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Inspiring Stories from Miami Beach

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Miami Beach below.

Jackson Saint-Fort

My journey with photography began 13 years ago, as my fathers assistant. My father was a local wedding photographer and he did dozens of weddings. He was known for putting together timeless albums and memorable family portraits with the help of portable backdrops. Read more>>

Hannah Marsh

Piccadilly was born out of my deep held belief that people should be valued and celebrated. I think it is truly a human desire to know that our voice and contribution to the world has value. In the US today, over 25 million people struggle with depression. Read more>>

Daniela Padrón

Daniela Padrón is a Venezuelan-American violinist, nominated to the Latin Grammy (2013) as the violinist of the acclaimed Venezuelan world music band Gaêlica, in the Folk Music Category. Daniela released her first soloist album “Bach to Venezuela” in May 2016, where she adapts some of the most well known masterpieces of Johann Sebastian Bach into different Venezuelan Folk Rhythms. Read more>>

Iva Kosovic

I was born and raised in Zagreb, Croatia and moved to Miami at the age of seventeen. Shortly before arriving in the US, I graduated from music school with a degree in classical piano performance, and continued my studies with Ivan Davis at the University of Miami, and later with Kemal Gekic at Florida International University. Read more>>

Angela Rios

Shangri-La Gardens was born while I was learning and experimenting with the concept of infused water and the effects of positive intention through prayer and mantras. During that time, I was also getting ready to be my cousin’s maid of honor and it’s at her wedding where I first connected with this beautiful, colorful plants called succulents. Read more>>

Micah Goldstein

I was discovered by the number one children’s entertainer in New York City, at the time, in 1989. I was working in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn as a clinical social worker, a profession I’ve maintained and still practice today, Our agency had hired this amazing children’s performer and before his show I was on stage warming up the clients at our annual christmas party. Read more>>

Daniel Davidson

I come from the world of entrepreneurship/venture capital where I founded companies in biotechnology and education. After selling my companies I moved from NYC to Miami Beach shortly after 9-11. I purchased a beautiful old Art Deco synagogue in the heart of South Beach and spent over 2 years restoring the property. Read more>>

Bianca Coletti

I was born and raised in the island of PR and came to miami for fashion school. Essentially got started right out of college as we would make all our own clothes- photographers and magazines started pulling and stores started ordering. It’s been around 20 years I have been designing and manufacturing locally in Miami. Read more>>

Anthony Johnson

Let’s see, I haven’t typed about my story so it may not be the best. I’m from Rochester, Ny, it’s a city in upstate New York. I grew up in the inner city and I began to get into trouble at the age of 13. I was expelled a couple of times for fighting in school and was put on probation. Read more>>

Mike Dannheim

15 years ago I suffered a concussion with retrograde amnesia. I didn’t know who or where I was. The neurosurgeon we saw gave a bleak diagnosis, he thought that I would struggle with memory recall for the rest of my life. I became depressed and riddled with anxiety, I felt helpless. Read more>>

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