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Perspective & Advice for Those Facing Insurmountable Odds

Throughout our journey with Voyage, the one thing we have learned over and over is that hidden within every challenge is a blessing or opportunity. It’s up to us to determine whether a challenge we face will be a step back or the catalyst for a step forward.

We had the honor of connecting with some of the city’s brightest leaders and role models and we asked them our question of the month: What is the best advice you have for someone who feels like they are facing insurmountable odds.

Below, you’ll find their advice and links and other info so you can learn more about them, their work and how to connect with them. We’ll be interviewing many of these amazing individuals in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Arturo Quintana | college student

The best advice I can give someone who is facing insurmountable odds is to be patient. Nobody is ever late in reaching their goals with time and with hard work success will come.

Instagram: @arturoequintana

Stephanie Jaffe | Artist

“A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

-Eleanore Roosevelt

Instagram: @stephaniejaffeart

Esencia Swimwear | Luxury handmade Bikinis

The best advice I can give to someone who feels like is facing insurmountable odds would be… To be constant with your goals, Don’t waste your energy in problems, instead focus in the things that makes you happy.

Instagram: @esenciaswimwear

Bruvvy | North Miami rock & roll band

Roberto Badillo @SpinStyle

The only way out is through – when the wall which circumstance has built seems sky-scraping, all you can really do is locate the smallest crevice and start chipping away at it, slowly. Even if it hurts your hands, even if you’re hit by tumbling bricks, if you feel your efforts are left unrecognized or that your time is running out; keep going. Half the battle is remembering the value of what is on the other side. Never forget what drives you.

Instagram: @bruvvyband

Lisa Raw | Business Manager and Director of Operations, Owner of LR Brand & Events

My best advice… I believe that anyone who is dealing with adversities that seem unbearable or simply impossible to overcome – they should take their time to process, digest and feel every level of emotion that comes with that burden. It’s “ok” to feel. I’ve experienced so many different trials and tribulations in life from personal to business, but I never lost my faith or dedication to my purpose. It may take me up to 72 hours to truly let it all out, but let it out. Don’t let fear block you or the thought of something/someone bad stop you from growing. Everything you face in life is all about timing & problem solving. Think, process, feel, pray and stay resilient. Bet on yourself, even if the odds aren’t in your favor.

Instagram: @mslisaraw

Yeninah Cortes-Ruiz | Self taught Pastry Chef

My advice to someone who feels as if they are facing insurmountable odds is to simply ask for help. You have a world of knowledge out there and you’d be surprised how many people and organizations are willing to stop for a moment and help someone out with ideas and advise. Sometimes all we need is someone with a fresh mindset.

Instagram: @ChefYeninah

Front Oscar Solorzano (Creative Director) and Back Nahum Castro (Aerial Producer)

The first thing one has to understand is that facing insurmountable odds is part of the process of becoming a better business owner and leader. No successful business will obtain immediate success before experiencing the feeling that the odds are against them. As business owners, we embrace this struggle by constantly seeking advice from people that are more experienced than us in the industry, and constantly reminding ourselves to love the process. Our failures indicate that we are that much closer to seeing our business flourish.

Instagram: @storymakerbros

Ivhanna Gil Singer | songwriter & Motivational speaker

Everyone in this life has a story; you, me, everyone. The beautiful thing about being human is that although we all come from different types of backgrounds, cultures, age groups, and classes, we all share the understanding of what life is. We all know what it means to feel joyful, and to experience suffering. Each individual at one moment or another has come face to face with a Goliath, in other words, something that appears to be an insurmountable odd. Certain life circumstances can make us feel broken, and like we can’t move ahead. Sometimes we don’t even see it coming.

These curve balls that life throws at us sometimes can include having a chronic illness, watching a loved one go through a hardship, a broken dream, a break-up, financial struggles, self-esteem issues, fighting to get through school, or holding oneself accountable for consequences that have come from making poor decisions. Even though our struggles are very real, and can be very difficult to overcome at times, it is very possible to overcome them. We place so much attention on worries, and many times forget to see the blessings around us. Facing our giants is about how we choose to live our lives despite what comes our way; that is what that deliberates the quality of our lives, and makes us that much stronger.

My advice for someone who is facing an insurmountable odd is the following.

1. Avoid isolation, and stay close to those who love, and support you. When we are weak, family, and true friends really come in handy, and will always find a way to uplift you in the worst of moments.

