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Life & Work with Elliot Durant

Today we’d like to introduce you to Elliot Durant.

Hi Elliot, so excited to have you with us today. What  can you tell us about your story? 

This is a story of constantly recreating oneself, always  seeking to improve and make an impact in society. I was in  show business for almost four decades. When the pandemic  hit, my industry shut down, and I had to find a way to  recreate myself once again. I found a need for pure drinking  water in Miami and decided to learn about a new industry  and make myself a business professional. Can’t, won’t,  don’t, fear are all words that create an aura of negativity  and I believe that there is always positivity and a rainbow  just on the other side. This has been an extremely difficult  task to undergo. 

This vision also came with a cost other than the financial as  I had to leave my family in California while we create this  Pure Water Factory brand. Nothing great can be  constructed without some sacrifice. I believe that where  there is no great risk, there can be no great gains. I am 60  years young and believe that there is no time in life that  you cannot recreate yourself. With that said, I am an  advocate for a healthy lifestyle and fitness, and pure water  was the natural fit. This is the third act of life as I see it and  it should be the best no matter what. Adversity can be a  stimulant that many can use to rise above and seek new  rewards in life. Pure Water Factory was created from our  passion to find something that we could flourish from and  give us the ability to give back to society. We hope to build 

a brand here in Miami that when people think of the best  drinking water available, they automatically say “Pure  Water Factory.” 

Can you talk to us a bit about the challenges and  lessons you’ve learned along the way. Looking back  would you say it’s been easy or smooth in retrospect? The road has been a bit bumpy, which includes many facets.  First, the permit process for building out a store is an  arduous ongoing process. Then, getting the funding and  investment necessary is not simple. One cannot just get  money from investors there are regulations to be followed;  including the securities exchange and many other  legalities. In addition, you must be prepared to invest a lot  of your own money. 

During this era of a pandemic, it was increasingly difficult  to accomplish tasks with many people not working in  offices. It increased the turnaround time, and there is  nothing more efficient than face-to-face interaction. Prices  have increased on many products along the way due to  increased shipping, tariffs, and lack of product due to the  halt of production worldwide. Also, something as simple as  the name of our company being Pure Water Factory got us  initially denied by building permits due to them stating  that they are not zoned for a factory. After two weeks of  waiting, we reached out and were informed of this. with  that said, we had to ask, “Have you ever been to Cheesecake 

Factory?” and the response was, “Yes its our favorite place  to go.” We responded with, “Is it a factory?” to which they  said, “Of course not its a restaurant.” They had to be told it  was just a name, and we are not a factory. We were then  approved in less than 48 hours. Simple things like that  occurred. 

Can you tell our readers more about what you do and  what you think sets you apart from others? As Co-owner and Chief marketing officer of Pure Water  Factory my duties entail daily operation of in store and all  aspects of operation ranging from in store to delivery. My  responsibilities are greatly focused around marketing and  sales which are what generate the revenue. Our mission is  to provide the best tasting, cleanest and purest water  available in Miami. 

What sets me apart from others, I feel is my attention to  details and my desire to be the best at whatever task that I  perform. Because at the end of every day the only person I  have to impress and get approval from is the one I see in  the mirror. My desire to be the best at whatever I do has  been deeply embedded in me from a very young age. As  previously mentioned for many years, I was in the  entertainment industry in front of the camera and  managing from behind the camera. When not doing that, I  was in sales and management primarily in the fitness  industry. I was most proud of my rapid rise in the fitness 

industry. I started as a salesman which led to my promotion  to sales manager after three months of consistent sales.  Then shortly thereafter promoted to General Manager of  over 50 employees. 

When I began, our location was the smallest of a chain of  five locations but was able to exceed the others in sales. We  received highest sales recognition for five months  consecutively. 

Before we let you go, we’ve got to ask if you have any  advice for those who are just starting out? My advice to anyone just starting out is to be resilient and  when you get knocked down is to get up, brush yourself off,  don’t repeat the same mistakes, thinking that there will be  a different outcome. Trust and believe in yourself or no one  ever will. Lastly and probably most importantly is manifest  on a daily basis precisely what you wish to attain and be  grateful for your successes and your failures as they are all  important to your eminent success. 


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