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Artist of the Week: Helen Kagan, PhD & HealingArts

Below, you’ll find an essay shared with us by the brilliant and talented Helen Kegan, PhD.  Dr. Kagan is our Artist of the Week and is a healer, artist, creator of the important and relevant concept of HealingArts and is also a  Voyage content partner.  Content partners help Voyage in so many ways from spreading the word about our work, sponsoring our mission and collaborating with us on content like this.  With no further adu, we present Dr. Kagan’s essay on HealingArts below.

I am Helen Kagan, PhD, a healer and artist, a creator of my unique multi-dimensional concept “HealingArts” I’ve been developing for about 30 years being a pioneer in creating art with an intention to heal.  I believe that ART is a catalyst for healing individuals, society and environment. I bring together Fine Art, and the Art of Healing by integrating healing frequencies of color, positively charged intention, embedded spiritual messages, and energetically balanced composition.

Colorful Heaven. Series Serenity

Since the COVID started its dangerous Journey around the World, as a Light-worker I feel almost obligated to start creating my new “life-affirming” healing art in a midst of our turbulent crazy times. I’ve started to work on a new Series “Serenity” which now has about 20 new healing artworks.

My Vision, Mission, and Purpose is to bring my “HealingArts” to HealthCare, Residential and Hospitality facilities – to assist in recovery, encourage joy and happiness, and enhance healing and wellbeing to those in need. I do believe that patients, significant others, clients, family members, Doctors and personnel, support staff, and everyone else who will have an opportunity to experience my art will have a high-vibrational multi-sensory experience, meditation & relaxation. It is not an easy task to accomplish my Vision and Purpose as a “solo-entrepreneur”, but I keep hoping and am doing everything I can in order for the right people and venues to show up on my Journey!

Fields of Wild Flowers

Purple Mountains

In the midst of World-wide multiple crises, protests, and escalated pandemic saturated with fear, anxiety, illness, deaths, grief, lots of stress and uncertainty, I believe and hope that my “HealingArts” can become a tool for serenity, a place for refuge, and will be truly healing to everyone in need. You can just look at my paintings, inhale the bright healing colors and positively charged high-dimensional frequencies of Love & Light, and enjoy the feeling… Then repeat.

More info about #HelenKagan and my #HealingArts you can see @ my main site –

Sunflowers & Poppies

[In the last several years I participated in over 50 Juried shows, national and international exhibitions. My art won awards, shown in many physical and online Galleries, Cities, States, Magazines, Articles, International Catalogs, major Shows (SPECTRUM Miami, ArtPalmBeach, ArtEXPO NY), and always elicited a profound positive response. My work is often described as “symphony of colors” as it is saturated with passion, movement, positive intention & healing energy, and many people who have my art in their possession report back to me with gratitude…]




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