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One of the most important benefits of a thriving small business ecosystem is the myriad of problems of niche issues that can be addressed with dedication and creativity that is almost impossible if the marketplace was only comprise of giant, corporate behemoths.

Our problem solvers series aims to highlight those incredible entrepreneurs and creatives who are solving important problems using their creativity and ingenuity.

Caleb McGrew | Skn Elements

Image credit: @sknelements

Problem: Skincare seems unreachable to many either due to cost, lack of knowledge, or access.

Solution: Skn Elements was born of our belief that skin wellness is elemental (it’s the largest organ in your body); a fundamental part of a healthy lifestyle. We are proud of our mission to provide accessible skin wellness for everyone, by offering a variety of skin services and memberships that make our services more affordable.

Learn more:

  • They can either call us at (305) 773-7138,
  • Visit us in our Little River location: 7295 NW 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33150
  • Follow us on Instagram @sknelements

Odette Fernandez Lopez | Odette Photo+Art

Image credit: Odette Photo+Art

Problem:  One of the biggest challenges entrepreneurs and small business owners face is creating a compelling personal brand. Most of them spend hours going through generic stock photos because they don’t know which images to use on their websites and social media.

Solution: Before people spend money or do business with you, they like to feel like they know you. Studies show 70-80% of people research a company before doing business. The truth is that the most valuable asset of your business is YOU. That’s why personal branding is so important for entrepreneurs, business owners, influencers, artists, etc. Brand photography has the power to tell your story: what your brand is about, what it means to your clients, and why they should care about it. It highlights your unique set of skills, experience, and personality. Odette Photo+Art will help you forge that irresistible brand through imagery, which will attract your ideal clients and result in more business and higher profits.

Learn more:

Antoine Mourani | A Plus Pharmacy

Image credit: Antoine Mourani

Problem:  Yes, we are a pharmacy so we are always solving health issues for patients. Whether informing doctors or patients about the latest advances in pharmaceuticals or natural products we are able to help our client achieve better health outcomes.

Solution: We target issues by providing alternative and pharmaceutical treatments. We provide pharmaceutical medications, customized pharmaceutical medications and professional grade vitamins.

Learn more:

  • Call or text 954-687-0774.
  • Email

Peachi Williams | The Write Mixx/Freshman Fun Box

Image credit: acanty

Problem: The Write Mixx- corporations and entrepreneurs alike have trouble writing engaging copy, I write it for them. Additionally, these same people have problems with brand development and don’t know where to start, or they lose touch with their audience. i provide this service. Freshman Fun Box organizations, parents, and loved ones often worry about their college students, what they are doing, if they have what they need, and feel disconnected.

Solution: With The Write Mixx, I help corporations and entrepreneurs with their copywriting. I also help build brands from a foundational standpoint. To support them, I created the Brandpreneur Basics Academy. With the Freshman Fun Box brand, I help organizations, parents, and loved ones stay connected to their students while they are away at college.

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Meshach Berry | Piece Of The Puzzle: Style Consulting

Image credit: Meshach Berry

Problem: We’ve all been there before—we have some special occasion coming up that we have to dress nicely for, only to find out that we have absolutely no clue what to wear or where to even start. Not only that, but there’s plenty of folk who would like to revamp their wardrobe, whether it’s for a new job, or maybe because they’d like an alternative way to elevate their confidence. These are real things that happen to real people. I’ve gone through it myself, and that’s why I want to help others to look and feel better about themselves.

Solution: My solution is offered in 2 different ways. Anyone who is interested in my work can check out my menswear blog and my YouTube channel. Here, I not only display different forms of fashion and my personal style, but I give an in depth breakdown as to why I put it together and what setting that particular look is good for. This is suited for a broad range of gentleman who are more likely trying to get inspiration for their wardrobe. I also offer private consulting sessions. This is meant as a one on one approach that addresses an individuals very specific needs. We’d go over exactly what you’re trying to improve in your style, your budget, where to get the best bang for your buck and how we can style the outfits in a way that will not only allow you to feel comfortable, but most importantly confident in yourself. This can be done through virtual meetings, or it can be done in person (if you live in or near the Miami area) A potential con of my approach is that my blog is still in its infancy stage and so it only contains so many ideas thus far. There’s definitely a chance that what you’re looking for hasn’t been touched on yet. As far as personal consulting, if you do not live in or near my area, then that can limit the amount of aid that I’m able to offer. You’d still receive guidance in every way that I can provide, but we all know that it’s better to do something face to face than over a device. My services are made for the men who are serious about changing or expanding their wardrobe. The men who just don’t feel quite like themselves when they get dressed.

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GiGi Diaz | Seizing Happy

Image credit: Women by Magda

Problem: Hi there! My coaching solves the problem of burnout and overwhelm in purpose driven women who are pivoting in life or business.

Solution: Through 1:1 and/or group coaching programs I help women gain create a custom blueprint so they can write their next chapter with clarity, confidence and courage. My signature program, the 3Rs System®  teaches women how to reevaluate, restructure and reset their life for success with less stress. This is a 90-day, transformational coaching program combining group and 1:1 coaching to truly empower pivoting women with the tools and me systems to create their dream life.

