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Inspiring Stories from Miami Beach

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Miami Beach below.

Cedrice and Matthew Jacquette

Touring the world is a norm for most gigging musicians. We perform, pack up, and hit the road to another festival full of good music, good alcohol, and a good time. However, in the Spring of 2019, Miami winds were different. Cedrice ventured to Wynwood to perform as a resident singer of the Jameson Whiskey Block Party. Meanwhile, in South Beach, Matthew performed with his weekly corporate band. We were two strangers at first. We ended our evening at Purdy Lounge, where we first met and danced the night away in a sea of sweat and reggae. It didn’t occur to us that our talents would be our binding thread. Four months later, we settled in California to continue our musical journey performing at weddings and festivals. Read more>>

Janett Seminario

I remember waking up in my apt on 23 and Collins and craving a really good juice to give me energy, help me kick start my day. I need it a fresh juice full of vitamins, a healthy breakfast like my grandmother did in Peru. I searched and searched and realized the closest place was blocked 20 away and nothing even close to what I wanted… that lead me to research juice bars and healthy eating spots in Miami Beach, after searching I realized that there was nothing like what I wanted either the menu was not right, (the same juices where repeat it everywhere), and the prices were crazy high). Read more>>

Valeriya Forbes

My name is Valeriya Forbes. However, friends call me Valery. I was born in Russia and moved to the USA 13 years ago. I have lived in New York for about seven years, where I have earned my BBA in Marketing. Now I call Miami my home. I’m a single mom, social media influencer, an artist, a founder of ColorblindBird and an ophthalmic technician at Eye Institute, all while pursuing an Optometry degree. I am great at making a complex mix of stuff – parenting, healthy lifestyle, hobbies, crafts, fashion, travel, photography, workshops, studies, work – look effortlessly and fun. My creativity has been the driving force in all my endeavors. This wonderful emotion fuels my body with energy and ideas. I have the desire to be better and a strong ambition to make a difference and inspire. My interests, responsibilities, and abilities expand with time and art have always been an outlet for creative expression. Read more>>

Jenny Cornero

After a book, where I read: “Power to the imagination” I was fourteen, I wrote it in my big window, with a clear sky on the back, it was my motto, my inspiration, and my ticket to see the world with my own eyes. Born in Rosario, Argentina, where I got my Bachelor’s degree in Communication, worked as a journalist, documentary producer, freelancer until I decided to go beyond and deeper. I found Raja Yoga and Vedanta philosophy (the ancient Indian scriptures) as an inspirational concept that transformed my understandings of human nature. The human as an integral awareness, body, mind, and spirit, orbiting on the same dimension, in and out: That we are. Read more>>

Jennifer Pear-Feigenbaum

My connection to planning parties and gathering people started as a little girl growing up in my Connecticut home. I was always planning and organizing parties! It’s natural; I always knew my calling. While attending the University of Delaware, I was traveling to Las Vegas interning with the world’s most prominent event producer, John Daly. Learning alongside one of the industry’s best was a dream come true. After working with John Daly, I moved to South Florida and worked alongside Sean DeFreitas of Designs by Sean and Karla Dascal of Karla Events. Read more>>

K’Loni Matthews and Queen Walker

Well, I started with a business by the name of Queens Collection, which is my overall Business, which everything ties into. I started that business is doing and selling hair. I started doing hair at the age of 15, like my mother. My mother is the reason why I’m an independent Hard working lady. My mom had her own business and huge clientele at the age of 14, more like 13 years of age. I just wanted to honestly walk in my mother’s shoes. Growing up, seeing my mom take care of two kids on her own was a big inspiration. People look at big houses and white fences as goals, but I see being able to take care your self and provide for your family without handouts as one. Read more>>

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