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Meet Ann and Osiris Nunez of Inreact in Coral Gables

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ann and Osiris Nunez.

Ann and Osiris, can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today.
We’d like to think that our story kind of happened by “accident.” Of course, as spiritual beings, my husband and I know that we were always meant to create Inreact. We had just graduated high school and were starting college. My boyfriend, now husband, Osiris (Osi), had a computer repair side gig. We decided to both take the real estate exam and become agents. We signed up with a brokerage and started working the real estate market. However, we quickly realized that it wasn’t our passion and when there’s no passion, there’s no drive. Our real estate broker valued our input and asked if we knew anyone that did web design. I remembered that Osi was doing some web design as a hobby (hobbies can always turn into the best of jobs) and so I nudge him to give our broker his business card.

Osi, alongside his brother Raymond (around 11 at the time), worked various days and nights to get the website up. It was our first website and we hadn’t even created the company. Within a few weeks, the real estate office, comprised of about 100 agents, started recommending our services to their agents. I was going to FIU for advertising and had some knowledge about the marketing field. We paired my knowledge and persuasion skills for sales and account management, with Osi’s web design skills and began to quote, and deliver websites. People would ask about our own site to which we would respond, “It’s Under Construction.” Osi and I decided to incorporate the business and began the hunt for the perfect name for the company.

We searched for domain names, but this one time, I mistyped “Interact,” for “Inreact.” We didn’t think much of it and we kept searching. Osi said, “Go back to that word you mistyped.” We repeated it a few times aloud and grew to like it. “Inreact,” became our company. And like most of the things that happen in our life, it was an “accident” that turned into something great. We gave “Inreact” a meaning of its own: an emotional, interactive experience. This is what we want our customers to have with Inreact.

So, we began doing everything with that intention. Our first office was my bedroom, haha! Osi was going to law school and I was handling most of the business as best as I could. Osi didn’t seem to really care for law school. So, one day as he was on the expressway going to school, I told him, “You have to make your decision right now. Either you go to school and finish or you turnaround and never look back.” From that day, he’s always looked ahead.

Every day, he thinks about how to better the company. What to do to make it greater. During our tough times, he’s never given up. I realize that he has the passion and ambition for something he really loves, which is why I continue to be his partner and motivator. I wear a few other hats as well (graphic designer, creative and marketing director)- we both wear different hats.

Inreact went from being a small, web design agency to a full-service online marketing and design agency. Throughout the years, we’ve worked with hundreds of different companies including the Miami Beach Visitor’s Convention and Authority, Miami-Dade Parks & Recreation, the University of Miami, and various other major organizations. Every day, we strive to better ourselves in our personal and business life.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Like Ms. Turner says, “we never ever do nothing nice and easy.” Haha! Of course, we have had our struggles. If there is no struggle, there is no growth and that can lead to complacency and stagnation.

We started the business with no loans, no monetary help from anyone. Osi and I had to reinvest any money we’d make back to the business. And little by little, the business grew. None of us had any business experience and so we made lots of mistakes. We undervalued ourselves and us over-promised. We were thirsty to make money, but our desperation for money was so strong that we wouldn’t dedicate time to customers. I would constantly try to sell and Osi would spend nights finishing projects. What was once our passion and happiness became a torment. We went from making thousands of dollars a week to rarely having any sales. One time, we were even going to get sued for not delivering on time. And we were so young- probably 20ish. It was a total nightmare. While our friends were enjoying college parties, we were home trying to revive our business. We were struggling and our family started seeing it. We’d get comments like, “Why don’t you get a separate job and let Osi run the business.”

But we don’t give up. We are not quitters. And so, we went back to the drawing board and started to write down all our mistakes and how we could avoid them in the future. We realized that we need to create relationships with customers. We need to listen to them carefully and be confident in our skills because they trust us to be the professionals.

To this day, we still have challenges, but it’s normal. Dynamism, we’ve realized, is what drives a business to reach its full potential.

Please tell us about Inreact, Inc.
Inreact is an online marketing, web & app design/development company on paper, but we’re so much more. We focus on understanding our customers and their needs and then propose a plan on how to get there. For instance, one of our very first customers started getting so much work that they needed a way to expedite proposals to their customers. We created a solution for them that allowed prospects to receive a proposal upon filling out the website’s contact form via email and text. And similarly, we’ve created solutions for sales sectors, for documentation, eCommerce solutions, you name it!

We’re known for streamlining business issues. We create applications that will help our customers automate many tedious tasks. We’re also known for offering our customers some cafecito and pastelitos!

We like to involve ourselves in our customers’ lives because we’ve realized that we can all relate. No matter what your background is, whether you’re liberal, conservative, etc., there is always something that you have in common with another person. I think this is what sets us apart. We try to relate.

Do you look back particularly fondly on any memories from childhood?
Ann: My favorite memory was when I would set up my yard sale table on the weekends. I must have been maybe 10 years old and I’d line up all the seashells I’d collected the previous weekend. I loved to convince people that my seashells were the best because I hand-picked them. I loved to talk to the neighbors. I felt a strong sense of community.

Osi: Going to Disney World.

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