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Conversations with Darren Jones

Today we’d like to introduce you to Darren Jones.

Hi Darren, thanks for sharing your story with us. To start, maybe you can tell our readers some of your backstories.

Hello, I’m Gaso aka Gee-A-so the House Bully, I can say my love for music started as a kid beginning with my father that was a recording artist. Like all kids at my age we would roam the house looking for unseen adventures till one day playing in the house me and my little brother stumbled upon an old 45 record that we surprisingly used a fisher price record player to play it.

We placed the needle down and it was my father singing a gospel song called “I’m working on a building”. Surprised and curious I knew right there I just wanted to be a part of that vibe. I wanted to hear how I would sound on tape. Being born and raised in Brooklyn New York and one of the best and worst neighborhoods in Brooklyn one of the toughest projects Langston Hughes in Brownsville growing up wasn’t easy but we have family all over Brooklyn so life wasn’t too complicated.

I and all my brothers in one way or another have a great love for music from dancing to DJ’ing, fashion and even acting. Thank God for the family that we had because when crack hit my neighborhood it went to every household and destroy families even mine. Our bond kept our hopes up and our spirits ready for the storm coming are way.So when the child protection agencies came for me and my older brother we were put in separate group homes.

My little brothers went to a foster home for a few years it wasn’t too long till we were finally with siblings where the music found us again. Once my mother finished the program she got us all back together in a one-bedroom shack in East New York Brooklyn New York but it was all okay we were back together singing dancing, and playing instruments where I played the drums. As far as I can remember my mother was always a mother down to the last letter. She kept us in the church where we learned a lot of the skills we use now, we were just blessed at the time to be surrounded by great spiritual Church artists such as Sharon Jones, The doves, The bullocks, The Ramses and the Joneses we always were a part of the choirs. Being in so many choirs it’s hard to remember them all but in the choir is where I begin to understand notes keys, scales, and general singing outside from what I was hearing at home. Eventually we moved from our little shack into a big house where we all had our own rooms things couldn’t be better. But then I was told that my mother didn’t have long to live and instantly the music stopped.

We had seven years with my mother in those years she would always sing all and around the house and prayed so loud that the only thing you could do was join in. I realize now that she was praying for her five sons. I remember her always telling me to keep a journal so I did just that. I started with short stories that later turned into poetry.

When my mother passed I began to write songs for me and my brothers to sing in her memory the only thing that made us happy was making music. We all had friends that had studio equipment so we started recording music for our blocks to battle over. It was a battle of neighborhood blocks and Crews but eventually, fights will break out at the parties that’s when the guns got involved and nd the violence escalated.

I tried taking us from the street level to a more professional level but everywhere we went at the time only led to people who would try to steal our music or we had problems with the mix and masters and being that we weren’t rapping at first we weren’t even taking it too seriously.

So I found myself back at the street level making music to perform at the Apollo but with bad Managers as well as my older brother being arrested for shooting a guy that try to jump my other brothers it just made things musically go quiet again. Years later when I just about gave up on music my girl asked me to come with her to Florida I had never been but was excited to go not looking for anything special I really just wanted to see gators and my girlfriend had family she wanted to visit.

When I got there my girlfriend’s little cousin was dating this guy who seemed cool but I wasn’t really trying to be cool with them being the man that I am I played them as far as you would with someone you just got introduced to. So for a few days the most we would say to each other was “what’s up” we kept it cordial before we got to any business.

One of their friends called Motivation (Allen Nordelus) came over one day while I was sitting in the screen in back area of the town house.He came to the back and started a conversation with me about an app that you can record yourself making music so I downloaded the app and by the next time I saw him I had a song for him, it was weird called “I like the way my Choppa sound” and instantly the brothers “Sclue Dollars” and Make You Def came into the backyard too and when” Dollarz” sat down we started talking and to my surprise Dollarz and Def were brilliant.

He and his brother had similar backgrounds and the love for music defiantly in thim. ”Dollarz” was not just exceptional engineer with records and time to prove it. Dollarz and his brother knew everything about music down to building their own media production computer and booth.

The following day they were building a music studio with a booth and did it all in the garage. I was astonished thinking these guys are carpenters too. Since the build of their first lab, we have been making music ever since not just music but good music that I can relate to as well as others alike. Clear House Studio and its whole family showed me how to let my music work for me and showed me how I can build on what I already had which was talent.

Many didn’t believe in me or the team at first, the doubts were heavy, especially from those who just couldn’t understand his grand plan but I got it and understood Dollarz was really like the Doctor Dre on the block, he was just from North Miami Beach with roots in Little Haiti. He took his time with the music and me and led us to over 100,000 streaming sales.

I still remember walking in rapping hard like 50 Cent but Dollarz said “Bra I need you to be usher right now we can talk sticks later “I didn’t understand at first but I had no clue that Dollarz and Def already had the whole label planned out with albums already in motion that he was working on and planning to include me in. From My first project A.S.H volume 1 to A.S.H Volume 2 with Sclue Dollarz we developed a formula or a lingo per se for our records the mesh was like peanut butter and jelly. All though I resided in New York Dollarz made Florida feel like home.

I was considered family to the “House”, a business partner, a sponge for a great mentor, and sometimes Dollarz had to be a psychologist just to keep the team and I focused on these dreams silently dropped on his mix board. They put me on planes, they drive me around and give me cars to drive while I’m there. I ate all types of expensive exotic foods and met a lot of great people along the way.

I just thank God for my chance to be here and I just hope that I can live up to the expectation as the development of my solo debut album 93 Petro Produced by Sclue Dollarz and Make You Def.

Alright, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall, and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
It hasn’t been a smooth road buts it has definitely been a blessed one. Coming from one of the worst neighborhoods in Brownsville Brooklyn, NY, Langston Hughes projects, it was always a battle to fight, People, Crack the system that kept us deprive of a good well being, prejudice, jealousy and envy but thank God I wasn’t alone in this battle. I count my blessings every day knowing my mother is in heaven singing for her sons.

Alright, so let’s switch gears a bit and talk business. What should we know about your work?
I have worked on a few projects including A.S.H Volume 1, A.S.H Volume 2 as well as my solo debut solo project “93 Petro” I have done several singles with the team at Clear House Studio and plan to do a lot more if God is willing.

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Sclue Dollarz (Daniel Simeon), Make You def (Samson Simeon), and Clear House Studio

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