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Meet Kareem “Reemo” Tyson

Today we’d like to introduce you to Kareem “Reemo” Tyson.

Kareem, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
I started out in the industry around April 2006. One night after work, I attended a “House Party” in Harlem, and I was being my charismatic, engaging, sarcastic, and dry humorous self. Then, a young individual came to me and suggested I go to an agency called; Central Casting, and join them to get involved with entertainment. Also, he expressed about the many Commercial, Television, and Film he’s worked on, and that the fee was really affordable. Wellllllll, I was sold. The next day I take off from work, head downtown to the Central Casting Agency…. paid the affordable fee for them to take a photo, and from there I was in their talent pool for casting. Despite I was a background actor, I still was blessed and happy to be a part of a Television show, and one I truly was a fan of with; Law And Order: SVU. From 2006 until 2010, I was on multiple TV/Film projects from Nurse Jackie, Elementary, Blue Bloods, Law And Order: SVU, and a feature film in “Friends With Benefits” doing “one-liners” and background actor work. The major project for me was doing the Flash-Mob choreography scene in “Friends with Benefits”. Then, in 2010 I hit a drought with work, and I really didn’t accept it well.

Unfortunately, it led to a heavy depression, as well as suicidal thoughts and attempts. The reason for this behavior, or led to was i didn’t properly plan when I first came to the industry and I was using it to cure my unhappiness with a job I truly despised and hated. I truly regret these times because I allowed myself to not tap into my “Self-Love”, and damn near allowed being Self-Sabotaged of things that could be fixed. Overall, these times truly helped me prepare for my career now. Fast Forward to now, honestly becoming an Educator with NYCDOE in 2012 has truly helped me rebuild my happiness. Honestly one of the best decisions I made in life, and was the healthy “Food” for my happiness. Also, in 2012 I transitioned to the Media Industry, and during the beginning of my acting career I made an independent show called; “ReemTV: Get Serious TV”. The show was made from me using a FLIP HD CAMERA, and from there i would learn about filming in a time span because the device would only allow you to film for only 1HR. Then, like the 3rd Season of the platform I decided to make it a broader platform with interviews, and show process of events I would attend, and to somewhat bridge the gap between older, and younger generations. Then, I went to a streaming media (Internet Radio) station called; Damatrix Studios where I started as a co-host on various shows, as well as in 2015 I started my own platform called; “ReemTV Radio” on a crazy hot-streak with the show, and literally making it my duty to be a damn near ever event possible until where I damn near burnt myself out…lol All in all within that, I still felt the “Reemo Meerak” wasn’t solidified, so I took a risk and left the station in the middle of my hot streak (Now You’re probably like “WTF?”)on June 16th, 2016. I did it because I see a bigger vision with my brand, and during the time of the hiatus I work on better networking and really pushing it about the “Reemo Meerak” Brand. December 2016, I obtained one of my greatest X-mas gifts which was my Platform Being picked up by Public Access Network; MNN (Manhattan Neighborhood Network)…. now yes it was a minor step regarding marketing wise, but what it did for my brand was expand my skill set and Value from me learning the productions skill I obtained, as well as resume wise that my platform was airing on a Major cable network with Spectrum Cable (Formely Time Warner Cable).

From 2016 until now, I’ve tremendously grown on a productions level because of the basic training I learned at MNN, as well as productions wise it gave me the sense of really putting together projects, as well as meeting some great creatives that worked with me on my many projects. The first season of the show was rough, I had to quickly assemble a film crew with Bo Freshman, Nova 9, and Lyndon… we was missing deadlines of uploading the show… until I took the classes and got in the mix behind the scenes. Truly was a blessing, as well as not giving up on what was presented in front of me to maintain my value.

August 2017, was a huge time for me. I entered a film festival called; Hip Hop Flim Festival and submitted an episode of “ReemTV”. Months Prior the festival nominated the episode to be presented at the festival, and Honestly, couldn’t believe it. Something I created was getting recognized to present to the public. Truly, cannot forget of my publicist at the time; Christina Woo for even mentioning that I should enter the festival after all. During the festival, I was getting a huge rush…like wow I’m seeing hip Hop figures I looked up to in film like; Charles Ahearn (He created Wild Styles with Fab Five Freddy), Buzy Bee (Hip Hop Legend), Christopher “Play” Martin (From Legendary Hip Hop Group Kid ‘N Play), and many others, as well as Filmmakers whom contributed to the hip Hop Culture. So that night, I present my show with Christina, Bo, and Kia Griffin, and the feeling of presenting this show to the public, as well as just being myself was EPIC, and in my hometown of Harlem!!!! After I presented, and the other filmmakers they started announcements for the awards. Now going into this, really didn’t focus on “winning” because I was just hyped of being around similar creatives whom were as passionate to contribute to a great culture. Then, the category for “Audience Choice” Award was announced, and the nominees were named, and “ReemTV” was announced.

