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It’s more important to understand someone than to judge them. We think the first step to understanding someone is asking them the fundamental questions about who they are and how they became the person they are today. Understanding and empathy are essential building blocks for a better, more compassionate world. We’re incredibly fortunate to be able to ask these questions each week through our interview series. Below you’ll find interviews from our community members and content partners – the folks who’ve been heavily involved with us, collaborating with us on content, sponsoring our mission and spreading the word about the work we do.

Shantel Davis | Fashion Design

My name is Shantel Davis I am from Miami Florida. I started sewing ever since I was 13 in Home Economics. Then in my high school years it became an addiction, I have a lot of portfolios of sketches that I have done over the years. I started the Colors Are Beautiful back in October 2, 2012 the meaning behind my clothing line is to wear with confidence and class. My designs are unique, ones that you don’t normally find in retail stores. When I create a garment it’s like putting a puzzle together. Read more>>

Leticia Gimeno | Health Coach & Lifestyle Influencer

I’m a food enthusiast and a devoted health coach!! I love to help my clients and get them to really know and love themselves! I provide them with the appropriate tools to finally discover their potential and live a healthy lifestyle Read more>>

Ron B. Wilson | Photographer and Author

My name is Ron B. Wilson, a professional photographer based here in South Florida. My background is in photojournalism and I shoot mostly portraits and weddings for my primary business. After spending the past 25 years starting and working with some of the best and busiest wedding studios in the the country, I started doing projects with Photographers Without Borders about 6 years ago, which has been an amazing experience. I’ve been able to reconnect to my true passion. At PWB, we travel to less fortunate places in the work documenting Resilient people doing amazing work in difficult circumstances. I’ve recently travel to places such as India, Chernobyl Ukraine, Guatemala, Botswana and Guyana. My next project later this year is in Bangladesh. I have a travel photography blog called Art, Style, Flow and my wedding studio name is Ron B. Wilson Photography, Inc. Read more>>

Julie Jeffries | Plant-based health coach, corporate programs and lifestyle expert

Founder and Chief Onion, Julie Jeffries, is a survivor. The story of this awesome organization began with a terrifying diagnosis, only to be followed by an equally grim revelation just a few months later. But the Onion stayed strong, found the right path and believed in herself. As a result, she shocked the medical world by overcoming something “incurable” … all with diet and lifestyle changes that anyone can achieve. Do you love to eat? Do you love to feel incredible? Do you want to eat and feel incredible? We do, too!! Better sleep, more energy, and great health all start with what you put in your mouth. At Not Your Momma’s Vegetables, we teach you how to eat properly, cook amazing food and find a new love for life! You might even cure your “chronic” disease! Join us at the table and remember… these are Not Your Momma’s Vegetables! Read more>>

Rasheeal Dixon | Metaphysics, business and spirituality

Hi my name is Rasheeal Dixon, and I grew up in New York, but from young South Florida has been my second home. I started out as a digital marketer with a love for helping others and connecting with people. While on this journey I met some wonderful people, but I also wound up going through my own personal awakening one that became spiritual. Although I loved the digital marketing world, and loved all that it gave me I felt like my new love for all things spiritual started to consume me. Read more>>

Channin Johnson | Graphic designer, Custom Tees and Content Creator

My name is Channin Johnson and I go by CJ mostly. I am a graphic designer and content creator who loves to create and love the idea that creating can take you so many places. I love to learn and is quite ambitious and goal oriented. Becoming an entrepreneur has been one of the best things I could have done and has been challenging but very rewarding. Read more>>

Meikhel | Founder & CEO, M.E.I. Recordings

I am Meikhel, founder and CEO of M.E.I. Recordings. M.E.I. Recordings is an artist management and public relations company dedicated to discovering artists and elevating their careers from local fame to worldwide stardom. We are based in Miami, FL, but we work with artists from all over. We pride ourselves on aiding artists reach their full potential, particularly focusing on career longevity and legacy. Music from MEI to YOU that WE can enjoy. Read more>>

