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Inspiring Stories from North Broward

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out North Broward’s rising stars below.

Candace Smith

I started my journey with a story called “Openly Broken.” I was apart of a collaborative work where 15-20 women came together from all over the United States to share their story of how “their pain produced promise.” The title of that book is called: “My Journey to Exodus: How My Pain Produced Promise.” In my story, I detailed my first experience with a therapist.  Read more>>

Franklin Okonta

Well, I picked up my first camera my senior year in high school and I’ve been attached ever since. At first, it started off as a hobby. But even as a leisure activity, I found myself hungry to learn more and more about the craft. Photography very casually became my side hustle and the entrepreneur in me wanted to take it to the next level. Read more>>

William Hobbs IV

I started learning my guitar techniques from a professional guitarist who used to play with the Voltage Brothers. I started to excel faster. Then I started playing with bands, writing and composing my own songs. I moved to South Florida in 2011. I started taking guitar classes, and I also ventured off into recording rhymes. Before I moved, I had my first real experience with a DAW which is any program that a producer can make instrumentals on. Read more>>

Malvin Magri

I frequently get this question asked every time. I kinda just fell into it without knowing. Never in my life did I ever think of becoming a perfumist, let alone a south Floridian based one. I can probably say It all started about 2012 when I found this website called fragrantica. It’s an online encyclopedia about every perfume ever made. Read more>>

Myrtho Jean-Baptiste

Having a professional/sounding studio, I Knew I would have to get into taking pictures and video after the songs were done. Although I became a young entrepreneur then, I didn’t get into the photography/videography business until I graduated from Blanche Ely High School back in 2012. I did a few corporate gigs for the city of Pompano Beach (CRA), and my company also got presented for the videography services we were providing to them during their chamber of commerce meeting. Read more>>

Mary V. Davids

D&M Consulting is a leadership development and talent management firm located in South Florida where Mary and her team coach professionals looking to upgrade their careers and she also works with employers to help them engage and retain top talent, including Millennials. She is known for her active involvement in the community, helping to empower young professionals by providing workshops on Salary Negotiation. Read more>>

Lola Chél

As far as modeling, I got started in college. While attending Florida International University, I joined a Modeling troop called Eclipse Fashion Society where I learned all the basics when it came to runway modeling and my modeling skills. From there, I branched out as a freelance model. I set up my own shoots, played around with concepts and worked with various photographers, makeup artist, designer‘s, and brands. Read more>>

Marcia Villiers

Our start came about some 20 years ago, not consecutively I might add. I say that, as when the idea of floral design came about, I was a stay at home mom in NY with our first born. With enough “mommy and me,” classes under my belt it was time to socialize with a few grown-ups! I have always enjoyed the art of floral designing as a young girl and carried that through as a hobby. Read more>>

Sierra Claudio

I’m just a woman who loves to celebrate with a party, literally I can find any reason to throw an event. My passion for events began eight years ago when I got married and hated everything about my wedding. From that moment on Sophisticated Socials was born. I vowed that when my 10-year vow renewal came around it would be what every bride dreams of. Since then my children have my driving force behind my upscale children events. Read more>>

Jemimah Fequant

I always knew that wasn’t going to be my path I’ve always had a strong admiration for art and people. I had to sit my mom down and have that talk with her and let her know that I’m pursuing the arts, and shockingly she supported my choice. I started off as being a model and doing fashion shows, but I was always intrigued by a camera. Read more>>

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