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Conversations on Spirituality with Sophie Frabotta

Today we’re excited to introduce you to Sophie Frabotta. Sophie is a spiritual coach, mentor and guide and is also a content partner. Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about the work that we do, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this. Check out our conversation with Shajuanda below.

Hi Sophie, please briefly introduce yourself to our readers. 

Hi my name is Sophie Frabotta, and I am a Spiritual Coach, Guide and mentor. I founded The Awaken Co. where I guide people in walking through their darkness to find their light and stand in their truth. I do this through a few different formats; 1 to 1 private coaching, group coaching “circles”, self-paced online courses, and I also certify Spiritual Life Coaches through my transformational 5 month program.

What do you feel is your ultimate spiritual gift?

I believe my ultimate gift is being a channelor of Spirit. I can hear key words from Spirit that help me guide others to root wounds and move them through healing! I always ask permission to share, and others tell me that it is most of the time exactly what they needed to hear. With that being said, I am clairaudient, so I am able to audibly hear Spirit come through to me in word form. This was not always a gift, before I was able to translate the subtle messages, I would just be overwhelmed and overstimulated by life. But learning how to use this gift has helped me, help others! Over the years I have learned to translate power words to my clients and students in a way they can digest, process, and understand; this is what I believe is my ultimate spiritual gift.

What is the biggest thing you see change with your clients? 

I created The 4 R’s method, which is a process that I work clients and students through to get into freedom. It is a 4 phase process of recognize, release, reprogram, and radiate. So when a client comes to me with an issue, I help guide them to recognize what the wound underneath the “issue” really is. Next, we find the energy in the root of that wound and move them through several healing modalities to Release the energy. Once they release, I show them how to reprogram that space with new energy, and that is when they get to Radiate new light!

I see that my clients are able to flip over wounds so much quicker rather than staying stuck in a victim mentality. I believe that even if we have experienced a lot of trauma in our life, we probably only have a few “big daddy” wounds, as I like to call it. For example, we may have a deep wound of abandonment, that will continue to show up in other aspects of your life until you get to the root, do the work around it, bring healing, and learn to radiate from a new place. I believe you can heal from anything. I have witnessed my clients heal from death, divorce, sickness, abuse, you name it. The biggest factor here, however, is belief. You must believe you can heal, and then if you are willing to do the work, you will be able to radiate!

How do you go about Certifying Spiritual Life Coaches?

Certifying coaches through my Spiritual Life Coach certification starts out with them completing an online application. Once submitted, we have a phone call interview, and from there I decide whether they are a good fit and accepted or not. Once the program begins, it is a 5 month journey. The journey begins with a 7 day online retreat, where I teach them my 4 R’s Method and have them take a deep dive into themselves to really understand the work. The purpose of the retreat is to open the space and let them see how they are the most important client they will ever have. If they can walk through their wounds and find the light, they can then teach others to do the same. This whole training is really geared around our students going through their own inner transformation first to deeply understand this work. Our students are then taken through four modules that build on themselves,, inner healing, spiritual awareness, spiritual visioning, and becoming a coach. As I guide our students to step into their own healing chamber, by embracing their rejected fractals of self, something happens. And it’s a wonderful transformation for me to witness. As we learn about many spiritual practices and principles, my students are taught how to involve Spirit in every conversation, connect with their souls vision, and then move into becoming an authentic spiritual life coach. I believe that when we live the work, we are prepared and able to walk into any situation and see the opportunity, because once you understand your own darkness you can help others walk through theirs to find the light.

What does Spirituality mean to you? 

Spirituality is different than religion. I describe spirituality as the experience of God, while religion is the knowledge of God. When I describe spiritual health, I imagine being grounded to the Earth, connected to the Divine and having an open heart, all at the same time. Spirituality is a process of remembering where we came from and where we will return. It’s the unfolding awareness that all the abundance we could ever imagine is already here. It’s an inner attitude that is warm and alive, that pulses with the vibration of love, and ultimately gives back and serves others. As we spiritually evolve, I feel that there is a major calling to go back into the marketplace with open arms: being of service, helping others as where we can, and offering what we have to give now.

My vocation and life work (transforming root wounds into freedom) depend on my spiritual health and practice. With out this inner strength, support, and connection I would be useless in the coaching space. Every session I have, every class I teach, and every student I mentor – I surrender to God and Spirit to work through me and take my words. So my life’s calling and being spiritual are synonymous.

My vocation is dependent upon my active spiritual practice, therefore, I am very disciplined and active with my daily spiritual practice of meditation and union with the Divine. This is what positively charges me for the day and fills me with what I will need in order to give.

What are two things people can do today to begin to change their life?

Meditation + Journaling.

This is the best way to begin to connect with her your inner domain, see what is coming through and begin to unload + process through journaling. I have a bunch of free guided meditations on my website that can help you get started if you are looking to begin or deepen your meditation practice.

Finally, please let us know how our readers can connect with you and learn more.

You can connect with me on Instagram @AwakenWithSophie

I have my coaching website:

  • This has private coaching, Future classes + dates

My Certification for Spiritual Life Coaches:

  • This is where you can learn more about our Spiritual Life Coach certification
  • See what courses we are offering
  • Testimonials + freebies

Then we have our crystal jewelry store:

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