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Life & Work with Nancy Verdule

Nancy, we appreciate you taking the time to share your story with us today. Where does your story begin?
My story has been a long time in the making however, difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Graduating class of 2002 while most of my peers were preparing themselves for college to eventually be doctors, lawyers, engineers, and nurses. None of those careers tickled my fancy when asked what I wanted to be, I said I wanted to be an entrepreneur. At the time I didn’t know what that business would be but I knew even then at 17, working for someone for 30 years and then to retire wasn’t for me. I would later go on to college to major in business but still was feeling undecided. Spring of 2004 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and I decided to drop out of college. I would then go on to join the workforce and shelve my dream of being an entrepreneur to be a mother instead.

Years would go by and I eventually would go back to college and earn my degree, thinking I would feel some sense of fulfillment. But by the time graduation day would arrive I didn’t. I had what most would consider a great job with a well-known and respected agency but I didn’t feel satisfied and found myself feeling out of place. Fast forward to 2018, I was in Atlanta, GA attending a seminar for individuals who either had a business or was interested in starting one. Funny enough the venue that was chosen for this seminar was a church. As the speaker gave her closing footnotes the pastor of the church came onto the stage and begin praying. As he was praying I closed my eyes and bowed my head and I heard the Lord tell me I needed to be obedient. It caught me off guard but I knew he was right 2018 had been such a whirlwind of so many ups and downs which left me very much directionless, confused, and hurting. I wish I could say that I instantly became obedient, but my willingness to be obedient wouldn’t happen until a year later.

2019 is when I had enough I was discouraged, tired and disgusted with myself it was then I truly surrendered all to God. In search of change I decided to go back to school and pursue a second degree, in hopes of a career change while simultaneously going to esthetician school. Being the planner that I am I thought I had it all planned but as the saying goes we make plans and God laughs. I would later get accepted into the respiratory therapy program. One month into the program my car started giving me consistent trouble leaving me to make the decision to no longer waste anymore money into mechanical repairs; which resulted in me being carless for three months. I was working full time on the overnight shift and a full time student by day. By the time October came around I wasn’t doing well in one of my classes paired with not liking the teaching style of one of my professors. I decided to withdraw myself from the program. It was one of the hardest decisions I had to make. I thought well at least I had completed my hours of being an esthetician and had passed my boards.

So I figured I would explore that path, as I was getting things into motion to do so my RT classmates pushed me to try respiratory again. I would apply to another college and would have to wait several months before I would know if I got in. In the meantime God was “setting the stage “… in the midst of everything I was growing out a short pixie cut and I had noticed edges were practically non-existent. I was asking myself why didn’t my hair stylist bring this to my attention and suggest something to aid me in growing them back. It was in that moment God dropped the idea of formulating an all natural ayurvedic herb infused hair growth oil. Noire Hair Growth Elixir was born. I started doing my research on what types of herbs I wanted in my oil and what type of properties I wanted them to have. Once I had gathered all that information I made my first batch of oils and had asked some friends and family to be my testers and to record their progress. While I was waiting for feedback Corona had come along and I once again shelved my idea of being an entrepreneur.

As Corona became more rapid I thought for certain God was telling me respiratory therapy was where I needed to be. But as the days were leading up to decision day I remember telling my friend D that whatever the outcome was I would be at peace. A few days later I would receive an email notification on my phone that would read we regret to inform you… I didn’t even read the rest, I closed out the email and looked up at God like what now ? He told me that I needed to pivot. I can’t lie and say that I didn’t wince a little but God clearly had other plans. By that time, feedback was pouring in from my friends and family telling me how great the oil was performing on their scalp, edges and beards; that was when Noire Lux Beauty Bar came to life.

We all face challenges, but looking back would you describe it as a relatively smooth road?
Anything worth having is never easy. The road up until this point has not been smooth but has definitely been worthwhile. The beginning of anything is always a tough one. The struggles of a first time entrepreneur comes with many learning curves and unforeseen circumstances. Especially when you’re funding your business like I am through your “9 to 5” . I’d have to say stepping out my comfort zone has been the most challenging since I am more of a behind the scenes type. But in business you have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable because it is there you will grow. Which means being fearless, bold, ambitious and relentless to push through the obstacles that you will come up against along the way.

Thanks – so what else should our readers know about your work and what you’re currently focused on?
Well since creating my brand Noire Lux Beauty Bar I go by the name of many: edge recovery specialist, beard whisperer, blessed hands. I specialize in using my God given gifts to help others who are experiencing the most common hair issues in the African American community. By providing them with a product that is not only safe but healthy for their hair and scalp by ensuring that I put nothing but the best ingredients in my product. I am proud to have the courage to enter into a billion dollar industry that doesn’t have many faces like myself, while providing my community with a product that doesn’t have cheap fillers such as mineral oil and petroleum. Something that is handmade with love and with them in mind that will help them with their areas of concerns. Whether that is alopecia, hair loss to bad hair practices, balding, hair thinning, and etc. What sets me apart is I’ve Incorporated ayurvedic hair practices which is not usually seen in ” black hair” products. In addition to that I seek more than to just sell my product, but to also build a community where I can help, motivate and inspire others to go after their dreams.

Alright, so to wrap up, is there anything else you’d like to share with us?
That it is NEVER too late to go after everything you’ve ever desired, never allow anybody to stop you from pursuing your dreams. Even when you don’t have any support to do it anyway, even if you’re scared out of your mind to do it anyway, even if you started before and failed, try again, I don’t care if you had to run it back a 100 times before you get it right do it! Do it while you’re scared, do it while you’re shaking. Shake the room and never allow someone’s floor to be your ceiling.

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