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South Broward’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the South Florida’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from South Broward below.

Gladlyne Hamilton

I’ve always had a love for fashion. After graduating Coral Reef Senior High, I enrolled at The Art Institute to pursue a bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandise. Coupled with the fear of solely relying on my creativity and my natural desire to uplift and service my community, I completed a Master’s degree in Public Admission. The desire to style and create was to hard to ignore that in 2015 I created a style by Lyne. I began displaying and documenting my style journey, which then propelled me into a freelance photography career. I was so blessed to be surrounded by so many creatives during this time. This really helped me blossom personally and professionally. Read more>>

Katiana Calixte

Initially, Kair Organics started as a hobby. I have always been passionate about the health of my hair. I began making DIY products like hair masks and treatments with common kitchen ingredients. As I embarked on a more healthy lifestyle, I made the decision to transition from relaxers to fully natural. During this time, I created a hair oil with ingredients that would promote growth and make manipulating all the textures of my hair more manageable. Eventually, since I saw great results with myself, I shared the oil with my family and friends. They constantly raved about how amazing it was, telling me that I should start selling it. People would stop me while out and about or DM me on Instagram, asking what I use on my hair. So finally, in 2018, I took the leap of faith and Kair Organics was born. Read more>>

Ronisha Robinson

XtraOrdinary Ladies is my gift from God birthed from my experiences growing up. It was created to help young women from a myriad of backgrounds celebrate and embrace their God-given beauty and purpose. I have always had a “little meat on my bones” as people like to say, in a society where the media is constantly bombarding us with images that say “thin is in”. Often times, society is focused on the superficial which creates a struggle for everyone who does not resemble a supermodel. I didn’t resemble a supermodel and my weight fluctuated, I received constant criticism from those around who seem to focus on informing me of my need to lose weight. Not only did this cause life long scars, it made it extremely difficult to accept and love myself the way God created me. Read more>>

Keyera Lyn and Ji’Mira Wideman

As women, we experienced various skincare issues and we wanted a natural holistic solution to assist us. We began doing research and started making products for ourselves. Our family and friends began using the products and we soon realized we could be able to help so many more people, including women and kids. Now we make skincare goods that transform the lives of others. The term “Soapology Queens” stemmed from our interests. One of us is currently pursuing a master’s of science in nursing with hopes of one day becoming a midwife. This is where the “ology” comes from. One of us is a 4-time pageant holder. This is where the “queen” comes from. We both had a desire to make soap and together we are the “Soapology Queens.” Read more>>

Dasonj Smith

I was born in Montego-Bay, Jamaica, to a Chinese/Jamaican mother, and an Indian/Jamaican father. Even though I only spent the first ten years of my life in Jamaica before relocating to South Florida — it’s where I call home and where my love and true appreciation for the Fine Arts started. Growing up there, I remember going to the craft markets with my maternal grandmother and seeing nothing but vibrant colors, an array of patterns/designs, and beautiful smiling faces all around me. There were endless selections of hand-made clothing, footwear, accessories, jewelries, paintings, and lots more! That is when I decided what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, bringing smiles to the people around me by creating something just as beautiful. Read more>>

Joseph and April Vertil

We enjoyed cooking for our friends and family, trying new recipes and inviting them over. They encouraged us to sell our food, so we started selling wings and fries and catering opportunities started to come our way. Read more>>

Roderica Sweeting

My name is Roderica Sweeting, better known as Sweets. I am the founder of SBCollection since 2013. I’ve been in the virgin hair extensions business since I was 17 and I been in love ever since. I wanted to start something that young women like myself can afford and still feel beautiful. Following my passion, I’ve always been an advocate for women to truly love themselves, I get joy out of seeing my extensions provide that extra boost to enhance their confidence in feeling beautiful inside and out. I researched for the best quality hair for years. We proudly provide luxury extensions at affordable prices while maintaining top quality, so our dolls can achieve their desired looks. Read more>>

Kika Mela

The idea of a multi-directional core training harness was first envisioned in 2013, but an actual working harness and our company Ki-RO Concepts wasn’t created until 2017. The development and eventual patent on the Ki-RO was accomplished from the many years I have worked with pro athletes as a massage therapist and Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT) Specialist with our other company Mela Therapeutics. Having been a professional athlete in my younger days (horse jockey) I understand the importance of bodywork and being physically and functionally fit. Read more>>

Danielle McGill, Shortii Dee

I have been singing and performing since I was a child. I have more so recently just got back into acting as well. God has really been showing out lately as I have been receiving a lot of opportunities to further my side hustle into one day a full-time performance career! Read more>>

Tatiana France

My personal journey started even before I was born. At the ages of 21 and 25, my parents moved to the United States from Colombia completely on their own, with the hope of raising their unborn daughter to have a better life. At such tender ages and with no outside help, they were forced to write the narratives of their own story. From the moment I was born, my parents consistently instilled in me the importance of having strong character, keeping my head raised high, and working hard. I watched them struggle to manage life, being young, raising a child, battling a language barrier, and surviving in a brand-new country with no help from family. Read more>>

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