2. Dive into what you are most passionate about. Invest time in yourself, and in what makes you feel alive no matter what anyone says. Your purpose will not only fill you, but also help those around you. Life isn’t just about surviving, it’s about thriving.

3. It’s okay to cry, you don’t have to feel like you have to be perfect all the time. Take a moment to grieve whatever you are going through, get it out of your system, and after, begin to live your live in action. Change happens all the time, and just as the troubles came at a moment so they will go. Good things will come, but you have to persevere, and push yourself forward. Identifying your priorities, and recognizing that they are more important than your struggles is key.

4. Cling to your faith. If it weren’t for God, I don’t know where I’d be. He blesses me everyday, and weaves my suffering into His plans. I may not understand why certain things happen, and I may not know where I’m going all the time, but I don’t have to. I don’t always have control of outside factors in my life, but I do have control over how I react to them. Letting go, and letting God many times has been the best option for me. The path of least resistance has personally brought me more peace during the storms.

5. Remember this:

“You are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem, and stronger than you think., and loved more than you know” -A.A Milne
I believe in you guys. If you’ve made it till today, you can make it everyday. Now go out, and face that mountain champ! You got this.

Instagram: @Ivhy_music
Twitter: @IvhannaGil
YouTube: Ivhanna Gil
Tiktok: @Ivhy_music

Janelle Thon | Interior Designer

In life we all face difficult times, but it’s only up to us how we react to them. My best advice for someone facing insurmountable odds is to have faith, believe in the process and most of all have a positive thinking and attitude at all times, no matter how difficult things can get. This really help us go through anything. The mind is everything and the only thing we can control. What we think and the way we act is what we will attract and become. We have the power to change our reaction to circumstances with our positive thinking and truly believing that everything we go through in life has a great lesson and purpose.

Instagram: @jt_nine
Facebook: @ninebyjanellethon
New Website: (Under Construction)

Laura Posada | Life Coach and Motivational Speaker

In moments of great adversity, always keep in mind the old adage that says “this too shall pass”. This certainty will give you the strength, the peace of mind and the wisdom you need to tell apart the things that you can control from the ones that you can’t. For the ones that are under your control, make a realistic plan that responds to this question, what can I do to overcome this? And do it. For those that are out of your control, think positive and trust from the bottom of your heart that everything will resolve. Wake up every morning with a renewed faith in yourself and in that power that is bigger than all of us.

Instagram: @lauraposadalifecoach
Facebook: @lauraposadalifecoach
Twitter: @PosadaLifeCoach

Adam Jones | Chef | Owner

Create daily, weakly, monthly, and yearly goals! stay persistent towards them and one day you will see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Instagram: @mytastycatering

Alyssa Mediavilla | Artist and Writer

There will be times in your life where things seem impossible to overcome. Failure will seem inevitable. Beating the odds will seem insurmountable, as you say. But this is only our perception. To overcome these roadblocks you need to decide that you want to overcome them. After that, put in the work. When you fall, get back up. When you get hurt, take time to heal and then get strong again. And when you think you’ve failed because of rejection from that job, school, publication, whatever, remind yourself that failure only happens when you choose to stop trying. If no doors open for you, break a hole in the wall and make your own. If it’s too small to walk through, crawl and dig through it. Remember that sometimes success will look different than the goal you set out to do, and that’s okay. Accept growth and be flexible to embrace life’s changes. And most importantly, while planning and setting goals are important, remember to live in the moment. If you don’t love what you’re doing right now, consider that it might be time for a change.

Instagram: @alymediavilla

Vanessa Barros | Wellness & Spiritual Coach, Reiki Master & Intuitive Reader, Founder of Tree of Life Holistics

