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Art & Life with Ileana Collazo

Today we’d like to introduce you to Ileana Collazo.

Ileana, please kick things off for us by telling us about yourself and your journey so far.
I dreamed of becoming a writer since age nine; eventually falling in love with the unique opportunity of painting with words through poetry. One night I accompanied my artist husband to one of the FIU studios. Frustrated by a poetry line, I watched him build a fascinating portion of the painting with apparent ease and commented that it is easier to paint than to write.

He stopped, cleaned his brush, propped a canvas the size of a door against one of the studio walls, set a small table with oil paints and brushes next to it, and invited me to find out for myself. Stubborn from birth, I walked right up to that immense white space, picked up the brush, and traveled back in time to my grandmother’s garden. My first surreal masterpiece ended up hanging on in one of the school’s hallways. My husband then introduced me to pastels, and I produced 28 floral pieces the professor displayed in a space of the studio space dedicated to my work.

From there, shortly after my husband introduced me to acrylics on a variety of surfaces; followed a while after by manipulated photography and digital art. Today, I paint with words and write with images. My husband, my mentor, guides me when I ask for help or need a push to jump to another level; otherwise, letting my muse and I run free to express ourselves without restraint.

Can you give our readers some background on your art?
I take photographs with my IPad Pro and manipulate them until I feel like I have done as much as I can, then I manipulate them a little more. I also employ a variety of methods to create digital art and paint with acrylics on a variety of surfaces. I believe that there is much more to the world and everything around us than we tend to notice, and I strive to capture this in my work. I want viewers to realize that there are endless possibilities when we isolate portions of anything, manipulate roadside garbage, integrate several images to create a new reality.

I want people to take away with them work they will forever cherish, or a lasting impression that magic can become real if we pause long enough to find it. The most important things to know about my work are that it is a choreography of colors, shapes, and movement that aims to encapsulate nature and passion and instill the desire to take a second and look learn to notice more of the abstract details that enrich our inner and outer landscapes.

What responsibility, if any, do you think artists have to use their art to help alleviate problems faced by others? Has your art been affected by issues you’ve concerned about?
The artistic landscape has changed because the world is always changing. Creatives used to rely on galleries to represent their work and even assist them financially so that they could create with less worldly concerns, but much fewer artists were able to share their work and be recognized for their efforts. At present, creatives have to take on a much more encompassing role as creatives, marketers, salespeople; but just about anyone has the opportunity to present their work to art lovers and collectors.

Today’s artists need to be savvy, flexible and willing to exhibit with galleries, at art fairs, and alternative venues; tap the designers market; actively engage with prospective buyers through social media and online sites. The result is many more venues, much more competition, and a much different collector base that is sometimes guided by a love of art and others by real or perceived investment opportunities.

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  1. Ileana Collazo

    April 13, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    Thank you Voyage MIA for the amazing feature.

  2. Teresita cardenas

    April 18, 2018 at 1:36 pm

    I celebrate your talent. Your work of art is very refreshing, at the same time invites people to reflect on the variety of topics that inspire you work.

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