Artist

We developed our own sound in our room and decided to audition for the tv X Factor. We made it on the show, they flew us to Miami, and we made it Roche the end of boot camp week. Read more>>

Allan Harris

I learned a lot from musicians in Pittsburgh, then moved to Atlanta where I honed my skills playing with some other great musicians in the area, and finally I ended up moving to Miami where I lived for 13 years. Read more>>

Steffi Hibbard

In the attempt of being unique, I fear I may be dreadfully common. I completed high school with ease and graduated at 17-years-old. I am freshly 29-years-old now. Read more>>

Bess Perry-Garcia,

The visual arts, whether drawing, painting, or photography have always been a huge part of my life. The arts were my escape, my therapy, and often my voice. Read more>>


In 2017, I opened Anica Art Studios, my own studio in Hollywood, Florida, and two Bakehouse artists joinedme: Amalia Brujis y Donna Lee Steffens. Thru the years, I have continued to add variety of mediums to my portfolio… Read more>>

Chris Burgett

Growng up in a bi-racial household in Atlanta, GA. (Filipino & Black) mixing a love for culture, cuisine, music, & art played an essential role in formulating my backdrop for a future in graphic design. Read more>>

Dani Bassett

As I grew older, my passion for storytelling developed. I use the art of graphic design and modeling, and combine them by manipulation of light and color. My androgynous features and curvy body type has helped me stand out in a sea of familiarity. Read more>>

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