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Meet Roderick Burke Jr. of Evntures

Today we’d like to introduce you to Roderick Burke Jr.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Roderick. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
Hello thank you again for hearing my story! Well the story of Evntures was born out of the frustration from traveling around the world. Everywhere I traveled, I had to deal with the tourist attractions, the safe space events, gimmicky and superficial attractions. The culture of the community was missing, the spice of what makes that place special was lost to capitalism.

So while traveling through Thailand in a cramped cab my fellow Co-Founder Roberto Jolliffe and I came up with the concept of Evntures. We wanted to know what the alternative events in each city were. We wanted the experience to be organic and free for everyone to experience. I have seen how much traveling and attending social gatherings can change people’s rigid stereotypes of each other. Being a Recruiter and a Police Officer, I have seen first hand the effects of people feeling abandoned, mistreated, and economically abandoned. I wanted this experience to be a free form listing of everything that goes on around them. Give everyone the ability to attend, explore, and interact with all walks of life. I want everyone to experience the ultimate human experience of gathering and interacting with one another. The process for creating the app was an adventure to say the least.

Fellow Co-Founder Marshall Felder, our CTO, really helped with designing the code and the functionality of the App. Roberto Jolliffe our CEO experience with USAA in quality control and app development brought the project together. My Business and Marketing background as CMO allowed us to grow the project to what it is now. We had plenty of bumps along the way, from unforeseen expenses, no one knew building an app would cost us over 40k in cash. Shady attorneys attempting to charge us thousands of dollars to form our business and later finding the actual cost was way cheaper. Through the journey, we found that education was key to saving money, so it drove us to learn everything about Business and technology.

We also went through the young and black phase which affected people taking us seriously. Those people being friends and family also. I fight with myself at times, trying to not become frustrated with other’s preconceived perceptions of my team and I. You can feel and hear the negative perceptions when after we pitch or Company and you hear “Your very articulate” or wow “You did this”. That was expected but getting that from friends and family was the most deflating experience. We all have to deal with negativity, how we handle it builds our character. We have also had amazing support throughout the experience, from other business owners reaching out to us such as Rackspace. Who gave us feedback and allowed us to use there facility. In all, this journey has been amazing. I feel so accomplished and equipped with the tools to help anyone succeed in the business world.

Has it been a smooth road?
No it has not. Using our own funds to completely fund the business. Friends not taking us serious or not supporting the project. Shady Lawyers charging absurd amounts of money for tasks that cost much less. Just overall people not believing in what we can achieve.

Please tell us about Evntures.
At Evntures, we specialize in integrating events around the world into an easy to view and interact format for users and promoters. I’m most proud of the fact that we were able to make the app free for anyone to use. I want everyone to experience the world around them without having to pay for it.

Is our city a good place to do what you do?
I have the best responses and love of our business from the citizens of Miami. Miami is a perfect city to launch any project. Everyone gets behind the project like it’s their own. It’s beautiful to see. There is always a celebration our events taking place, it was perfect for my business.

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Roderick Burke Jr.

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