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Meet SarahSpiritual of SarahSpiritual Enterprises and Expedito Enlightenment Center

Today we’d like to introduce you to SarahSpiritual.

SarahSpiritual, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far.
My father was an entrepreneur and I was raised in the restaurant business. So, an entrepreneurial experience was infused in my lifestyle at an early age. I’m a professional singer, comedian, an entertainer, these were my passions. I studied opera in college. I’ve always had interactions with people, community, making people feel good.

My business spirit led me to pursue a woman-based business and become a Senior Sales Director in Mary Kay Cosmetics. Which offered me the opportunity to teach, empower and motivate women and encourage their financial independence. I received awards of diamonds, trips, new cars over a span of 10 years. And my favorite car prize, of course, was the famous pink Cadillac. Having loved the sales experience I moved forward to pursue a very corporate work environment in computers which led to an off-shore outsourcing sales position – again, another customer service driven business.

It was while employed by a computer company that I met my spiritual mentor – a very inspirational man who wandered into a computer store to sign up or register for a web design class. And every person who came to assist this man at the computer store was unable to complete the sale. Because of my customer service personality and my New York “I can do anything” attitude I promptly took it upon myself to complete the transaction. To my surprise, I met the most interesting man who forever changed my life.

This was in 1997. I began my journey to spirituality. He introduced me to the world of miracles, setting intentions. He awakened my spiritual knowing, my intuitive ability, and healing gift. I was blessed to spend six years learning from this very spiritual human being. During that time I witnessed magnificent healing of cancer, other diseases and miraculous events that are inexplicable to the human mind and conditioned life experiences.

During my journey with my teacher Bill, I would often ask, “Do you think one day I will do what you do? Assist other people, heal people, guide them intuitively and psychically?” And he would often point out my goal to be a VP of corporations that employed me. And I would often reply, “Yes, that’s right. I’m on track to be a VP.”

It was after he passed in 2002 that I realized there was a great void in my life and I wanted to make a change and I moved to Florida in 2004. On my arrival in Florida in 2004 in August, I fell. I was unable to continue my Director position and follow my goal to be a VP. I had severe injuries in my back and my life was changed. It was in the stillness I finally heard the answer to my question, “Do you think I will do what you do Bill?”, and I knew I was meant to make a difference in people’s lives.

While I healed my physical ailments my Spirit grew. The vision of having a spiritual center and guiding people in their lives and creating spiritual products to assist them with their healing, their personal transformation, and their spiritual clarity was born.

I opened the Expedito Enlightenment Center in 2007 and I’ve been blessed to be of service to people across South Florida, all across the nation and even the world, sitting across from thousands of people – I have personally read over twenty thousand people face-to-face in the span of time from 2007 to now. I believe I am living my destiny, my purpose and I’m honored to be of service to mankind.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
The greatest struggle for me has been there’s only one of me. My business was created with the concept of personalized attention and assisting people on their path of recognizing their own personal greatness, their spirituality, and their own purpose.

The many ways that I create that environment require my personal touch. I personally am responsible for creating a 75-plus item product line of spiritual oils, mists, baths and herb blends in addition to doing personal sessions, teaching classes and specialized mentoring programs and being a national radio show host since 2009.

It has been a challenge to maintain a physical brick-and-mortar establishment while doing all these aspects of personal enlightenment for others. I have been blessed to have key people in place to make those difficult business moments easier so I can focus on my purpose of inspiring others through my personal readings.

In a time where brick-and-mortar is becoming not as popular, the personal attention and creating a spiritual experience for everyone who enters the Expedito Enlightenment Center has been a labor of love.

SarahSpiritual Enterprises; Expedito Enlightenment Center – what should we know? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
I am the founder of the Expedito Enlightenment Center which hosts a multi-cultural oasis for people to find products to assist them on their spiritual journey.

I am the creator of SarahSpiritual Enterprises which represents many facets of the work that I personally do. My work is built on one-to-one spiritual sessions which include General Readings, Life Path Readings, Past Life Readings, Healing Sessions and Mediumship work of connecting my clients to their loved ones on the Other Side.

My work as SarahSpiritual also includes my creation of spiritual products utilizing herbs, oils, fragrance and blessed waters to assist people in creating an energetic environment in their home, on their personal body, and with their Manifestation process.

My favorite part of my business is connecting with people. My radio show, “Spiritually Speaking with Sarah”, has been heard live on multiple platforms, originally on WBZT and now expanded to WWNN 1470 AM and 95.3 FM and 1100 AM WWWE in Atlanta. The show can be heard live in their respective cities, in people’s cars, is broadcast on iHeart Radio and is video streamed live on Facebook and Periscope.

“Spiritually Speaking with Sarah” connects me with my listeners and reminds me that we are all one and Energy and Spirit know no boundaries of cities, states or countries. The following of my radio show has grown because the show was built upon the concept that the callers ARE the show.

Being able to assist people, answer their questions at no cost to them, weekly from 5 to 8 PM, is such a privilege: to be a part of their lives and know that I can be a beacon of light no matter they live and no matter where they are at that moment in their lives. I am especially proud of my radio experience with all the people across the nation, and now, with social media, across the world.

What sets me apart from others?
Spirit and I keep it real and authentic, telling it like it is while creating a very approachable connection with spiritual guidance. I feel we’ve removed some of the stigma of being spiritual or psychic.

I’m known for getting results. My and Spirit’s guidance as to next steps often leads to a client returning two days, two weeks or even two years later to say that exactly what they were instructed to do. Whether it be what to pray, what spiritual products to use, what class to attend, what personal actions to take, the guidance Spirit and I provide result in achieving the spiritual results the client desires.

My sessions are very evidential and I’m said to be 99% accurate. I have an 80% return rate with my clients. Every interaction is driven by my passion to create authentic, purposeful, fulfilled spiritual living for every person I meet.

What moment in your career do you look back most fondly on?
I am most proud and honored to say that I have assisted thousands of people and my business has been built on word-of-mouth. I have been blessed to read and mentor people’s families: their mothers, their sisters, their cousins, their parents, their grandparents and even their children.

I also enjoy teaching others how to connect with Spirit, how to live in their personal and spiritual power, how to spiritually cleanse and create a safe, loving environment energetically and how to get into their own personal spiritual contract and destiny.


  • SarahSpiritual personal enlightenment products range from $7 to $25.
  • SarahSpiritual’s Sessions range from $50 to $120.
  • Classes range from $15 to $35 and are taught in person at the Expedito Enlightenment Center and live online.
  • Specialty/Mentoring programs begin at $177.

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