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Miami Beach 11.9.2017

Luca Artioli

I was born in Milan. Since I was a kid I was following the art scene. Eventually, I was graduated in economics and worked for 9 years in a bank. My soul was dying and crying. I really needed a different nourishment…Read more>>

Emi Melker

Emi is a native Floridian who always strives to be an entrepreneur, starting her first business as an elementary school student selling hand-made bows. Her drive for success at an early age led to her interests in both marketing and science. Read more>>

Shay Segev

In 2001, I opened my first skincare line and sold it mostly to kiosk/carts located in various shopping centers worldwide. Within 14 years, I have amassed a huge audience, and decided to launch another brand, but while being more conscious of the ingredients, technology and packaging I used. Read more>>

Kal Abdalla

Chef Kal, executive chef at A Fish Called Avalon restaurant, began his culinary career at age 18. Drawing upon his skills and knowledge of cuisines worldwide, he brings layers of flavor and texture to modern American dishes that focus on seasonal, local ingredients. Read more>>

Ryan Degale

I am originally from Barbados. I have been an athlete all of my life from track and field to Ju Jitsu. I am very passionate about true health care, I was a Strength Coach for 10 years before opening Root Cause. My nitch in the strength and conditioning world was surgery prevention. Read more>>

Alexandre Badimon

I am a young Catalan entrepreneur from Barcelona (Spain), that moved at a young age to the United States with hunger for bigger achievements, and searching for the American dream. I have worked with Hospitality, Entertainment & Real Estate clients large and small for nearly 12 years. Read more>>

Dr. Samuel Maghidman

Dr. Maghidman specializes in Internal Medicine. A Diplomate of the American Board of Internal Medicine (ABIM), he is a graduate of the prestigious University of Texas at the Texas Medical Center in Houston-Texas. He was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Read more>>

Gianmarco Alessandri and Claudia Kryszalowicz

Giamaro was established in 2013, however, Gianmarco Alessandri acknowledged his passion for the moving image almost 10 years ago when he still lived in Italy. By the age of only 19, he won his first national award with INAIL (Istituto Nazionale per L’Assicurazione Contro gli Infortuni sul Lavoro) taking the prize for outstanding video advertising campaign. Read more>>

Augie Lasseter

I am a co-founder of FRONT Management and have launched agencies in NYC and Miami prior to opening FRONT in 2006. I previously worked in Public Relations and Event Management focusing on real estate when the boom was in full swing here. Read more>>

Eric Poses

I started my board game company 20 years ago at the age of 23 when I drove around the country for 16 weeks selling my first board game invention, Loaded Questions, out of the trunk of my car. Today, Loaded Questions, and my entire line of family/party games, including Awkward Family Photos, Meet Your Match and the new My Weird School Game, have sold more than 2.5 million copies and generated $25 million in retail sales. Read more>>

Terry, Maureen, Vita, Kavita, Tarek and Ambika Persad

It all began in 1990 when my mother started making our signature dish Roti out of our kitchen home. There were many people who requested her to cater in the early days. Then my father Terry Persad, combined his cooking the meats and they collaborated ever since. Read more>>

Dean Chambers

I had two passions back then, art and technology! In high school I was often featured in local exhibits and showcases for my watercolors, charcoal sketches and prints. It also wasn’t until high school I realized that I could draw art on my computer using professional software. Read more>>

Casey Cheek

I have been doing hair and makeup my whole life. My grandmother was a beautician for many years and passed on the passion to me. Immediately after high school I became a cosmetologist and began working in salons. Read more>>

Megan McCluer

It actually started with being a model, and then I decided I didn’t quite like that. However what I did like was taking my camera with me behind the scenes, and backstage at the fashion shows. Read more>>

Paul Silitsky

Innergy Meditation opened in Miami Beach on April 1st, 2017. It was about two years in the making. Innergy happened after I went through a very traumatic experience as CEO of a technology search firm; I lost my voice completely with a diagnosis called spasmodic dysphonia. Read more>>

Telsys Tarallo

I studied at Florida State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing and a minor in Communications. I honestly always wanted to be either a Marine Biologist (studying Orca Whales) or Veterinarian, healing animals. Read more>>

Domenico D’addio and Alessandro Alvino

We started the business at the beginning of 2013 – three young childhood friends with the dream of taking the Italian Gelato authenticity to the Us. Our artisan gelato is special because we make our own Gelato base daily with fresh ingredients. We do not use industrial bases whatsoever. Read more>>

Rossana Torchia

I was born in Venezuela, raised in a very Traditional, Italian family. I grew up cooking with my Nonna (grandmother). I came to the States when I was 17 years old and got a business and an accounting degree. While going to school I worked at a fine dining restaurant called the Fox Fire and that’s when I discovered my passion for this industry. Read more>>

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