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Meet Abel and Sharon Pabon Ospino of Sharon OSP

Today we’d like to introduce you to Abel and Sharon Pabon Ospino.

For Venezuelans, entrepreneurship has been the key to highlighting inside and outside their borders, this without leaving out the talent they have and express in different areas.

Such is the case of Sharon Ospino, a young fashion designer with Venezuelan roots planted and now for some years in the city of Miami where she has been sewing her creativity to materialize it in unique designs. Her love for fashion began at a very young age, dressing Barbies and asking her parents for gifts related to fashion design since, according to her, that was always the career that she wanted to pursue in the future.

Along with her husband Abel, whom she met after arriving in the United States, Sharon has managed to create and plant her brand Sharon OSP in the city of Miami, dedicating her time and effort. “It’s not about starting but about staying”, Sharon said that when he arrived in Miami, the first thing she did was buy her sewing machine to continue her dream of creating a brand after that her husband Abel came to her life and with him as the business, sales, & marketing, She completed the team to launch Sharon OSP officially.

At the beginning, it was only a question of making casual pieces to reach people through bazaar but then they realized a year and a half ago that the true passion came with the project of making haute couture and bringing high fashion to Miami and this is when Sharon OSP became stronger. “My husband and I got into it and God opened the doors for us.”

So far, Sharon OSP has an haute couture collection called “Rhema/17” which means “the word of God at the right time” Sharon assures that everything happened at the perfect time to bring her ideas to the world and this collection was released at Villa Azur in June on the last days of Miami Swim week on perpose to leave a stamp in Miami and open they eyes of Miami to true Fashion and with a bigger cause as stated in the Miami Herald “Sharon OSP – Fashion for a cause” as Sharon OSP team donated a percentage of earnings to Venezuela for children in need of food, medicine, and simple supplies.

She stressed that she started an expansion that went from the fabrics to the creative process of creating pieces with more architecture, taking them from paper to real life. Sharon OSP is inspired by many things to create and its basic premise is that whoever uses a piece of the brand can see the creative process behind it. “It inspires me to appreciate the art, every stitch, every detail by hand. That is appreciated at first glance because it is different, “said Sharon. However, she stressed that it is her family, her husband, and art that inspire her in each sketch.

In the same way, this young Venezuelan designer emphasizes that the brand not only seeks to put their designs on the runway but also to leave a mark that means something to people through different collaborations.

“We are not a brand that only benefits, we are a brand that wants to help other people through their art,” Sharon said, highlighting activities that generate income for foundations that need it and not only that but also by being present. I support those who need it. “The first thing I did was to mourn and to thank God, Husband, and Family” expressed Sharon when describing her impression when she saw her designs and her name in one of the most recognized fashion magazines in the world, Vogue.

Sharon said that her husband was the one who saw the magazine and then called her to tell her that her brand was in a small article. He also stressed that it was quite significant for her to see the fruit of her effort embodied in her favorite magazine.

Sharon presents her husband as her teammate, best friend, and business partner and he presents her as the love of his life. “No matter what Sharon decided to be – a janitor, a lawyer, a stay at home mom or the even the president. I would support her and fight by her side just the same,” said Abel, who said that her experience and Sharon’s talent were the pillars of what is now a leading brand in the city of Miami.

Today, Abel is Sharon’s manager and business partner. together they work daily so that Sharon OSP continues to grow and so does their love. Sharon has settled in the United States and has planted her brand, which, have worn different public figures in different red carpets in the city of Miami.

Undoubtedly, this is a team of young entrepreneurs who have not only left the name of the country high but has shown that talent combined with faith are capable of moving mountains.

Learn more about Sharon OSP at their website

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
We have struggled to allot, and it is our failures and struggles that have helped us to achieve the success we are attaining. From sleeping on the floor in a one bedroom apartment so we can have the room built out as the production room to opening our atelier has been a huge success for us, and we knew back when we slept on the floor that it would be the best choice we made – not for our backs – but for our future.

Plus it helps when you get to lay down next to your best friend and lover every night knowing no matter what you’re going to stick by each other’s side.

So let’s switch gears a bit and go into the Sharon OSP story. Tell us more about the business.
Sharon OSP Specializes in Haute couture and custom fashion for clients that are designed and created by Sharon. We do not mass produce or reproduce each piece is considered a work of art individually.

Our concept is via appointment our client will come in and have a 1 on 1 consultation with Sharon the designer and she will be able to draw on paper the dress that your vision. From there we pick out the fabrics and colors for you and you get to feel and decide which ones will go into making the dress from which after will be turned into a tual which is a concept in French fashion that is a basic fabric cut out pattern of the dress stitched together to be fitted on the client to have exact measurements before the actual fabric is cut and sewn.

From there is where your dress is officially created and you get to have the dress of your dreams made just for you! This process takes anywhere from 2 weeks – 1 month depending on the design of the dress.


  • We are proud to donate 10% of total price value of the dress to foundations

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