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Inspiring Stories from Miami Beach

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Miami Beach below.

Corey CT

Growing up as A kid my grandfather was in the music business which inspired me to take on the entertainment industry. My uncle “4 Mill” kept me at different music video productions, I was inspired. Read more>>

Antonio Gallo and Pietro Vardeu

Antonio and Pietro have known each other for a long time when they both worked at other projects. Pietro was the F&B Director for Graspa Group, the masterminds behind TIramisu and Segafredo and Antonio was managing Ago at The Shore Club. Read more>>

Sandra Zanetti

When I was a kid I’d shuffle through the recycling bins at home and rip pages out of my mother’s National Enquirer magazines and draw people in them like Cher, Carol Burnett or Jack Nicholson. Read more>>

Chris Holder

Be the best place to start is I was homeless when I decided to make a change. I started looking for opportunities and found my mentor. She and I put together a game plan that allows me to build my business from nothing to multiple six figures. Read more>>

Savanna Stevens

New York City, Savanna Stevens is a Sports & Entertainment Producer, Model, and Yoga Instructor. Savanna received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Media & Communications from Tulane University and studied internationally at Universidad de Salamanca. Read more>>

Conor McMullen

I’ve been deeply passionate about music and the joy it can bring. Over the years, I’ve explored different musical pathways, trying to find my niche. In 2017, I was living in Washington DC, establishing myself as a DJ (Miks) within the thriving arts scene. Read more>>

Libbyrae Troyer

In the present moment, I am a mother to baby Luna, student, teacher, therapist, deep feeler, friend. Here to remind you that you are divinely guided and share my learning and unlearning along the way. Read more>>

Tiago S. De Oliveira

Tiago Sãopaio started his career extremely young in Brazil and has been performing and teaching Micropigmentation (permanent makeup) for many years. In 2016 he accomplished more than 1800 procedures. Tiago travels to see clients in Miami. Read more>>

Tracy Effron

When I was little I wanted to be like the fictional character Eloise, who lived in the Plaza! Ever since I can remember, I was always curious about what the world had to offer and insisted on going into every hotel to take a peek. Read more>>

Bobby Asare

My love for the restaurant business started at a very young age. My mother owned a bakery while working full-time jobs when we were kids. which means, more often than not, if my sisters and I wanted to see our mother. Read more>>

Christopher Leon

After graduating high school, I enlisted in the U.S. Army, on active duty, as a Military Police officer where I served for 9 years. I did complete two, combat deployments to Iraq during my military service. Read more>>

Marcelo Steinmander

My name is Marcelo Steinmander, I am currently 26 years old and for the past eight years, ever since I finished my high school education, I have worked as a realtor here in South Florida. The beginnings were rather humble and to a certain extent. Read more>>

Kiki Rutten and Maria Pirela

Young adults and adolescents are the biggest users and abusers of prescription drugs, such as opioids and stimulants. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that 2.14 million people ages 12 and older had a prescription opioid use disorder in 2016. Read more>>

Jhon Alexander Restrepo

I began creating art at a young age. At first, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing but I knew I had an eye for it. It wasn’t until high school that I decided I wanted to pursue a career in art. Read more>>

Ella Titus

I’m a professional ballerina with Miami City Ballet and have always loved creatively sharing my world over social media. I’ve had so many people just assume I was a blogger, so I figured why not give it a shot? I absolutely adore writing. Read more>>

Julia Poliadis

As the property manager for Group 81 in Wynwood for four years, Julia has seen the evolution of an urban neighborhood transform and become the epicenter of art in Miami. “I remember when it was just plain streets and barely used warehouses. Read more>>

Alexander Smith

Alexander Smith Founded C.U.N. Photography at the age of 17, Alexander has collaborated & partnered with several different corporations, organizations and more. Some rides was tough for MR. C.U.N. who said life with power was easy. Read more>>

Alexander Minelli

It started in the green hills of Haifa, north of Israel, where I’ve attended Media Design Technion College. It was 2002 and first steps into 3D world were made, it was still a very new technology and only a few designers and architects knew how to make realistic 3D models and bring architecture to life. Read more>>

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