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Inspiring Stories from North Miami

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from North Miami below.

TGT Entertainment

TGT Entertainment is a Miami based entertainment/management label started in 2013 by three individuals Miami artist /CEO Marcolen Hayes, COO Isiah S. and President Octavio M. Including Current members Jeff stones (artist), Xscar (artist), Renegade (NY artist) and TGT Media members Jack C . (Photographer) & Woe P. (Videographer). We started as neighborhood friends ten years plus wanting more for us and our families and to put our team on the map. Read more>>

Dominique Mone

In 2016, I came very close to losing my life after being diagnosed with Lupus. After I was finally discharged from the hospital, I decided I needed two things; a vacation to celebrate life & to become an advocate for this invisible illness that impacts so many people across the world. On this journey, I was crowned Miss Maryland United States & went on to represent my state at our national pageant in Orlando, Florida. Read more>>

Maine Laveau

Maine Laveau was Born November 7th and raised in Miami, FL with two brothers, three sisters, and his mother. Maine’s Dad Jerry Lee Hawkins Sr. died late October 1995 of the sexually transmitted disease known as HIV, when he was at the age (3) three. Being left fatherless and only his siblings and peers to look for direction with life, he began to find a path with music and entertainment even in the rough neighborhood. Read more>>

Trevor Barlow

The beginnings of HometeamFit dates back to when I was training full time to make it into the NFL. I was training at the JCC in North Miami and was a regular face there five days a week. Lots of kids and parents would see me there training alongside the best of the best NFL players and so things naturally progressed from there. Read more>>

Matthew Vargas

At six years old, I had a Crayola light desk that I’d use to draw money from around the world. Growing up in a military family, my father deployed to many different countries and brought back currency. What caught my eye was the colors, languages, and portraits on the cash! Imagine Pakistani, Quati’, Iraqi’ money! My artistic hero growing up was Jack Dawson from the 1997 movie, ‘Titanic.’ It amazed me how he could draw people so accurately from life and heavily impact the plot through his art. Read more>>

DJ Lucky C.

I started Dj’n when I was 15 years old. What started off as a hobby in my bedroom, quickly grew into a passion that I was able to make into a career. After learning the necessary skills, I started to DJ the events at my high school. I DJ’ed the football and basketball games, homecoming dances and worked as a sound engineer for the auditorium. Read more>>

Michelle Hoover

I actually was working full time as a general manager at Chipotle when my and fiance got pregnant without now two years old! Once I gave birth to her, we soon realized we did not want anyone else to be watching her other then us, and if we were both to go back to work to our crazy schedules, it would just not work. We decided I would stay home to take care of our precious baby girl. Read more>>

Alexa Baboun

This story is actually very dear to my heart because it all started with my mom and her love for diy beauty products. Growing up and being from Port-Au-Prince, I think I took what this country had to offer for granted. Being distracted by what was popular from the media, and the trends, I didn’t pay attention to what was really in front of me. Read more>>

Kaxandra Marinez

All my life, I’ve questioned what I wanted to do with myself and my future. I love helping people and being a positive, uplifting spirit. It was when I got a job at Sally’s Beauty that I finally realized I wanted to further my knowledge in the beauty industry. Helping individuals felt supernatural, and it didn’t feel like work. That’s when I knew I wanted to dip my toes in the water. Read more>>

Vilenda Louis

I found this passion at a very young growing up watching my mother not only run her business but also be her own boss and teach me the ropes at a very young age when it came to hair. I feel like as a female one of the many features that makes you your self is your hair due to the fact that it hold so much meaning and creativity getting to view your self in different personality. Read more>>

Johanne Marseille

I started my natural hair care line back in October 2019. The name Dandy Lion came from a nickname my dance brother from House Arrest 2, gave me. In college, I was bald-headed then by choice but my “mane” flourished just like my dancing. Growing up, my hair was always long shiny and beautiful and I definitely ruined it by the time I started middle school. I begged my mom for a relaxer and over time my hair became thin and one side broke off. Read more>>

Joyner Joseph

I have always been a hustler. My mind has always been business orientated. This business in particular, I woke up one morning and told myself that I needed to do something different, something I cared about. Just like that, I wasted no time and bought everything I would need to make scrubs and soaps. I gave all my friends, family and coworkers samples. SkinTeaz blew up from there. People wanted more, people were giving me ideas, and people wanted me to sell it to them. Read more>>

Melissa Garcia

In my early teenage years, I was obsessed with playing with different kinds of makeup and experimenting with my hair. My parents didn’t approve of it at first, being that I was so young. They were old fashioned, they didn’t think that a girl my age should be using makeup but they would give me complete freedom at home to express myself as long as I didn’t step foot outside the house. Read more>>

