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Meet Emily Taffel | Author & Owner of Mugsy PR

We are thrilled to be connecting with Emily Taffel again. Emily is an Author and Owner of Mugsy PR and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this.

Emily is a social media strategist, digital marketing and publicity consultant, and best known as the founder of Mugsy PR, but she is also a children’s book author, an experiential event planner, wedding officiant, feminist t-shirt maker, performer, road trip enthusiast, and avid car singer. She is the Communications Director for the Association for Women in Communications South Florida chapter and a volunteer with several local organization. She even manages to sleep sometimes! Emily lives in South Florida with her husband, thanks to whom she is also a stepmom to 4 of the most incredible humans on the planet who inspire her every day.

Check out our conversation with Emily below.

What has changed for you and Mugsy PR during the pandemic?
In 2019 Mugsy PR was shifting from large scale events to more intimate experiential marketing strategies. In 2020, that pivoted again into virtual events and experiences. Everything has changed for us – from where we do our jobs (we are now 100% virtual) to who our clients are. It was exciting to see so many new businesses join the online markets.

So the trend in marketing was event based, then experiential, then forced into virtual interactions – what is next?
Right now we are seeing a lot of hybrid events – real life get togethers with virtual components. I LOVE this format, and I truly believe that this should be the standard moving forward. That being said – I am excited about what is to come with these hybrid opportunities. The use of AR, VR, MR, gamification and more makes this a really fun time to push the boundaries of what people have come to expect from brand interactions.

Every time we’ve spoken to you, you’ve always had some fun projects and side hustles alongside Mugsy. What are you working on now?
There is so much going on these days it is almost hard to keep track (Thank you, Trello!). I just published my first children’s book, a rhyming ABC book titled “Don’t Limit Me On What I Can Be” (available on, and other retailers), which explores careers in the world that children may not know exist. Now that it has debuted, I have a 2nd book in the works that will come out, I hope, in 2022. We are introducing a new line of products this summer with our line Unruly Emotions on Etsy. On top of that I am working on some photography projects with my husband and a podcast with our kids!

What next?
What next? Honestly, I am trying not to think about what is next and really stay present on “what is”. The pandemic taught me to really learn how to be mindful from day to day and to recognize that despite all the planning, things change. Right now what IS, is an incredible roster of clients, a beautiful work-life balance, a team that is thriving as we plan and execute creative and results driven work all from the comfort of their homes – and a positive outlook on what is to come – whatever it may be!

It was so great to reconnect. One last question – how can our readers connect with you, learn more or support you?

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