Learn more:

Lizzy Molina | Thrown Media

Image credit: @miladstudios

Problem: Thrown media focuses on the curation of video content marketing & humanizing the business to increase relatability between the consumer and the business.

Solution: We remove the red tape on real life business problems. Using video content we bring consumers into the everyday process of owning and operating a business and what really goes into it. We find the pros to opening up with video content increases sales and relatability to a product or service. The cons not everyone is ready to be vulnerable & our usually completely insecure about being on camera.

Learn more:

  • Feel free to reach out to us at or
  • Follow up on Instagram: @thrownmedia

Reginald Andre | ARK Solvers, Inc

Image credit: ARKSolvers

Problem: Small and Large scale businesses and organizations are under constant cyber security threat such as suspicious emails – unauthorized access attempts – website disruptions and more. Plus, they are at risk of loosing critical data not only from the business but also from clients/customers. They do not have the cyber security protection, nor solutions necessary to avoid and deter a potentially serious hack or ransomeware attack on their business, which could cost them more than tens of thousands of dollars to remediate.

Solution: ARK Solvers offers solutions as follows: Conduct a risk assessment. Review risks. Develop a remediation plan. Set up policies. Create your 360° ongoing strategy that detects internal threats, and regularly tests for internal and external vulnerabilities. Set up regular reporting. Based on your level of service, we will create monthly, quarterly, or annually reports. Our approach is to protect from external threats like viruses and malware, but also protect prevalent internal risks as well. These solutions are typically the right choice for business owners and managers in the Medical, Construction Development, Homeowner Managemt, Legal fields.

Learn more:

  • We can be reached via – instant chat is available – or call 786-664-8275

Hossein Kasmai | Combo Kitchen

Image credit: combo kitchen, LLC

Problem: Restaurant’s sales have suffered greatly due to the shift from in-restaurant dining to delivery in the past several years. Restaurants are known to have a low profit margin to begin with and the added third party delivery fees have driven the profit marging for most restaurants down to zero.

Solution: We allow a restaurant owner to begin preparing food from a well-recognized national restaurant brand in their kitchen for delivery and take out only. We have a relationship with major national restaurant brands where we can place those brands in local mom and pop retaurants as an added ghost kitchen brand to their existing operation. Restaurant owners can increase their sales without adding any new costs.

Learn more:

Daviah Jennings | Luxury Press

Image credit: Daviah Jennings

Problem: When it comes to press on nails, many people have trouble with knowing their nail size. Therefore, making them hesitant to purchase press on nails.

Solution: To help customers know their nail size, they can purchase my “sizing kits” online. My sizing kits come with 10 full cover nails (of the customers’ desired nail shape) , size codes, and a discount code for their first purchase of my press on nails. The pros of selling sizing kits, is that customers don’t risk purchasing press ons that are not their nail size. This solution is the right choice for those who are unaware of their nail size and want to invest in press on nails.

Learn more:

  • Email:
  • Instagram: @theluxurypress

Meikhel | M.E.I. Recordings

Problem:  We aided artists in elevating their careers. It is tough for artists to get in contact with press or media. It is also tough for artists to get placements on playlists and such. We serve as the middle man and assist in press release creation, press coverage, etc.

Solution: We function as the point person in gaining notoriety for artists. The pro of our approach is that we have proven results and have gotten artists onto to countless media outlets. The con is that we do charge a fee for our services, but the fee is negotiable and affordable. We are the right choice for any artists looking to proliferate. Let MEI help YOU!

Learn more:

Shantel Davis | Colors Are Beautiful

Image credit: @sarakateauthor @methodical_productions

Problem: When customers tells me that an outfit that they bought from a retail store is too small, I tell them that the solution is for me to add more material. It’s a lot of work undoing the seams to add the extra material by sewing it in but it can be done. Lastly it’s worth it. It works every time.

Solution: When a customer tells me that they don’t like how low the neckline is for a dress or a blouse I will tell them that I can add extra fabric as cleavage coverup. The pros is if the style meets the customers demands then they will be satisfied. The cons are if the style doesn’t meet the customers demands then they will be disgruntled. Plus they will sue. I have seen court cases where customers has sued Fashion Designers for doing an unprofessional job. That’s a scary situation. When you sew to the customers demands it also means that you are making the right choice not only for the customers but yourself as well.

Learn more:

Lisa Collum | Top Score Writing

Problem:  Schools do not provide teachers with a daily writing curriculum. Teachers are forced to create their own lessons and find resources on their own. With the Top Score Writing curriculum, we provide teachers with daily writing lessons as well as everything they need and more to teach writing all school year long.

Solution: Top Score Writing provides curriculum for teachers in 2nd-12th grade. The curriculum gives teachers daily writing lessons with activities and passages that go with each lesson. We also offer digital resources for teachers to use in the classroom such as video-led lessons, animated lessons and PowerPoint presentations. Top Score Writing is the simplest approach to writing that teachers will ever find and with our lessons, all students will be successful.

Learn more:

  • They can email me at lisa@topscorewriting.
  • Also they can visit the website,, for more information about the curriculum .

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