My Eyes Open, and was like “NO WAY”. They announced the winner, and it was “ReemTV” for the Audience Choice. I literally was shocked, and amazed that something I created for over 11 years finally got recognition, and among Black Creatives. Received the award, went back to my chair and just cried in my knees and arms of just the relief of not having to prove or thereof what I went through previously, and persevered with “My BABY” ReemTV Winning the award led to many other ventures Including my own Multi-Media Productions/Consulting Brand called; The Meerak Brand Productions, as well as started creating other Media platforms, and producing a HOT97 FM show since 2018 called; “We Got Game” Hosted By Hip Hop Gamer, requested for multiple events for media coverage, a cover feature on a magazine (That Splash Magazine – September/October 2018), working on major filming projects like Universal Hip Hop Museum/United Nations; “Hip Hop 4 Peace”, Ceaser Of Black Ink’s clothing line “A Beautfiul Death” Promo, One of Daniel Jean’s Skits, a section in Floss Magazine (Reemo C.U.T.S.), Dwight Eubank’s Fashion Show, and producing for a Podcast called; 950 Lounge, and shouted out by Ruff Ryders for filming Hip Hop Artist; Lee Mazin Performance at S.O.B.’s Definitely returning back to podcasting in 2018, has been a thrilling journey…. especially with both my podcasts; “The Reemo Meerak” with Jay Already Famous & Saucey Da Body, and C.U.T.S. Podcast (Culture x Urban x Technology x Sports) on all major streaming platforms, as well as in 2020 returning back to my original craft with acting, and in February 2021 a Short film I’m featured in called; “Blue Line” (Courtesy of Downtown Newark Film Club, Directed by Terrell Perkins, Written & Directed by Anthony “Bam” Sutton), and another film called; “Lucci” (Courtesy of 19B Productions, and Directed By Jamel Johnson – Imdb), and a Documentary Feature. All in All, 15 years later…. I feel I am in the “Right” Path.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
As stated, going through the heavy depression, suicidal attempts, and drinking binges were rough as hell, I am grateful of the lord I didn’t do heavy drugs in the process too. Definitely, after I dealt with these issues, and felt comfortable enough to pull back from everyone (Not Promoting this as the best move… Unless You are comfortable with it) to really get a grasp of what my purpose in life was, and to really work on my happiness, as well as my Self-Love. Honestly, going through this was the best thing to maintain my longevity now!!!!

As you know, we’re big fans of you and your work. For our readers who might not be as familiar what can you tell them about what you do?
I’m an Actor, Media Personality, PODCASTER, AND CONTENT CREATOR!!! For 15 years, I’ve transitioned from Actor, Media Personality/Host, TV Producer, Executive Producer, A&R, Podcaster, and Content Creator…. trust no singing and/or rapping because no album coming soon over here. Overall, I want to be an impact and Inspire many with my creativity and stories of my journey. I am most proud that I persevered through it all within my career, and that I’ve always maintained my “VALUE” And Consistency. Truly am honored and humble by the relationships created from the networking, and really LOVE what I do in the industry. To be honest, what sets me apart from the others within my entertainment field is that I truly make sure I am consistent, stay ahead of understanding new things with the field, and honestly making sure I’m a better version of myself, and not to complete nor give hate to people that have achieved more or in better positions. The only one that knows of my journey will be GREAT, is GOD, and what he’s planned upon my journey I will follow.

Where do you see things going in the next 5-10 years?
Honestly, since “Co-vid” came last year, and shook things up…. you’ve seen a lot of BRANDS, Entertainers, and figures really “Pivot” things at a higher clip. Especially, the people whom created new business and talents amongst themselves. Also, with everything being digital, it’s really coming down to MARKETING, and whomever is Marketing at a very well high and consistent clip is being known and impacting well in this industry. The one thing I must say is for the new comers, and the vets to really worked hard and keep the VALUE of the industry at a suitable, and efficient level, as well don’t come to ruin or saturate what many have worked hard and love to do.

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