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Inspiring Stories from Miami Beach

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Miami Beach below.

Pablo Barrera

When it comes to my story in photography, I establish the beginning, my big bang, on my 33rd birthday. But I guess in every story there’s a certain background that makes you understand it better. Born and raised in Argentina, I remember when I was about eight years old going on a summer vacation with my family to the beach on the Atlantic coast, which I had never visited before. About two towns before our final destination. Read more>>

Andrew Robinson

From a very young age, I was always a visual person. My journey started when I was two years old. I didn’t start speaking until I was two years old. I was quiet; I would always point or gesture at things that I wanted but didn’t start talking until the age of two. I’ve always a quiet kid, but it wasn’t until I got older where I learned how to communicate – through video. Read more>>

Natalie Kelly

Ever since I was young, I had always wanted to become a model but never knew how to get there. While my family and I lived in Michigan for a few years, my mom found a local modeling agency that encouraged me to go to a modeling competition in New York City called IMTA, International Model and Talent Association. Read more>>

Vishesh Mulchan

I moved to Miami in March of 2019 from a Caribbean country called Trinidad and Tobago. Throughout the last four years, I’ve been developing my passion for imagery as a form of self-expression, cultural exchange and personal therapy. My camera is a reason for me to get out of the house, turn off my phone and observe the world around me. Lately, I’ve been working more and more with models and even people who are not models but who appreciate the photographic projects that I aspire to complete. Read more>>

Rafael Gomez

I started out as an overweight teenager who then decided it was time to make a change. I spent a whole year doing bodyweight exercises and learning about nutrition, which then let me lose a lot of weight and body fat. After losing all that fat, I then began my journey to gaining muscle. I have spent years at my craft learning and improving every single day. Soon enough, I decided to compete in Teen Bodybuilding shows in the National Physique Committee (NPC). Read more>>

Lakenya Harden

At an early age, I think there was not a time you would not catch me posing for a picture, smiling at myself in the mirror or mixing clothes to see how they looked together. My parents seeing my infatuation with colors, shapes and fashion enrolled me into modeling school to cultivate this passion. At that time, having two older brothers and was considered a tomboy, this love for fashion helped me channel my inner energy to my girly side. Read more>>

Bernardo Gasparini

I was born in Brazil in a family that provided me with the mindset that I am able to do anything I want and only I can achieve the dreams I dream. In Brazil, I used to study Civil Engineering and teach professional boxing classes in a gym and private classes. At 20 years old, I moved to Miami. I didn’t have that many expectations professionally since I had to drop off college to be able to come. Read more>>

Ximena Cordoba

I was born and raised in Colombia. It all started when a friend of mine asked me to go to an audition for a reality show called Protagonistas de Novela. I decided to audition, and I ended up winning the show. Fast forward a few years, I decided to come to the United States to see what opportunities would come up for me. I did a few castings as an Actress and Model, studied Journalism, and ended up working for one of the biggest television networks, Univision. Read more>>

Rae Jenae

When I moved here from New York City in 2017, a little over three years ago today, I realized that spaces for queer/lesbian women were slim to none. Although I was able to find a few events spread throughout the year, it seemed that consistency within the LGBTQ community could only be found in venues that catered predominantly to gay men. Till this day people reach out to me all the time, wanting to know, “What are the best lesbian bars in town?” Sadly THERE ARE NONE. Read more>>

Karrington Sesker

When I first got my iPhone, I personally realized that I liked to take pictures of everything. All of my life, I always wanted to do photography. During all these years, I never thought that anybody would think my work is good enough. Towards the middle of 2019, I was blessed with a camera as a present from graduation. I knew as soon as I received that blessing, I was going to be something big. Being a photographer, multiple things come into play, and you have to have a. good support system, money and know all of the angles. Read more>>

Kelly Penaloza

I was hosting/promoting doing marketing for the sobe party scene. There was not a party I was not involved with or knew off. I started slowly attending LGTB parties and always wanted to help and be a part of them. During this time, I made very important connections with Pandora Events and Icandee. Most specifically, Lynn Bove who may Rest In Peace. Read more>>

Sasha Olsen

I started this movement, Iwantmyoceanback, to help end ocean pollution! Last summer, I visited Asia and went out on a boat with my family. I saw so much trash floating around, and I realized that I never noticed this huge problem before! When we got back, I noticed a lot of sewage spills happening too. I asked my mom so many questions and did a lot of research with my cousin. Read more>>

Jessica Henric

Since I can remember, I had been obsessed with storytelling and filmmaking from a young age. I also had a burning desire to tell stories that elicit emotion and create an experience with the audience, whether that’s on the page or behind the camera. I started off like most kids in Miami do, by learning the ways of life through the lens of nightclubs and excess at the tender age of 16. I had a lot of exposure to the entertainment industry and the people in it. Read more>>

Carly Terenzio

My photography journey really started about two years ago, when my dear friend Liza contacted me to take a few photos of her and her daughter at Miami’s beautiful Merry Christmas Park in the Grove. I eagerly met the two on the morning of May 8th with nothing but my iPhone in hand and a passion for photography in my heart. Read more>>

Stefy Schoffel

I’m Stefy Schoffel, a certified Mind Body Eating Coach. I help people who have felt stuck on diet after diet, completely transform how they feel in and about their bodies and find peace with food. They awaken a renewed passion for their lives and take all that energy previously spent trying to change and fix themselves and redirect it to focus on things they’ve been wanting to pursue. Read more>>

Boris Quarantini

I was a professional athlete (judo) because of an injury I gave up my sporting dedication, through friends I land in Ibiza where I met my inseparable business partner, projected into a completely different world from where I came from… I was immediately taken to work as a dancer at the Pacha in Ibiza, one of the most beautiful night clubs in the world… a mix of emotions, many known faces. Read more>>

Brigitte Schambon-Kiser

My interest in photography started at an early age. I would always ask my parents to get me those disposable cameras sold at Eckerd’s every time my family and I would go on trips. I would take charge and start snapping away. I enjoyed doing it so very much! Then in high school, I took a film for three years. It was then when I fully immersed in the magic of photography. Read more>>

Melanie Guess

Before I got into the fashion world, I was working in the medical field. While in that field, I realized it wasn’t for me. I wanted a way out so I started talking to my friends about starting a business. I knew I wanted a boutique but I didn’t know the “how”. After countless hours of research, I finally figured out how to turn my dream into reality. When I took the first step, I told myself I will not look back. Read more>>

Veronica Volpi

I’ve grown up in Italy (Milan the capital of fashion) in the 70’s and 80’s with a housewife mom who was a little housewife but very good at organizing at home sales of samples collections and wholesale pret a porter, so our apartment was always full of racks and ladies in their underwear trying on beautiful clothes while sipping rose’. After graduating, I start working in the advertising business and then inevitably shifted toward the wardrobe department. Read more>>

Jamie Knee

Jamie Knee has been involved in the industry as a Wine, Food & Lifestyle Influence Marketer at “What is Up Miami”, @whatisupmiami since 2012, after graduating from the University of Miami, with a BS in Communications. She writes about the local foodie scene in her current hometown of Miami, Florida, and has a deep knowledge of the food, dining and social scene in South Florida. Read more>>

Joanna Heath

Show Business was always a dream of mine that was very deep within my heart in which I would only fantasize about; however it was only a fantasy I thought, not feasible therefore conceptualizing was a safer haven until a certain time came in my life when I have decided to venture off and give it a try. Not too many took my decision sincerely, but with the passion, drive and motivation I had, I thought that was all I needed. Read more>>

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