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Exploring Life & Business with Robert DiPasquale and Clayton Friday of Tallyshot

Hi Robert and Clayton, so excited to have you on the platform. So before we get into questions about your work-life, maybe you can bring our readers up to speed on your story and how you got to where you are today?
My friend Clayton and I always had the dream of being entrepreneurs and creating a solution to a problem. We noticed, at parties, people would be tallying the number of shots they have taken on their wrist with markers, which became a popular trend among young adults. We noticed that Excessive alcohol consumption is a popular and dangerous trend among the younger generation, which can lead to many health, legal, and injury issues. One day after school, dropping off clayton to his house, Clayton said, why don’t we invent a shot glass that keeps track of the number of shots you consume, thus came the idea for Tally Shot and he instantly drew up a rough sketch of the idea on my car registration folder. That same day, we went to target and bought a plastic shot glass and dremeled around the plastic, and made our first working prototype.

A few weeks later, we used our high schools 3D printer to get a better look at how this product can turn out. When the two of us went off to college in different states, we kind of lost communication and the motivation for the idea, as we did not have the capital or resources at the time. However, since I am an entrepreneurship major at the university of Miami, I used our idea in a few projects and about a year ago, I texted Clayton, saying, let’s make this idea happen and we have the perfect opportunity before we graduate school. Fortunately, we came across an engineer who helped up improve the design of Tally Shot and helped us get it patented. We then found a manufacturer and started tooling. After revisions were made, we launched in October 2020. The Total time from initial prototype to launch was ten months. A funny story about our initial launch is the fact that we originally set our launch date on October 7th.

However, towards late September, Clayton and I were perfecting our website and setting up our social media accounts. To have some content up before we launched, I decided to post a video on Tik Tok when we only had about 20 followers. Little did we know, this video became an overnight viral sensation with over One Million Views and over 100 thousand likes, from there we started getting a plethora of sales and our website was not even fully perfected yet. So from there, we were forced to launch unexpectedly and immediately, so we canceled our original launch date. In one month, we have amassed over four million views and 440 thousand likes, which has been the main source of our marketing and sales so far.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Nothing is a smooth ride. Our biggest obstacle is being young and not having the resources or experience other businesses may have. We believe in learning as you go and want to take our experience and mistakes that we make from tally shot and turn them into successes down the road. We did not try and recreate the wheel, we hired an attorney, accountant, insurance agent and business advisor. We understand that we are not experts, so we hired them. Other obstacles are raising capital and the time it took to bring this idea to life. and of course, both of us balancing school and operating a business has been tough.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know?
At TallyShot, we aim to combine the partying lifestyle and entertainment to the shot glass industry. While the shot glass industry has been stagnant in its innovation for years, Tallyshot is the first-ever counting shot glass showcasing our patented “spinning” technology counting up from 1-6. This provides the fun and safe way to drink among all ages. Tally Shot aims to provide a drinking experience that allows young adults to have fun while counting their shots and keeping track of their friends and partners and allows them safe and calculated intake of alcoholic beverages. Tally Shot operates under the slogan, “Make Every Shot Count.” The mission of Tally Shot is fully committed to provide high-quality shot glasses to young adults so that they can keep track of their friends, partners and themselves’ alcoholic beverage consumption.

Is there something surprising that you feel even people who know you might not know about?
When Clayton and I met in the 4th grade, we fantasized about one-day running businesses together and would always rave to our parents about it. And about ten years later, it has come to life.


  • With our launch, we are selling Tally Shot for $9.99 available in 5 colors and limited edition based on the seasons (Holidays). Our colors are pink, red, yellow, blue and green Because of that, we quickly sold out of multiple colors. We currently offer a multi-pack of 3 for 24.99 in any colors you choose.

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