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Art & Life with Jean-Claude Legagneur

Today we’d like to introduce you to Jean-Claude Legagneur.

Jean-Claude, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, I started painting since I was 4 years old with toothpaste and colored paper for color on my mother’s piece of fabric; she was a Fashion Designer in Port-au-Prince, specially making Wedding Dresses. The urge to paint was in my blood. I would paint on anything I found sometimes without knowing that the ALMIGHTY has chosen me to CREATE. My surroundings would not understand that I received the message to PAINT. Throughout the years, I exhibited in Boca Raton Museum (group exhibit), Museum of Detroit (group exhibit), Reynalda House Museum of American Art, Winston Salem, North Carolina (duo), Museum of Maracaibo, Venezuela (group exhibit), Museum Las casas Reales (one man shows) in Dominican Republic and Moca Museum North Miami (one man shows). Exhibited in different Galleries and Institutions in South Korea, Japan, Mexico, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, USA, Monaco, France, Italy (Biennale of Florence) among others. At this stage of my life, I encounter success, now for me success is to put a smile on a child face, feed them, and make a difference in their life with my creation. I believe somehow create awareness and keep portraiture alive, I love capturing real, spontaneous and candid expression. I could not imagine myself living without
inspiring, beautiful, tasteful uplifting art.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
As an artist, I was inspired by Balthus who an outsider from expressionism were. I don’t believe that modern art should be abstract. Great artists like Julio Larraz, David Salle, Roy Lichtenstein, Eric Fischl, Damien Hirst, Lucian Freud are all figurative painters representing Contemporary art. In my work, I bring the inside out. As a painter who has a predilection clearly marked by figurative art, my preference for human figures does not, however limit my style and future development. My recent creation has been revealing a new stage of my art, this new style produces oversized portraits that capture human expressions at their best, a self-developed style of painting which at times, combines a nuance of Impressionisms and Pop Art. My inspiration comes from the ALMIGHTY and of course from my environment which sometimes in not always what I would like it to be, so I just imagine the scene the way I would like it to be. The eyes are the soul of the human. In February 2017, I was invited for black History month at Moca Museum North Miami to exhibit Solo: 23 oversized paintings, 10 Masks, 45 drawings, an Installation with video, and an Installation “The Memorial”, the collection is called “Faces of Freedom”, in that collection the “Power of the Gaze” brings the truth behind slavery, it stirs interpretation of deepest thoughts and emotion. The show “Faces of Freedom” was such a success in Miami, it is now a travelling show. I am in talk with different Museums that are interested in the concept of the collection.

What responsibility, if any, do you think artists have to use their art to help alleviate problems faced by others? Has your art been affected by issues you’ve concerned about?
Being an artist is a responsibly, because you express yourself in any ways, you are the most important in Society. Art has the power to change the world, knowing to market your work to the ideal clients and having professionals to represent you is KEY. The role of an artist has not changes because they still create no matter what medium or style they choose, it’s the same purpose: CREATE ART. Each exhibition or event that I participate is an experience and always open doors to new opportunities, always get your art notice. By going to local, national or international events is another way to connect with other artists, not easy because each artist has their vision, being consistent is essential to standout. I have connected with a few artists in Miami we exchange ideas, we share different techniques, network with influential people in the art industry, advise each other. The connection with these artists did bring new life in my art business.

What’s the best way for someone to check out your work and provide support?
My art can be seen on line: or to buy my work you can contact Lionel Legagneur at 561-483-0334 in Boca Raton or my office: Marlene Lapotery at 305-7042294 (from 3pm to 9pm) or or We have original paintings, giclee prints. My art can be seen at Admiral Club in Miami International Airport (2 Paintings), a 65 feet Mural that adorns in JFK Airport AA terminal 9 called “The Universal Party”, my work is in the Vatican Collection and different important Institutions. As a portraitist, I was commissioned to paint different personalities like Kofi Anan, Princess of Spain, Sofia, Princess Grace of Monaco. Recently I finished painting Jorge Perez of Pamm Museum, after watching an interview on the internet, I was stunned to see how humble, simple this man was, I was amazed to see how much he cares for art and how he is helping Artists in Miami, and doing good for the less fortunate, as a humanitarian myself, I join him. Now my biggest accomplishment is to GIVE BACK with my creations, each time I sell a painting, giclee print, I lend a hand to a hungry child.

I recently partnered with Foundation Enfant Jesus (FEJ) to sell giclee prints from my collection” Faces of Freedom” to help fight malnutrition in Lamardelle, Haiti. If you want to help please visit the website: or contact Brian Carlson, Director of FEJ-USA Operations Tel.: 802-279-9393 email: All prints will be available for sell in the end of June 2018, but you can still donate now. Actually, a Bag Collection with my paintings is in the work (Fashion Bag for a Good Cause) and I would like to find partners that understand the concept of fighting Extreme poverty in Haiti, an island that is an our and half (1 1/2) from Miami, the proceeds would help for malnutrition and Education for children in Haiti. By buying my art you would help save a life or feed a child. My mantra is GIVE BACK AND BE HAPPY! I believe my work has a purpose as I support the poor with life changing goals and quest to reach that goal.

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