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Meet Patricia Cash of Pat Cash Photography in Fort Lauderdale

Today we’d like to introduce you to Patricia Cash.

Patricia, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
I started photographing during my college years at NYU Tisch Film School. I learned the old techniques which we don’t see as much anymore accept by some of the best top photographers. For example, using the darkroom to develop prints and images was a hands-on experience. I did not fall in love with photography, but I still had fun on my days off from classes and photographed the city, wish I could have saved those images.

We used a lot of Polaroids because the sets we were in capturing details, and in one particular class we were cable extras for BIG with Tom Hanks, so Polaroids were the coolest thing for moments shots.

Photography was a set back from the film industry. I’ve worked in the editing industry for about a year and was a bit fed-up how women are treated throughout the film industry. Worked for Disney in Orlando and moved down south. With my Brazilian background and the languages I’ve have learned from all the exchange programs, I’ve decide to work in the boat industry and document it all with a film camera, working with private yacht owners, I was able to explored the islands point to point. Got to visit Jamaica, worked to the Gallant Lady Yacht owned by South Florida Toyota Company and that gave me confidence about my skills and about life in general.

Quit the boat industry, done life-guarding worked with the ATF helped them with a large gun smuggling case in 1990, I have decided to focus in my life got married, had a kid, divorced, opened a SURFING Co. photographed all my models, designed my work, lost everything to the point was only me, my son and a car !!

But being grounded after to huge set back ex-husband and business partner was super hard did not what to do but keep my son number 1 priority making sure he gets to experience all his dreams, and me I would just watch him being happy and well rounded.

Throughout all of the disappointments, I found photography once again, relating all my happiness, failure and accomplishments behind the lens.

Photographing my son playing the sport he loved and being blessed that he was good and was able to get scholarship for travel hockey. Time was quick when a parent told me I should open my business, because my compositions and collages was unique in the sport events she has been…

Sport photography and being on ice was a priority to me, I am a bit of a perfectionist but not to the point it’s an obsession. My skills grew pretty quick that tournaments, organizations started to hire me for their events.

But, I did not want to stop their photographed Panthers Hockey games, horse’s events, baseball but thinking studio is next for me!

Marketing is one hard thing to do specially in South Florida. I feel photography is burned because ART it’s a new thing here … My brand is my name Pat Cash, I want to be personable and I also wanted my clients to know my brand is my responsibility to be professional, to be focused on the clients looks, feeling good about their images, create high-quality images, authentic, approachable and inspirational and looks doesn’t matter…

I love what I do and I am fortunate to be able to communicate with the best Photoshop gurus in the industry like Lesa Snider, Nace (phlearn) and in the photography end Susan Rodrick, John Corncello even Peter Hurley !!

They see my work and they are my colleagues, took tons of trials to reach stability with my work, finding who I am, what can I do, what is missing, my dreams, my goals using my lens … I will get there, there is no way a photographer can say I’ve learned it all and I’m complete, I’M NOT!

Has it been a smooth road?
Not really! It will never be. It is a continuous work, a daily process. I still try to show my work and business everyday. Prices and marketing is always a roller-coaster ride; the CD GIVEAWAYS and cheap Costco prints are out there.

So, every day I get calls that makes me frustrated, like “I need a photographer for my headshots it is a one two three thing so how much?” They don’t care about meeting, introducing, what will be involved but they go “WHAT !! that much for a headshot?” I got mine a JC Penney for 25.00! I just try to explain but they don’t get it …

Trying to do for half a price so you can tell others about me, sometimes is not worth it. I worked so hard come back 3 times for a Law Firm in Fort Lauderdale, Images was incredible they got a very nice library which made an awesome backdrop, so I was set until this day no referral but got one comment on Facebook lol …

Sometimes my clients are from California to Mass … Being compared with a startup photographer and asking for a CD everyday is one struggle. I have not been able to turn that round to a positive thing…

The general public doesn’t look deep into what it takes to be a photographer like any other profession, we take refresh courses, lenses, cameras are not cheap …

But I love what I do and I don’t have regrets to suffer my bank acct to create awesome images!

So, as you know, we’re impressed with Pat Cash Photography – tell our readers more, for example what you’re most proud of as a company and what sets you apart from others.
My business is a home studio / and on locations so I can go anywhere I need to be with no problem. I do a lot of studio composition at home like I just finished a 3-year-old Spiderman fan series family from California.

The decision to use my name was a logic one. Trust, professionalism and personality. I love to work with my clients on their fears or working together in creating an awesome image and a relaxing session …

My main business is HIGH SCHOOL Senior portrait, 90% outdoors with awesome props like surfboards, old card, military motorcycle, airplanes or just a cool traditional fashion trendy images. But I’ll do events (bar Mitzvah, weddings and headshots) I love every type of photography…

I’m proud of my 7 years in business no complain, creations are part of my personality and my clients feels comfortable with my style and my personality. I’m not where I want to be as of yet but I’m blessed to have this opportunity and few others to elevate my work and my skills because I’m proud for keep trying to be the best for me!

Because of my film background, an understanding of what makes people feel good about themselves, knowledge of light and Photoshop skills, gives me a bit of edge or set me apart from others …

I still get those that say “your price is too high, my friend is a photographer and she gives us the digital and charge me this much” what can you say to that sorry, why you don’t go ahead and use that instead?

Finding a niche is really important, it is a huge process we all go through, at least I did …

I offer a unique fun experience and I think that is another point that sets me a part from others. WE WORK TOGETHER.

Let’s touch on your thoughts about our city – what do you like the most and least?
Wynwood is one of my favorite spots because it reminds me of Brooklyn, the Bronx and it has a lot of soul thanks to the city of Miami, gathering artist from all over is a major energy for an artistic mind, it like a strong cup of coffee that revives all your energy! Love the mixed culture, feels perfect.

What I don’t like is crime. We need to work together to solve the gun violence in the Miami area.

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