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Conversations with the Inspiring Nicole Marie Nuñez

Today we’d like to introduce you to Nicole Marie Nuñez.

Thanks for sharing your story with us Nicole Marie. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.
For years, I had always toyed with the idea that I wanted to share my point of view with the world, but I was way to scared to even bring myself to doing it. Like c’mon, who really cares about my tips or recommendations. The idea of being vulnerable and putting myself out there literally terrified me.

Yet, right before my daughter’s first birthday last June, I realized that I needed to get out of my comfort zone & embark on this creative journey. Something inside me said, you just have to go for it even if you fail. Even if no one follows you, people bully you or question your intentions, you have to do this for yourself. Within a few weeks, I design my own website & launched, Nico the Adventurista.

When I look back on that period, I realized how much I’ve grown from the girl who dreamed of lawyering someone in a courtroom. For me, my ultimate goal in life since I was 4 years old was to become an attorney. I got one of my bachelors in Legal Studies from Nova Southeastern University (GO SHARKS!) and I even got into the Shepard Broad College of Law where I attended for two semesters in 2010. But like everything in life, sometimes, the way you plan things out don’t necessarily mean it’s actually going to work. Law school didn’t work for me & to be completely transparent, I was devastated for a period of time. I had no purpose. I had no inspiration. I didn’t know who I was without that dream since I built everything around it. Luckily, I was always an overachiever, so I had a second bachelor degree in Communication Studies. On one side, I always wanted to be in an attorney, but on the other side, there was a creative little girl who loved theatre, performing and events.

After mourning the loss of my career as an attorney, I took time to think about the path I wanted to embark on. Initially, I really thought I would end up in Public Relations since I loved my PR specific classes during my undergraduate studies and felt confident in putting on events when I was Vice President of Recruitment for my sorority, Delta Phi Epsilon. I should have learned my lesson though and realized that when you plan, God laughs, which he totally did. On a fun double date with close friends, a girlfriend of mine mentioned how her company was hiring & how she felt like I would be the perfect fit. So, I jumped at the chance because really what did I have to lose.

Five years later, I can say that the double date & job interview changed my life forever. I dove headfirst into the crazy, fast-paced world of Advertising and I cannot imagine my life not helping brands/companies grow within their category. The experiences I’ve gotten to participate in, the lifelong friends I’ve made and everything I’ve learned prepared me for launching Nico the Adventurista & beyond. I’m here today because Advertising taught me that in order to leave an impression, you gotta make people feel something & that’s what I’m trying to do. Help people feel happy, informed, beautiful, confident & not alone in how they may be feeling.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
Life wouldn’t be life without bumps in the road. So, yes, totally have taken several rides on the struggle bus when it comes to being a full time working mom, wife, daughter, friend, co-worker & blogger.

When I first started in advertising, a mentor once told me that I needed to be okay with not being around for everything once I had a child. That didn’t really click in until I actually had Penelope Rose and was flying out to LA for a content shoot just a day after I came back to work from maternity leave. It was so hard to feel like I was just leaving her and my husband while I was having fun shooting content, going to dinners & having alone time in my hotel room. To be fair, I was pumping every few hours and working 10-12 hours long days, so it wasn’t all fun & games. But that trip as well as others along with my mentor’s advice taught me that it’s okay to not always be around when you are doing something to help your family in the long run. You have to keep pushing yourself to be better because of your journey, strength and motivation are what makes you who you are. If you aren’t happy with yourself, you aren’t going to be happy with anything else around you.

It’s a struggle every day to juggle #MomLife, #AdLife, #WifeLife; but I take it day by day.

I have a group of women who I know I can count on for absolutely anything and an amazing husband who pushes me to chase every dream & opportunity. From the smallest to the biggest of my accomplishment, I’m lucky to have my parents & family cheering me on the sidelines and supporting my endeavors. So, whatever it is you are trying to accomplish, take a deep breathe and jump. There are always people who have doubts and be negative about what you are trying to do because they simply do not understand. That’s okay since this is not their story or journey, it’s yours. Take ownership of your life and dare to live it.

What should we know about Nico the Adventurista? What do you guys do best? What sets you apart from the competition?
Simply put, Nico the Adventurista is my POV on a variety of topics that inspire me. I enjoy talking about all things motherhood, fashion, beauty (including makeup) and traveling. I want to be a source for people looking for inspiration and information that they can apply to their lives. I wouldn’t say I specialize in anything because my personality and the things I try to bring to my followers is really what’s happening with me at the moment.

I’m proud of the fact that I’m not always perfect like other bloggers that you see currently. Totally, will IG story with sweatpants, hair tie, chilling with no makeup on. I can be completely inconsistent when it comes to blogging because I’ve learned that it’s okay to be present & not on my phone sharing, which I think some of my followers appreciate. I love the community that I’ve built and I’m proud of myself for continuing to make this side project something more. Something I can look back on and show my daughter, hey I did this regardless of the results.

My unique POV and personality are what sets me apart from everyone else because as corny as it may be there is no one like me. Sure, we all talk about similar stuff, but I’m bringing things to life through my lens which I hope people find special.

Do you have a lesson or advice you’d like to share with young women just starting out?
Great question! For me, the below are my top five tips that every woman should have in their back of their minds when they start their careers:

1. Be humble. Even if you know you are a rockstar, kick-ass chick who does her job better than anyone, BE HUMBLE. No one wants to work with a know it all and you don’t want to get the reputation that you think you are better than anyone else. Every day, you will learn something from every single person you meet in your career, remember that.

2. Have patience. It sucks to wait for that recognition or promotion, but sometimes, you have to be patient. There’s always something going on in the background so before you jump to conclusions, weight out everything around you.

3. Speak last whenever you can. Listen to everyone else in the room & then give your opinion or recommendation. Other’s thought process will inspire and affect your views always.

4. Don’t be afraid of Change. Change is literally the new “Constant”, so you have to be ready to adapt and be flexible. Give your self six months into any new position or career to really grasp what you are doing, who you are working for and the company culture/ team dynamic.

5. Set realistic goals. We all want the perfect life, perfect job, and perfect salary before we are 30. However, the reality is gonna knock that down real quick, so be realistic when you set goals in your career. Speak to your supervisor and build a plan for your career. Make sure you point out things you want to achieve and what you tools you may need to get there.

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