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Fort Lauderdale’s Rising Stars

The heart of our mission at VoyageMIA is to find the amazing souls that breathe life into our city. In the recent weeks, we’ve had the privilege to connect with some of the South Florida’s finest artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and rabble rousers and we can’t begin to express how impressed we are with our city’s incredibly deep talent pool.  Check out inspiring stories from Fort Lauderdale below.

Dr. Aprile Andelle

Despite my professional persona speaking at events or on social media, I am actually an introvert. In my natural state, I’m very introspective, I observe first, I read a lot, I geek out on tech and science, I have a very soft voice, and I listen far more than I speak. Today, these are my “superpowers” in being a good therapist and coach, and they are qualities I constantly hone to provide the best service to my clients. Read more>>

Jackie Mitchell

During my work as a Project Manager, I mentored many colleagues who went on to get high paying jobs, resolve work-related problems with managers, and get unstuck from the vicious cycle of not knowing what their next career move should be. I did this all under the umbrella of project management and outside of it as well. People would naturally gravitate towards me at the companies I worked with, especially women. Read more>>

Angelene Senatus

As a little girl, my mother used to always make her own skincare products. I was always so fascinated and would sit right next to her and always want to help shape her soap bars and pour oils and mix her body creams. As I grew older, somehow, her gifts transferred to me unexpectedly. It started off with buying different kinds of skincare products, all suitable for my skin, of course. I started educating myself a lot, things they don’t show you in the books. Read more>>

Drucell Golden

I started Dru’s Golden Touch a little over a year now but I was always making little crafts here and there because that is what I love to do. While in high school back in Jamaica, I did home management classes, which aids me in my decorating skills and putting my baskets together and the passion I have to see smiles on other faces when they receive their gift baskets drives me to continue. Read more>>

Breanna Hill

My name is Breanna Leigh Hill. My whole entire life, I’ve been intrigued with people, travel & creative design. In high school, I found my voice in education and psychology. Being a bi-racial girl with divorced parents, things were not always easy but my mother always spoke encouragement and wisdom into my life. I knew that whatever was thrown my way, I would be able to grow through it. After graduating from high school, I enrolled into Florida International University and started my psychology career. Read more>>

Kayla Roberts

I was never into anything beauty related and was pretty Tomboyish. I didn’t get into makeup, lashes, etc. until my senior year of high school. I was always very creative, growing up and was always trying to find a way to make money. In middle school, there was a duct tape trend going around and I started selling hair bows and purses made out of colorful duct tape or patterned duct tape. I always wanted to make money growing up, which is when I started to work 2-3 jobs in high school. Read more>>

Jaclyn Sklaver

My interest in eating healthy started 5th-grade school. I refused to eat the food they served us at school. I didn’t know exactly why but I knew it wasn’t going into my body. I was an athlete from a young age and always “one of the guys.” I loved sports and most of all, I loved being strong and fit. In the Northeast, girls’ sports didn’t use the weight room. At age 15, I had a guy friend bring me to the gym to lift after practice one day and I never looked back. Read more>>

Jahn Karsybaev

During my early days in my career, I had always strived for having the best and most accomplished executives as my mentors. So, during my studies at Harvard, one of my professors had suggested that I interview one of his friends (who was an executive at a major company at a time) and I didn’t have any means or tools to conduct that particular interview. I started doing research and came across a few podcasting platforms that would provide me with an ability to launch a podcast quickly. Read more>>

Emmanuel Durán

I was born and raised in Santiago, a beautiful small city in the north of The Dominican Republic. My curiosity for art always was a big thing, I can’t remember the exact moment, but I’m pretty sure I was drawing before I said my first words. My childhood was all about watching cartoons, drawing and playing out on the streets with my friends. Coming from a very humble family. Read more>>

King Whit Talley

I’ve always wanted to be a psychologist to help people who have been through a lot. I knew I could relate to them, and people have always gravitated to me who needed healing. Life has always given me the practice I need to be successful. It wasn’t until I began making peace with my past know that I could really help a lot of people change their entire life just by helping them change the way they think. Read more>>

Stephani Gibbs

I have always been a person to take care of my skin. I always had the newest and “best” product from the stores. When I was in college, I had friends that would come to my house and use all my beauty products like they were in the spa or something. I became so curious I started doing my own research on different ingredients and found that many had harmful effects on the skin. Seeing that lead me to research natural ingredients for skincare and from then on, I began making my own products. Read more>>