The best advice I have for someone who feels like they are facing insurmountable odds is to trust that things will get better, to understand that solutions are available when you reach out and choose to view situations from a different perspective. In the past ten years, I have faced numerous challenges. I was in an abusive relationship that led to a breakup. While enduring adverse health issues, I was laid off from work twice. I resorted at times to sleeping in my car, eventually leading me to move back into my parents home. Within a period of three months, my world has turned upside down. I felt disoriented and alone. Now, I have a new set of challenges but a more enjoyable journey, and have no attachments to even this new me. I go with the flow of life and allow room for mistakes. I have supportive friends and a soul family. My health has improved and I do what I love, as the founder of Three Of Life Holistics.  As a result of this path, I learned from many teachers how to evolve, to increase my compassion for others and to appreciate every  experience of growth. Through this new found wisdom, I coach others on how to overcome their challenges, to have success in their daily life, and to utilize their creativity to do what inspires them. It was during the hardships that the feelings of shame, abandonment, betrayal and confusion could have kept me trapped into thinking that there was no way out.  Overcoming fearful thoughts, and feeling the spectrum of emotions that created pain, were the catalyst for many “aha” and breakthrough moments that shifted my perspective of life. I shifted from dishonesty to speaking my truth and being authentic to who I am. From working hard to meet others expectations, to doing what I love. From doing things to please others, to having fun with life. From believing in what I was conditioned to believe about my own health, to doing my own research on healthy lifestyles & alternative medicine. From judging myself, to accepting everything about me and becoming whole again. Evenmore so, I came out of denial and towards the clear understanding and awareness that I was choosing to give in to my fears. I realized that if I was doing that, I also had a choice to create a new reality and paint a new vision. This is the first time that I write and share with the public part of my personal journey. I believe it’s essential for you to know that I understand from personal experience your struggles, and that inner peace can be achieved. It’s thanks to the challenges that I have overcome that I’m now able to assist those who are ready to have breakthrough moments and step out of victimhood – into empowerment. Hearing the stories of others has made me realize how many of us share similar situations and emotions. I’m here to tell you to trust that these circumstances are just right for you to have an authentic fresh new beginning. It may take all your inner strength but in the process you will see the signs leading you to the sun and to becoming the best version of yourself. If you are experiencing a combination of financial hardship, feeling out of balance emotionally, mentally or physically, know that you are at a crossroads calling you to have a new outlook or to choose a new path that is better for you. Many people name this stage as  “spiritual awakening”, “Breakdown” or “Dark Night of the soul”. Regardless of the label, when life seems like too much, just remember that all it takes is one step in a new direction, one better feeling or thought to raise your vibration, make inspired choices, and attract your heart’s desires. Each Morning, ask yourself – “If I loved myself, what would I do today?” Your answer may be a simple walk in the garden, or anything that makes you come alive. Remember your dreams and create a vision board that ignites your passions from within, and don’t worry about what anyone thinks, just do it.  If your “inner child” needs to go and build a castle in the sand or go jump on the swings of a playground, just do it. If you want to dance, sing, write or paint, do it. That’s where your joy lies. You may need to change your career to a more fulfilling one.  You may make many mistakes along the way. You may choose a new style and wardrobe. Some of your “Friends” may look at you funny – laugh with them. All  seemingly insurmountable odds are just challenging you to the core to break old paradigms. To release old patterns and to create new ones. To let go of self imposed limitations and free your mind.  To transform past conditioning and expand your awareness. To awaken to the original childlike you: fun, untamed and authentic.  To value yourself and practice self love. To be thankful for what you have at this very moment. To bring out any color that helps you become the best version of you. It is in these moments that you are tested to bring out your Lion Heart and to believe that your inner fire is your strength and your twin flame. Have faith that your journey will be enlightening when you start to look at the happenings of life from a different point of view. Find a community or reach out to friends that support your vision, and move away from the ones that don’t. Continue to press forward and do what you love and behave as if something amazing is about to happen around the corner. So take that leap of faith my friend, and trust that things do always end up working out for you.

Instagram: @treeoflifeatcauley
YouTube : Wingsoflove1111

Natalie Levy | Women’s Empowerment Coach and Community Builder

Photo by: Wave Wylde

If someone has accomplished what you wish to accomplish, it means that it’s possible for you! A lot of the time we think that the people we admire have something that we don’t have or that they’re somehow better than us. It’s not true! The main difference between the people who do the “impossible” is that they believed they could and they didn’t give up. The truth is that not everyone starts with the same privileges, and sometimes the odds are really stacked against us. And, no matter what, we can all find someone who has beat similar odds and accomplished great things. My advice is to use those stories as motivation. Study what other people have done. Listen to podcast interviews. Read their books. And then, take action. Take baby steps. Take giant leaps. Crawl, walk, or run in the direction of your dreams. But no one has accomplished anything without simply starting. Start where you are and start now.


VVIP International | Corporate Flight Attendant Training Program and Staffing Agency

Whenever we hear someone tell us they feel defeated, or overcome by adversity we feel an immediate sense of compassion.  We can empathize with them from experience and forge a connection with them.  We firmly believe we write our own story and that there is no better story than a good drama with adversity and defeating all odds.  The American Dream is a rags to riches story.  With effort they can persevere.  Never give up!

