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Inspiring Stories from Kendall

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the Miami’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Kendall below.

Alexandra Sardi

We Are Andrex (aka WAA) is a local handmade online jewelry shop based in Miami, FL. Every piece of jewelry is handmade with #TWINLOVE by twin sisters, Andrea and Alex. After expressing how special and lucky we are to be twins, we finally decided it was time to put all our positive energy and passion into jewelry. Read more>>

Michelle Weiner

Dr. Michelle Weiner completed her residency and fellowship training at the University of Miami. I am double board certified in Interventional Pain Management and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Read more>>

Rachelle Salnave

Winner of the 2016 Knight Arts Challenge, myself and my partner had been working for the past 2 years planning to bring Global Black indy Films to Overtown. Now, every month we program films at OPAC. Read more>>

Ethan Moore

I’ve had a variety of jobs and worked all over the world, having success as an educator, an entrepreneur, and an executive. I’ve lived in San Francisco, Jakarta, Saigon, Singapore, and many other places. But the one thing that tied them all together was addiction. Read more>>

Carmen Adriana Rodriguez

My mother and I migrated from Lima, Peru when I was 7 years old to look for a better future. I am now a 31 years old, but stay rooted in my Peruvian culture. I was accepted into Florida International University, majoring in Environmental science, and in the AgroEcology program where I was awarded with a USDA (Department of Agriculture) Scholarship to work on agricultural research. Read more>>

Monica Gomez

It all started back in Cuba when I was in fourth grade. My teacher really enjoyed a short story I wrote and from that moment on my confidence was boosted. I got to write for the school magazine and won a prize. At the beginning I didn’t know I was able to do poetry. Read more>>

Heather Knickerbocker

We all sported name plate necklaces back in the 90’s. But upon arrival of my first born son in 2004 I decided that I wanted to wear jewelry with his name on it. There were not a ton of options and most were very over priced. Read more>>

Tiffany Ellis

As a kid I was surrounded by art. My grandmother was a seamstress and and painter. I remember organizing her buttons and playing with oil paints from an early age. Naturally I wanted to have a profession in the arts, any form to be honest, but mainly fashion. Read more>>

Maria Eugenia Gines

I actually graduated with a B.A. in Liberal Arts; I was (still am) in love with cinema and wanted to be a film editor, so I graduated from Radio, TV and Film Production, in my hometown of San Juan, Puerto Rico. My alma mater is the Universidad del Sagrado Corazón (Sacred Heart University). Read more>>

Jeffrey Rodriguez Echeverri

My father started out in the music business as a DJ and was able to open his first nightclub, Dynasty club bar, in 1986. Using his love of music, along with his Colombian heritage, he decided to open the original Pueblito Viejo in Chicago in 1994. Read more>>

Mirielys Perez

I started when I was just in high school. I really liked the internet since my dad bought a compáq computer. I would scavenge through the net and loved how you could put pages together. I dove deeper as I got older customizing my Myspace layouts to be unique. Read more>>

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