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Meet Sloan Tate in North Miami

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sloan Tate.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sloan. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
My father has five children and an incredible knack for telling ghost stories. He himself witnessed spirits surrounding me as a newborn. He says he never saw anything like it, at least in comparison with my brothers and sisters. We all have different gifts, but mine is the gift of vision. I was an Intuitive Medium from the very start.

My earliest intuitive memory is speaking with animals. I remember the first moment so clearly. I was a very small child. My mother, a horse trainer, walked me up to a horse named Blanket and asked me to pick out his hooves. I tried to lift his hoof with all my force, but the force had no effect on Blanket’s weight towering over me. She said,  “Instead of forcing, lean in. It comes from within.” I took a big breath, grounded myself, and leaned into Blanket’s side until we moved together and his giant hoof was in my tiny hand. This is the same energy I use when I cross over during a reading. It is that internal awareness that I practice to receive in-depth imagery of spirits.

Around the age of eleven, I was struggling in school. I was taken to a psychologist where I confessed that I heard voices.  His reaction caused me an immense amount of fear. I moved forward denying this gift until college when I met a friend who also saw spirits.

One weekend she spent the night at my father’s house with me. The next morning after her visit. She sat down at breakfast and she blurted out, “Your house is haunted, Sloan.” I knew exactly what she was talking about because I had seen her too. We both carried on at breakfast reminiscing about the elderly woman and the bizarre experience we both just had. I later confessed to my dad about the phenomenon. He called me a couple years later in disbelief. One day she came to him too. It motivated him to do some research on the house where he found out that an elderly woman passed away in my bedroom.

Fast forward to when I moved to Miami Beach, I quickly fell in love with the yoga community. By divine guidance, I became a yoga teacher, studying under Terri Cooper and Claire Santos. While we studied the chakra system, I noticed visions during the asana and meditation. I started practicing readings on friends in a class by sharing the visions I was having in savanna.

The same year my brother took his own life. He crossed over to serve as a spiritual guide on the other side. He often acts as a translator and connects me to other spirits wanting to convey messages. When he passed I gained determination to normalize spirituality. I started a journey with his help to unlearn the world and come back to the little girl who spoke to wild horses.

Five years after my brother’s death, I not only get to connect people to passed loved ones, but I also get the opportunity to teach others about how to open their own intuitive gifts. I now see death and communication to a spirit, no longer as a loss, but as a way to build a new relationship with passed loved ones. It is my great joy to get to share that with you.

Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?
The journey has been humbling. Promoting a profession that is incredibly taboo, each day, I wake up in joyous wonder. I feel blessed to make a living by sharing the most sacred part of my life. I wear the badge of crazy as an honor, for every person that still believes their gift is as an illness.

I dreamed about “awakening” like Miley Cyrus coming in on a wrecking ball with hot red lipstick on. My experience was not so glamorous. I landed my dream job after college in NYC and moved from Mississippi to Manhattan. The death of my great-grandmother hit me hard the first year I was out of college. I lost my job and became severely depressed. I met rock bottom in Manhattan, laying in bed watching the sun rise and fall in a bed bug infested apartment. That was until my great-grandmother visited me in the bathtub one morning. I saw her silhouette standing inside the door frame. She told me to go outside and look at the roses. I told her, “what roses?” “I live in Manhattan remember.” I got out of the bath and looked out my bedroom window. To my complete surprise, a giant rose bush had grown straight into my window. They were the most beautiful, vibrant roses I had ever seen. It was a reminder to take care of myself so that my gift of vision would be sustainable enough to share. That moment shook me and I have dedicated every moment to learning. I became a student of the Universe, reading ancient texts, meditation, and learning how to take care of my self as an intuitive.

Please tell us about Sloan Tate.
There are two parts of my business. My personal favorite is the workshops, “Be Your Own Guru.” We dive in deep with intuitive exercises and learn how to read energy. I get just as excited as the participants because it is spirit led. There is nothing more gratifying than witnessing someone own their powers. I believe that we are all Mediums, we just have to slow down to listen. These workshops are about passing on what the animal kingdom taught me long ago. I would say this is my specialty, teaching self-sufficiency.

I also offer one on one readings where I use my body as a vessel to channel messages from spirit. People come to me looking for answers, suffering from grief or just for fun. Each reading is personally customized for the person being read. I channel by sight, so I describe what I see as if they were in the room with us. I am known for my down to Earth character and spiritual humor in my readings. (My spiritual guides are really funny) The beauty of this is that anything is possible when we just believe.

If you had to go back in time and start over, would you have done anything differently?
I wouldn’t change a thing. I live out mistakes to remember there are no mistakes.

Contact Info:

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  • Instagram: @she__woke

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