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Meet Trailblazer Alexandra Marulanda

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alexandra Marulanda.

Alexandra, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My story begins as a child, I always liked art, everything that will take color I loved it, I was happy drawing, then I understood that whatever I like about art, I would like when I grew up, I also liked the world of beauty, but My mom always told me I was a girl and that I could not makeup, I was very sad but I paid attention to my mom. At 15 years, I thought she would let me makeup and it was not like that, she told me that at 18 years old and I did not leave, expecting so much makeup that at 20 years was that half let me make up. Obviously, I was sorry because I was already in college and I did not know what it was and I was makeup horrible, but I had the face like a girl and now, I give thanks to her because today, I have a very nice and careful face. Thanks to her advice because I should enjoy every stage of my life and that was not and that she did not want me to damage my face. Then, I started to see makeup in the social networks and I used to make the theater people more artistic in my church. I still wanted to learn to make up, so I saw my first course seven years ago, and that’s how the adventure in my life began, I always made up and I made up my mom and my friends.

Then, I saw more advanced courses five years ago, but this time, it was because I was looking for a job and they offered me to see an advanced course and then work for them, but I wanted to leave the country (I’m Venezuelan). In Venezuela, the situation was very difficult and I needed income to help my family, my mom was diagnosed with brain cancer six and a half years ago, it was a very strong process for my brother and for me, I had to work on other things and I left one side my dreams for helping my mom to be healed, thank God at that time, she left the hospital for six months, but the expenses were still there and I had to leave the country and I came to Miami, it was one of the decisions more of, I had to leave her with my brother for me to come to work. The years went by and about three years ago, she says: “What are you doing that makes you happy?” and in silence, I did not know what to answer and I was again, he asked and I said “well, work hard for your mommy” and she smiled and said: “That’s fine daughter, but tomorrow I will not be and what are you going to do? I cry and I said: no, mommy, you will not go yet, I need you in my life, and she told me that she could not anymore and that she was tired of carrying that disease and that she wanted to leave happy knowing that her children were happy doing what they loved. “I did not know what else to say and she’s very wise, she told me “Daughter, you always loved the world of beauty, because you do not start to make up or make videos, you are very good and charismatic”, I told her there are priorities and that’s you, “she told me to try, she did not lose anything with doing it in my spare time, and that’s what I did, I bought a small light and a super-economical microphone with a small suitcase. I started making videos, I did it for her, she saw my videos from a distance and she laughed and said: thank you, God, for my children. My mom died a year ago and my life has not been the same, on YouTube, I did not do more videos mourning her life, but on Instagram, I continued after months remembering that she wanted to see me happy, just that! With the greatest sadness in my heart, I continued this but paying homage to her because thanks to her, today, I am what I am! She is my inspiration and my daily motivation, she is my whole life and my greatest treasure. Her departure hurts me a lot, but I want people to remember her in the best way and to know that she was a great mother although she died very young at 46 years. 🙁 I am 29 years old and until I die, I will never stop telling this story, thanks to my mom, I am happy today.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
There were many obstacles, money, it was not the time, I felt that I did not have time for that, I did not have almost makeup, there were many excellent make-up artists and I felt bad because I had nothing, to begin with!!! But that is only in our head because the one who wants to start alone does it and already, we will not always have people to help us or support us, but you have to start with what little you have, be it much or little, without knowing it, you had a little time. A little makeup and a window that will help me to have light, and so I started, with nothing, without professional lights, without expensive makeup, with nothing to edit! And at the beginning, I started and recorded with my phone, and I edited with my phone and I made up with the little makeup I had. But I was happy and that inspired many people and I had the motivation of my mom who was the one who always believed in me. And that was enough for me to begin with. Nothing will ever be perfect, but in our hands, it’s really to get ahead without excuses and without pretexts!! Nowadays, I already have a professional camera, professional lights, a makeup room that used to be only a room with four walls, a chair in the living room and a small makeup suitcase, and now, that room is beautifully decorated with makeup and now, many companies support me with my dreams! In the beginning, nothing is easy, nobody believes in you, nobody likes or comments but afterwards, if you are constant, you will see the result of your effort. And most importantly, always trust in God, you must only follow your dreams and goals (work hard for all that you have proposed). What is impossible for us is possible for God, with faith and strength, everything can be achieved. Just have patience and fight until you see those goals achieved.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Alexandra Marulanda – what should we know?
I make professional, artistic and Glam makeup, I love making makeup videos, I give makeup courses and I also do makeup for people for special events. They know me as someone cheerful, inspiring and charismatic who does things with love and passion.

Do you feel like there was something about the experiences you had growing up that played an outsized role in setting you up for success later in life?
Yes, it had a lot to do with my childhood, I had false makeup and I was always with the emotion of seeing my mom’s make up, there is also an anecdote when I was four years old, my mom fell asleep with my brother and I used everything my mom had in her closet and wear all her, haha, makeup, I also put a shirt on her and her shoes, when she woke up and saw all that, I did not know whether to scold or laugh at seeing my face full of lipstick, and what she did was take a picture that she still has!! And she knew that since she was a child, she had a special gift for art. And I told the rest in the first story. 🙂

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Alexandra Marulanda

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