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Community Member Spotlight: Kaela Genovese

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Kaela Genovese. Kaela is an entrepreneur and jewelry designer and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Kaela’s team shares their story and process with us below:

Kaela Genovese began her life-long passion as a jewelry designer when she was just 3 years old and would make beaded bracelets and necklaces for her friends and family.  She’s come a long way since little plastic beads on a string but has not lost the love and talent for making something beautiful with her creative mind and her own two hands.

As a young adult, Kaela worked in the high-end luxury world of Worth Avenue on Palm Beach. She realized that she had a special talent for knowing exactly what her exclusive clients wanted when it came to their own personal style. 

Choosing the perfect piece for any occasion was instinctual to Kaela.  She also knew that the pieces she was imagining in her mind would have suited her high-end clients’ needs even more than the mass-produced jewelry they were buying. Her training shaped her ability to forecast and use trends while still respecting classical styles of jewelry.

With the help of mentors in the jewelry design and retail business, Kaela decided to start her own creative business designing, creating and selling her unique pieces.  La Enovese Designs was a leap of faith, but with the support of her family and friends, she launched her dream and has never looked back.

“Jewelry is my passion. It can be the one little thing that gives a woman the power to feel unique and chic. I want to inspire women to love themselves, believe in themselves, and of course, treat themselves.”  

Kaela’s success as a designer and a young female entrepreneur has been featured in profile pieces by the media as well as given her jewelry placement in high-end boutiques. She can often be found giving the stories of inspiration behind her pieces at regional Trade and Trunk Shows.  Kaela lives in sunny South Florida.


You are one of a kind and your style should reflect that.  La Enovese Designs was created with the idea that every woman deserves to wear her own unique personality and story with her jewelry.  Our thoughtfully designed and hand-made pieces are one-of-a-kind just like the woman who wears them.

When you add a piece from La Enovese Designs into your daily style, you are telling the world that you deserve luxury and beauty that was created only for you.  

Our Founder and Designer, Kaela Genovese, puts careful thought and consideration into each piece that she creates and hopes that the woman who wears it will feel the passion and love that went into it.  Whether you are looking for jewelry for a special occasion or casual everyday wear, Kaela has designed pieces that will speak to you and your sense of style.

As the owner and Designer of La Enovese Designs, Kaela is able to bring her passion and creativity to life making jewelry that tells a story about the woman wearing it.  She sketches and hand designs but also collaborates with single-piece manufacturers that she visits and consults with regularly.  Each piece must meet Kaela’s high-quality standards before being embossed with the La Enovese Designs brand.

Kaela’s personal attention to detail and hands-on approach to producing unique one-of-a-kind statement jewelry is why La Enovese Designs is a favorite among women in the South Florida social scene.  

Jewelry is a very personal expression of yourself and La Enovese Designs wants you to identify with the pieces you choose to wear.  Our exclusive line of handmade pieces is created to reflect that you are an individual that deserves to wear something created only for you.

The Design Process with La Enovesé Designs 

Come with Kaela Genovese, La Enovesé Designs’ founder behind the scenes through the jewelry making process.

Step One: Sketch

It all starts with a sketch. Our founder, Kaela, sketches with paper and pencil and slowly the design starts to take shape.

Step Two: 3D Model

Once the sketch is complete, the next step is to digitize it into a 3D model so Kaela can see the design come to life.

Step Three: Rubber Mold

Once Kaela reviews the 3D Model, a rubber mold is created. This mold is used to cast the jewelry.

Step Four: Metal Casting

After Kaela approves the rubber mold, the master metal silhouette is then created. The metal casting is then dipped into the selected gold to give your jewelry piece its shine and finish before adding the pavé crystals.

Step Five: The Final Product

The initial sketch has finally come to life. Each piece in the La Enovesé Designs’ Designer Collection is custom created by our Founder just for you.


What other services do you offer? 

La Enovesé Designs creates unique one of a kind, hand crafted jewelry pieces. We also offer Styling & Accessorizing services as well as Jewelry Restoration

Styling & Accessorizing
La Enovesé Designs offers styling and accessorizing. Kaela, our Founder, will come to you to style and accessorize your look for your next girls night out, gala or night on the town.

Restore & Renew
La Enovesé Designs will work with you to transform your heirloom vintage jewelry into a modern piece to match today’s style.


Are you having trunk shows? 

YES! Kaela feels so blessed to be able to do what she loves and have trunk shows back IRL! Kaela has enjoyed her “Shopping Al Fresco” Saturday Palm Beach events and excited to experience what the future holds, for both her, and her brand in 2021!

What have you done to enhance your business during covid?

Kaela has used this unprecedented time to really fine tune and elevate her brand in more ways than one. She has completely re-branded by having La Enovesé Designs website restyled. She honed in on her PR department to reach an audience both near and far. Kaela also, set a plan in place for her social media content to transition La Enovesé into more of a lifestyle brand for all to enjoy, but keeping in lieu with her businesses core ideals of jewels, trends, and all things chic! 

Finally, please let us know how our readers can connect with you and learn more.

Kaela would love to hear from you! Please visit her on Instagram at: @la.enovese.designs , Facebook at: La Enovese Designs , Website: , Email:, Phone #: 732.996.6423, and stop by her upcoming trunk shows , and add a little La Enovesé Designs sparkle to your jewelry collection! 

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