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Meet Brittany Berger of “25 and Self-ish” and WELLTH in Miami

Today we’d like to introduce you to Brittany Berger.

Brittany, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
I always followed the rules. I never took risks, and I mostly played it safe through every aspect of my life. I did what I felt I was supposed to until that feeling didn’t feel right anymore. Balancing what is right and what is wrong is what started my journey. I was in search for happiness. An emotive response that I lost along the way following the societal guidelines of what we are taught to believe and trust throughout our childhood experience. Into adulthood, I wanted more and if it wasn’t available, I was going to create it. The year before turning twenty-five, I embarked on a transformational journey. I embarked on a soulmate romance that taught me how to be present and why life was worth living. I realized my purpose surpassed corporate employment and quit my jobs, then moved to another country in search for the only antidote I knew could lead me to happiness. Myself.

I have been working in the event industry for the past ten years before becoming an author. I wrote and self-published my first novel, 25 and selfish, which bloomed into my current public and motivational speaking career. I lead and participate in empowerment panels and events for all ages, women, corporate functions, and work life balance. These larger events have consolidated into a new personal service of one-on-one mindfulness and meditation coaching for children, adults, and professional athletes who are in search for a peaceful mind. We, as people, may not have the chance to be able to change someone’s life, but we can make an impact and help others refocus their minds. This has flourished into my newest business venture, WELLTH, a wellness, wealth, and crisis management concierge service for professional athletes. I want to build a foundation for players before and after sports, to create an afterlife post-retirement where mental, financial, and physical support is sustainable once they transition out of their professional organizations.

We all can make an influence and sculpt a new world if we try. If you try, you never fail, because failing would not be trying at all. My story is still being written. I always say, this is only the beginning, but so many beginnings are still birthing. As an Equinox group fitness instructor for almost five years, this journey has enhanced WELLTH into its sector in the Miami Wellness industry, where I recently led the Wellness Dome program at the Raise The Dead festival on November 2, in Wynwood. Amidst writing my second novel and series of children’s books, I have put writing on pause to focus on the greater scope of Wellness in our local community. I aim to share a passion and the presence of peace, freedom, and gratitude to connect others and ourselves. Where I am now today is everywhere, but mentally, I like to make sure I’m still, here.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
I don’t think any road is smooth. Only the roads that no one has walked on before. In the event industry, I was always the youngest worker and felt the need to always prove my worth. Having the odds, not in my favor taught me to never give up and not allow age to predicate my overall performance. By 25, I started my own business as an event consultant and writing my first book, knowing that if I was going to work for myself, no one was going to work harder for me than myself. I never thought I would even write a book in my entire life. I had no help. I had minimal support with outsiders thinking I was out of my mind to leave a full-time corporate job to find a new venture that would fuel my fire. Little did they realize, I was very much in my mind, and from this road, forked 100 opportunities I am still diving into. There will always be challenges, but there will always be opportunities depending on how you view the path. You can be on the side who views it as a struggle, or you can be on the side that views it as a blessing. I’m always in search of what is at the end of that road. I always hope that road is bumpy as hell because it will only make me better in the driver’s seat.

Please tell us about your business.
As a young entrepreneur, author, public and motivational speaker, mindfulness, meditation and fitness coach, event manager, and wellness coordinator, I am most proud of doing all of this on my own. I crossed the bridge of fear into the unknown, unaware of what was on the other side while trying to avoid hitting a rock bottom or “quarter life crisis” that is generationally identified by society.

I am proud to have created a platform of many different services that specifically influence my community and hopefully soon, the world. People tell me I have a lot of energy. When I was younger, it was looked down upon. I wish I could have told my younger self that because of this overabundance of fire within, I can enhance and awaken lives every day. Whether that is through one conversation, physical touch, a movement of one’s mind, body and soul, I am thankful to where I led my companies today because I still did it against all odds. They are constantly expanding for the greater good of humankind which is my primary goal. I chose the name WELLTH because my mission in life is to always share the wealth. I want everyone to feel welcome, accepted, and a part of something greater than themselves. Together, we can be the sun and I want to spread the light that beams from us all.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
My favorite memory from childhood is with my caretaker, Robin, who passed away suddenly when I was 15 years old. She was a second mother to me and I think about her every day. I am extremely grateful for my blessed childhood and support from my family, but Robin taught me how to be brave, strong, and unconditionally loved. Even though she took care of me, she taught me how to take care of myself. I am a better person each day because of her. She is my guardian angel and I replay my childhood memories with her every single day so that I never forgot her voice, her hugs, her smile, and her love. I know her spirit still walks this life with me and for that reason, she is my favorite memory, but I know she is still with me on this energetic plane.


  • To purchase the book, 25 and Self-ish: $14.95
  • To book a personal mindfulness coaching session, (Special Price): $120

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