David Torrence

Like many things in this world, my writing was birthed from being inspired by a black woman. A beautiful young poet by the name of Shelby changed my life the day I saw her perform a poem, and since then, writing has been a safe haven. After hearing Shelby perform, I’d began a journey of being a writer trying to figure out what it takes to be a good person. While in college, I had the honor of joining a writing community named “Project SPIT.” Through my involvement. Read more>>

Elgin David

I was born and raised in Bay Shore, New York. When I was 13, I began breakdancing in my basement. It became a full-time obsession and I dedicated every waking moment to the dance and the culture. It wasn’t until I moved to Florida at 19 that I began to pursue a career in entertainment. I was asked to join a boyband, and after an audition with them, I was added to the group. We were known as Imij (Image) and soon after, we were living in Germany. Read more>>

Dr. Ghea Adeboyejo

I always wanted to be an OB/GYN even as a little girl. During my medical school rotations, I tried to approach each specialty with an open mind. There was always something I really enjoyed about each specialty, but in the end, my passion was clear. I once heard a senior resident say, “every specialty is interesting at 3 PM. Pick the field you will love at 3 am”. As an OB/GYN, that advice really came in handy. There are a lot of 3 AMs in an obstetrician’s life. Read more>>

Jacob, Jessica Elalouf and Natassja Marin

Exigent began in 2018 when Jacob Elalouf, our guitarist, wanted to start a local band. He got the idea for the name when he was in English class reading Julius Caesar. He noticed the word “exigent” highlighted on the page, which stuck with him and became the band’s name. He recruited his sister, Jessica Elalouf, the bassist and background vocalist, and Natassja Marin, the lead vocalist. Our passion for music immediately brought us together. Read more>>

Cibele Salomao Buda

Rebel Buda was born out of a desire to drive change, but being an introvert, I wanted to create a platform, a community that talks about the impact of quiet change, small changes – the big impact that it has. We hear from the loud voices, the activists, the grand gestures but often don’t focus on the impact that persistent, small actions can have. As a working mother of two boys, I don’t have a lot of time and often feel guilty for not doing enough. Read more>>

Malika Stephens

I started doing hair in middle school my auntie was a hairstylist and owned her own salon. Every Saturday I would be her assistant in the salon and learn gain skills and techniques. Spending my Saturdays in the salon with my aunt I began to find my passion in hair .Years later, I decided to follow my passion and launch my own Hair and wig company. Read more>>

Lorence Ricks

It was pretty crazy how our business started. My business partner (Ar’Tavious Dowdell) and I was working out in our local gym. Throughout our session, about six people randomly approached us and asked, “Are we, trainers?” As we’re leaving, we started joking around about starting our own fitness business. Two years later, here we are, the owners of Un1Fit (Unifit) Personal Training. Read more>>

Maria Bhairosingh

I started Eminence Media, LLC in August 2019 after I realized that a 9-to-5 job after college graduation was not my calling. I always knew I wanted to have my own business and make change in the industry by going big but I had no idea where to even start. I was unmotivated and dreading my daytime job because it was overshadowing the dreams that I had envisioned myself living. Read more>>

Rajee Narinesingh

Rajee Narinesingh began her entertainment career in the 1980s as a featured dancer on the show, “Dance Party USA” (later renamed Dancin’ on Air), where she danced alongside Kelly Ripa. Rajee was already pursuing theater and health sciences at the performing arts high school, Franklin Learning Center, where she later graduated from. Rajee took a break from entertainment after finishing high school, taking a job at a jewelry store and going to Philadelphia Community College for business. Read more>>

Lynetta Davis

I am a poet, songwriter, rapper and I do a little singing. I’ve been given so many different skills and talents (hence the name Maddskillz) and I chose to glorify God with them. I started writing and dancing when I was a kid. I would write poems to my parents for their birthdays because I couldn’t afford to buy them gifts. I loved writing essays in school and it eventually went into songwriting. I wrote my first song in Middle school (it was horrible 😂) but I got better at it. Read more>>

Saturnie Antoine

“Which one will it be?” This question struck me! I spent a whole week thinking, praying, and trying to decide. Funny enough, the answer was so simple. Have you ever done something so naturally that you never think twice when you’re doing it? That was me when it came to being that listening ear and voice of reason for women — even at a young age. I’ll never forget a woman in her 40s who randomly opened up to me about her toxic relationship with her husband (I was only 18 at the time). Read more>>

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