Zamanta Archibold | Meditation/Yoga Instructor

Like many, I searched for my purpose. I struggled with proving myself and finding what made me happy. Eventually, I saw a glim of light when I began to practice yoga. Now, 20 years later, I have dedicated my life to demonstrate the tools needed to discover, create, and live a life of Joy, Peace, and Balance. That’s how Za Yoga Life came to be (Zamanta Archibold) Yoga Life. So, people ask, how do you stay so calm and positive all the time. The secret is… I am Not! I go through ups and downs just like everyone else, but I use the tools I’ve learned to bring me back to balance. That ability within is Happiness for me, and it makes me happy to share this joy! Read more>>

Collette Dunhill | PRO Makeup Artist & Fashion director

I am Collette Dunhill, Professional Makeup Artist, and Fashion Stylist. I have an extensive career and experience all over the world: New York Fashion Week, working in films, with designers, models, and celebrities. It’s been a huge and long journey to be where I am now but thanks to my hard work and the company and support of my loved ones I’ve been able to overcome every challenge. I’m also really grateful to my parents because they allow me to explore all this creativity I have inside since I was a little kid, letting me paint and draw everywhere, EVEN THE WALLS! Read more>>

Kenny Calderon | Comic Artist, Illustrator, Designer

My name is Kenny Calderon. I am a professional illustrator, sequential artist and designer. I am the owner of “Wild Inx Studioz” and I am an instructor for comic & cartoon art at the Art Shack Miami in Doral , Fl. Read more>>

Teeona | Makeup Artist, Entrepreneur

Hii I’m Teeona, Full Time Makeup Artist, Mom and Creator of Sweet T Kisses. Read more>>

Cemone Glinton | CEO, Owner, Operator

I’m Cemone, CEO of Out of Box Weddings, We’ve been in business since 2012. I wear many hats as most of us do, I’m and entrepreneur, mom, educator, and everything else in-between. My primary business is Out of Box Weddings and I recently opened an on-line boutique call My Everyday Chic Boutique. Out of Box Weddings is the premier luxury event and wedding design and coordinating firm in the South Florida area. We cater to the individuals who are too busy to handle the details of planning/coordinating an event specifically weddings . Read more>>

Nancy Verdule | Business Owner & CEO of Noiré Lux Beauty Bar

My name is Nancy and I am the CEO of Noire Lux Beauty Bar an up and coming beauty brand that caters to both men and women. I spend most of my days and nights in the lab aka my kitchen where I cultivate and formulate products that are made not only ethically but also organically. I proud myself on only using ingredients that grow from Mother Earth herself in my products. I am very much an around the way girl that is passionate about educating , motivating and encouraging those who are around me. I dedicate my time to educating black women and men that our hair is very much desirable , beautiful and manageable. All while trailblazing my own path while changing the narrative about black hair. Read more>>

De’Laija Napier | Marketing Pro & Brand Storyteller

Hi everyone! My name is De’Laija and I’m a brand storyteller at heart. I am the Founder and Chief Strategist at Sunflower Media LLC, a full service marketing agency that caters to small and medium sized businesses. I have worked with clients in food and hospitality, sports entertainment, performing/visual arts, beauty, and other lifestyle brands. I love creating stories that help brands appeal to their audience in the most genuine way possible while creating unique brand experiences. Read more>>

Fritz Sterling | Music Artist

I’m COU, a recording artist from Broward County, FL. I make a wide range of music from hip hop/rap to pop to alternative. I bring the vibes. Read more>>

Sandra Encaoua | Artist & Painter

Of course. I am a French Artist. I have received several awards, including a Miami Art Grant in 2020 from the Andy Warhol Foundation (NY) and the medal from the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters of Paris (France). I am also a member of the Jewish Art Salon in New York and the Taylor Foundation in Paris. I like to work on large oil and spray canvases. The material is very important to me. I superimpose many layers of paint, spray paint, possibly gold or silver leaf. The surface of the canvas can be scratched or very smooth in different places. This allows me to convey a message that has several levels of interpretation and understanding. I like to leave the viewer the possibility to imagine, to feel what he wants in relation to what he sees. The idea being that there is a resonance between the ‘looking’ and the object looked at and therefore an artistic journey. Read more>>

Donna Muccio | Travel Photographer & Environmentalist

I’m Donna, a travel photographer based in Miami, FL. I’ve spent the past 10 years as a commercial photographer and my work has taken me around the world to so many incredible places. Now I am taking what I’ve learned along the way and turning it into photography education to help others do the same. Read more>>

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