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Conversations with the Inspiring Sharon Revital Aluma

Today we’d like to introduce you to Sharon Revital Aluma.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Sharon Revital. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
I am a born explorer with wondrous imagination. Growing up, I wanted to be an astronaut, and declared with all my heart to my parents, “I will be the first artist on the moon!” As a teenager, I sat weekly with artist Peter Olsen, I learned techniques and visions of the master painters; fine tuning my skills of observation and learning from direct energy. I went on to study Environmental Design at Maryland Institute College of Art and at the same time discovered yoga. My summers were spent in the Europe landscape painting, sitting every day in fields of light. These parallel in-depth studies gave me a universal perspective on the scale of design.

My grandma always advised, “Find what you love to do and then figure out how to make money doing it.” My first job out of college was Display Artist for Anthropologie in Miami Beach. I loved the work, I got to create fantastical worlds for people to experience. In 2007 I was in a car accident and everything shifted. I went into a yoga teacher training and at the same time, I became more entrepreneurial, working with small businesses helping them hone in on the soul of their expression to share. The accident lead me into a deep emotional journey through my physical healing. It has been an unraveling into honoring my body and this planet as my home.

In 2011, I was the assistant manager for lululemon in Miami Beach, helping the community and myself grow, I also began teaching yoga. My teaching became successful quickly as I was sharing from a deep authentic place of my life; it was poetic alignment. Eventually, I shifted to full-time teaching and lululemon still supported me, making me an Ambassador at the opening of the Lincoln Road shop.

It was my father’s gift from a trip to India that opened me up to the full potential of sound. He brought me a metal singing bowl that I began using in my classes and the response was lovely. A few months later, I discovered crystal bowls. The hand movement to play mimics the way I paint and I knew I needed to begin working with these specific bowls. It’s been natural for me; I am Painting with Sound.

At the beginning of 2018, I sensed a transmutation and I took time for a personal pilgrimage of soul searching. Growth is the way I live life. I began with a Kundalini Yoga training in Guatemala, I was able to be in an intense practice I loved while moonlighting as yogi monks on a mountain top. I went further off-grid to a permaculture farm, Punta Mona in Costa Rica for a Visionary Art painting course with Amanda Sage and then stayed with friends a few more weeks living as a local in Costa Rica. In May, I completed a 300-hour yoga training at Kripalu that I began five years ago. I came back with clarity and vision.

I recognized everything is a tool to remind us of all we already have. I realized the best system for me to work with is my intuition as the channel of source. I was inspired to fully realize myself as the artist I am, to express my soul journey through the canvas as an experience. In my life as a seeker of my cosmic purpose, I feel that I have finally arrived home. My work is the merging of life; energetics, mysticism and my voice as a woman embodied in the feminine divine. It has been a journey to get to this point and I am grateful for what is now being expressed in the vibrantly silent space of my art knowing it as a transmission.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
My journey has been a lot about finding the full expression of my voice. There have been inner struggles, ultimately I find peace by seeing truth and taking responsibility for my actions. It is self-empowering to know that I am in choice in every interaction and I watch myself through it all as conscious awareness, not the victim. I am constantly reminding myself to trust in the highest source. I’ve recognized it’s not about fighting the patriarchy as the matriarchy, it’s coming into our divine sense of play. We are shifting into a paradigm of divine feminine and masculine which really merges into the conscious connection as Union, the very meaning of yoga.

We have an intuitive sensibility; feeling to hear, listening to the body and trusting our gut-brain intelligence. When I catch myself tripping in some old way, I catch my fall and reprogram my system. That’s it, the doorways open as we take action and listen to make a change in the way of our being. I challenge myself and my beliefs. I use conscious action to create waves of change, it is the most important current in life for me. The sense of contentment that comes through the inner work is medicine for the soul to remember. We have to embody what we believe for it to be alive as truth.

Please tell us more about your work, what you are currently focused on and most proud of.
I have empowered thousands into a clearer sense of embodiment through yoga, meditation, sound, art… it’s all about the soul awakening. As I walk with others along the path, I am brought deeper into my essence. My art is my life’s work expressed, it is an awakening meditative experience. I share immersive multi-sensory art and sound experiences including workshops and retreats in Miami and around the world. a / Space Collective is a collective vision I am really proud to be a part of, we are a conscious music label aspiring to shift the planetary frequency through harmonic resonance. Our mission is to make sound healing available to everyone as regenerative medicine.

Looking back on your childhood, what experiences do you feel played an important role in shaping the person you grew up to be?
I’m incredibly inspired by my parents and the foundation they gave me. My father is an Iraqi-Israeli immigrant and my mom is a third generation New Yorker. I grew up in a sense of polarities colliding. My parents looked to find what made my heart sing and they encouraged me with every opportunity they could. In 1986 they opened an Educational Toy and Book store in South Florida, The Gifted Child; this was the atmosphere I grew up in. I was taught from an early age that selling was not about pushing something but rather sharing about my direct experience and allowing others to decide what’s right for them. I got to test out every ‘conscious’ toy there was and was read philosophy and wisdom from many different lineages. We were not allowed to drink soda, no pharmaceutical drugs, no microwaves, T.V. was kept to a 3 hour per week limit and my father made it a game to identify the types of trees we passed. Shabbat was observed every Friday evening, this time together in ritual as a family was pivotal in my sense of being. I can say, this current ‘new age’ lifestyle we’re in was one I grew up in with Self Development at the core.

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