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Fort Lauderdale’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the South Florida’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Fort Lauderdale below.

Orestes Romero

I saw the possibility of making a decent living while studying a Masters and various fitness and nutrition certifications at the same time. My passion for studying and learning about human movement, in addition to my years of experience was instrumental in giving me the confidence to get new clients, make a name for myself and change many lives. Read more>>

Jessika Kattah

Paralysis changed our life plans but it would never break our spirits. This site invites you into our lives as an adoptive couple who met thru our situations of becoming paralyzed at different times in our lives and our never-ending passion to raise awareness about Spinal Cord Injury. Paralysis may have knocked us down, but nothing will ever knock us out! Read more>>

Dr. Debra Harris

The first home I remember was a West Dallas, Texas, housing project for low-income families (code for Black) families just getting started. My young parents (28 and 26) had 2-boys and a girl-me. My dad, a hard working labor, my mother, a stay-at-home mom were on a mission to raise good children and lead a happy life. Read more>>

Denzel Rodriguez

I discovered a financial concept called Velocity Banking. Little did I know, this one strategy would change my life for the better. I started applying it on myself and then the first person I showed it to was my mother. I was able to help her pay off debt rapidly, increase cash flow, build credit, and begin to establish her Kingdom all using her own monthly income. Read more>>

Jamie Rosenblum

One thing I knew for sure, was that I did not want to sacrifice the quality of products I would offer my clients. If I could not stand behind what I was using on my clients, I would not be able to work with it in a salon. So, I began my search for an all organic beauty line, that could offer my clients what they were used to if not more. I found Organic Way in my search and the rest is history. Read more>>

Raysa Molina

Since 2012, I have participated in 18 art shows which give me the opportunity to learn a lot about what is happening in the art scene in Orlando. Several things gained my attention. For instance: The lack of both, venues, and the participation of other parts of our community in art events, and more concerning, the division into small groups within the art community of this city. Artists need a voice and more opportunities to show their art. Read more>>

Tonya Nowden

I have been into skin care years actually my husband was my first client. I use to extract his ingrown hair out of his face it was my Saturday hobby. He said: bae, you really like what you’re doing, why don’t you get a job doing this? I took his advice and in 2016, I got a facial for the first time and to my surprise, I was told by the Esthetician I had a chance. Read more>>

Nathan Odiari

3Kings started as “Yung & Reckless” back in 2008 with Stunna & English (formerly known as Troopa) playing in clubs at an early age. English, then went away to college, leaving Stunna to pursue a solo career as just Dj Stunna. Stunna then partnered with a member of Stay In Ya Lane by the name of Dj Koole which then formed the duo of “Koole & Stunna.” Read more>>

Jose “Flaco” Perez

Here at Flaco’s Community Gym, we have a competition team which has kids, amateurs, and professionals. We also have a fitness program for anyone simply trying to get in better shape. Flaco has personally designed a class which takes all of the exercises and routines that professional fighters use to become the finest tuned athletes in the world . Read more>>

Dez Smith

I am blessed to have a beautiful wife, who shares with me a beautiful life. It was my love for her that reminded me, I once loved photography. I talked to her about refocusing my efforts back to photos & film just to see what she thought about it. To my surprise, my wife encouraged me to get a camera and I never looked back since. Read more>>

Dr. Katina Kennedy

Good health is the foundation of life. Dr. Katina Kennedy, Family Nurse Practitioner, T.V. and Radio Health Expert, Author, Health Educator, Fitness Advocate, and Founder of Teen, Women, and Men Health Parties and Founder of the #knowyourhealthstatus movement started her career in 2003 and has never wavered in her effort to teach people about good health. Read more>>

Natasha Lopez

Every day, I practice my body become more strong and flexible. Meditation was something I needed the most because I was able to find calmness even if everything around me wasn’t. Yoga helped me to take care of my mental health, eating habits and physical body since then I haven’t stopped because it got me where I am now. Read more>>

Chelsea Maria

My love for creating love stories started in middle school. I loved seeing love created from words. Throughout the years, I’ve filled countless composition notebooks with stories that my unique imagination created. The passion grew over the years, and in 2013, I actually started working on a full-length novel on my computer. Read more>>

Laine Schmidt

I knew I wanted something that offered more flexibility. My husband had hired a professional coach and I saw how impactful that was for him in his work. I have always appreciated intentional living and having objective sources in our lives to help us process direction and challenges. After looking into what it meant to be a well-trained and credentialed coach, I decided to take the leap. Read more>>

Jonae Roberts

I did a lot of volunteer work, while also starting my freelance make up artistry career. The Special Olympics was one of my favorite events to volunteer at. Immanual Food Bank was an eye-opening place for me when I volunteered there. I did not realize so many individuals and families struggled in my home town. These were great times in my professional and personal development after college. Read more>>

Helen Witty

I became National President of the organization. I serve as a spokeswoman for the nearly 1 million victims MADD has served, and I travel the country meeting victims and survivors of this 100 percent preventable crime, listening to their stories, and advocating before state and federal lawmakers for tougher drunk driving legislation. Read more>>

Tyrell Moyd

Tyrell D. Moyd began serving in the Behavioral Health profession in April 2012 as a Workforce Develop Coordinator for Maryland Community Health Initiatives. In concert with the Social Enterprise Director, he created an intensive workforce development program which taught individuals professional soft skills as well as provided hands-on technical skills in various areas. Read  more>>

Jeff Gershe

I wanted to do more than just teach in backyard pools. That’s when my Dad suggested I speak with a former Coach. He invited me to attend the United States Swim School Association’s spring workshop. I met some really incredible people at that workshop. They also had the desire for teaching swimming and drowning prevention and I saw the ability to turn my passion into a business. Read more>>

Brandon Reese

“You are either on the bus or off the bus.” It’s never enough to just to literally be on the bus. You must figuratively be on the bus. The bus is a movement. The bus is a place to not just develop your value but to recognize your value to this world. Read more>>

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