Pilly Mae

Pilly M.A.E is an American Hip-Hop recording artist and entertainer born in Cleveland, OH. After graduating high school, as a basketball player, Pilly discovered music was her true calling and immediately relocated to Miami, FL. to pursue a career in music. Hairstylist by day, bartender by night, Pilly was able to maintain a substantial lifestyle in Miami. Establishing popularity and a fan base based solely off connections. Read more>>

Alyzza Flores

I began to write about my pain, my sorrows, my laughs, my loves, and my overall life experiences. I would show my writing to my friends/family when I struggled to put my emotions into words verbally and soon learned that there were others that could relate to me and what I was experiencing. Because of this, I started Alyzza Speaks; not for myself but to give comfort to those who feel as alone as I once did. Read more>>

Laura Di Lorenzo

I was born in Venezuela and when I was seven years old, I moved to Miami with my mom. When we arrived, my mom put me in this acting agency for kids where I got cast in “Sabado Gigante” children’s sketch comedy segment. I thrived because I spoke perfect Spanish and thats what they needed. After that, my mom started putting me in magnet schools to study drama. Read more>>

Daziana Boussiquot

Since I was a freshman in high school, I wanted to start my own business and be my own boss. I wasn’t sure where to start. I waited until I was sure of what exactly I wanted to sell to get into running my own business. Once 2020 began, January 11, 2020 I thought of a business name and started searching for vendors. I then made a page and made my own logo. Read more>>

Rebecca Mortimer

Before launching this women’s empowerment network, I’ve always had a passion to work with women. When I was younger, I would mentor girls and give them advice and share insight with them on various issues that they were faced with. I remember having such a strong desire to empower women, so much so that at just 25 years old I launched a group called “Girl On Fire”. Read more>>

Dreama Neal

I’m a young upcoming entrepreneur from Miami who started an online boutique business this year in 2020. My business is big that’s how I look at it just because I have a small amount of followers I still remain consistent and humble yet I know one day I’ll have a numerous amount of followers. Stepping out on faith is something I always do when it comes to believing in my dreams and goals. Read more>>

Valeria Nardecchia

I started in the entertainment industry in 1996 at the main nationwide television station in Argentina, selling their original productions to the international television channels. In 2001, there was a huge economic crisis in the country and my husband Fede and I decided to look for opportunities in abroad. Fede was offered a great production job in Miami, and we moved to the city where we live since. Read more>>

Eli Eskenazi Boné

Growing up under the roof of an internationally renowned Architect, I always knew that I wanted to become an Architect and work with Artek Design Corp. – my family’s Real Estate Design & Development firm. The goal for me since the beginning was to develop as many skills as possible and become as experienced as I could so that one day I could join the team. Read more>>

Sandy Bien-Aime

Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am the 7th child of my parents and at the tender age of five, I was diagnosed with lupus. I went through some really tough times with lupus. At the age of 15, I lost my kidney function because of lupus. I started Hemodialysis at Miami children hospital. Even as a lil girl, I enjoyed watching my mom and sisters cook. So I took Home Economics in 7th -9th grade. I also enjoy watching the Food Network. Food wasn’t my 1st love. Read more>>

Ed Rosas

I was born and raised in Queens, New York. My mother was your nine to five career woman while my father was your street hustler who battled drug addiction. To cope with being an “adult child of an alcoholic” I turned to art. I used it as an escape from my reality. It was during those periods of escape and introspection I came to the realization that I wanted to be an artist. Read more>>

Symone Dixon

My Mom and Dad basically gave me anything I asked for, from cars to clothes with no hesitation. Sometimes the road to success wasn’t so easy for me because I always use to think “Hey, my Mom, Dad, and Siblings would just give me anything I asked for”, but then reality hit me once I graduated high school. Yes, I have been through a few ups and downs but I always had/have God on my side. Read more>>

Michelle Gabor

I started my healthy lifestyle in Venezuela, where I was a swimmer. I represented my school in many swim meetings and Nationally. Then I moved to the United States, where I wanted to continue swimming but it was difficult with school and all the cultural changes. So, I decided to make it a hobby. During my two first years here in the US, I started practicing yoga as a way to heal my mind and body. Read more>>

Isaac Perlman

I have been in love with the restaurant industry since I was about 13 years old. When I got into the age (15) where you are no longer allowed to sit around and do nothing all summer my father sent me to work with his chef cousin Harry Sasson in Bogota, Colombia. Harry is one of Colombia’s top chefs if not the #1. I did internships with him and another successful entrepreneur Leo Katz during my high-school summer breaks. Read more>>

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