Instagram: @vvipintl


Sergio Gutierrez | Jewelry and fashion Designer for Liquid Metal Collection

To go forward and persistence, persistence , persistence , don’t worry about  time, things happen better when we leave time aside because it limit us from our goals, we invented time as a means to measure distances, but distances does not determine us. Be true to yourself and love what you do, find the juice of joy in what you do. Unfortunately in life we sometimes don’t like what we have to do and have to do it anyway for a while. It’s your challenge of a mental state and is the attitude you put into it what really counts to make us happy and in peace with ourselves.Remember that it’s not the smartest guy in the room that always accomplish things, is the one that endures with equanimity and conviction.

Instagram: @liquidmetalcollection

Alex Filho | Digital Entrepreneur and Engineer

First of all, think that every single person in world has problems, even that people that you look for their like and say .. what a amazing life! I would like to have that! This person also has a problem that he/she think that is almost impossible to solve. I am telling you that because you can realize that you are not alone, every one has a problem, literally every one. So with this in mind, my first advice is , do not compare your real life with other person’s life, you desire different think that other persons, so what is good for you, maybe is not that good for other person, so don’t compare your real life with any other person life, especially at social media. The second and final advice is Focus in what you can do about the problem, and not at the problem. 90% of all problems is how we react about the problem, so every single time that you have a problem and you get upset about the problem, thinking in how would be if that problem doesn’t exist you will go down, and down, and down, and nothing will change. So move your energy to every single thing that you can do right now to solve that. The problem is already there, move your attention to the solution not to the problem. At the beginning will be a little bit hard, but keep trying to not compare yourself and focus at the solution of the problems that you certainly will fell better and will solve any type of problem.

Instagram: @alexandre.afilho

Sigdia Santiago | Nursing Student/Owner of a fitness wear brand by the name of LESANTI

My best advise that I can give some one who is facing a insurmountable obstacle is the same advise I’m giving my self, I’m currently in nursing school and Iv thought about quitting but then I ask my self would I feel satisfied if I quit? The brain is designed to solve problems and figure thing out and find ways when lost. So don’t give up, because the only person who ur giving up on is yourself and if you have little ones they are also looking up to you! We only live once so give it your all!

Instagram: @sigdia.santiago

Cristal Elizabeth Hernandez | Real Estate Professional & Writer

The best advice I could give someone facing seemingly insurmountable odds would be to take a step back from the situation and look at it from an outside perspective. Life is easier when you have a community of friends and family for this very reason, they see things differently than your emotions may be allowing you to. But it’s easier said than done and life is not always that simple. I have gone through seasons where I have felt so defeated that instead of stepping away from the situation and allowing myself an opportunity to look at it in a different way, I chose to isolate myself from everyone and replayed the same negative story over and over again to myself. I ended up not only magnifying the situation but adding even more negativity. Now I was scared, depressed, AND lonely. We were not meant to live alone and together we are able to expand our imaginations, to think bigger, and to stand back to back, watching one another’s blind spots. There is a community out there for everyone and whoever feels like they are walking alone, there’s space for you at my table.


Instagram: @criselizabethhernandez

Kwame Duah | World Champion bodybuilder and Rapper

I personally think when it comes to ” facing insurmountable odds”  that is something that we all will face at some point in our lives. One of the best test of character in that situation would be our resilience . However resilience i believe is built over time by overcoming adversities. So how do i deal with facing insurmountable odd ? . Personally i would say draw your focus to the positive things in your life or some of the great things that have occurred in your life . This could include any achievements or anything you have done that has either has a positive impact on your life or has made you feel happy.  The next thing is “perspective “ One of my favourite sources of motivation that has stuck with me all my life is “ I am motivated by people that don’t have what i have but find the will to do what i can’t achieve . I was talking to a good friend once about resilience and the first thing she mentioned was perspective. Why perspective ? Most of the time when we are faced with insurmountable odds , we forget that there are people dealing with worse things than us. At that point we usually forget everything that is going on around us and think what we are going through is the only problem in the world. We forget that people are going through worse and the find a way to get through it. I personally think it’s something to always remember. The next thing i would say to myself is that nothing is permanent . The bad times will always fade and i use that as motivation to push through the harder times and get through it because sometimes you may be faced with insurmountable odds that only time can heal.

Instagram: @kwameduah
Tik tok: @kwameduahofficial
YouTube: Kwame Duah
Facebook: BBkwame

Lazaro Zaldivar | Genius Art Designs ( Visual Artist )

To all the people struggling and facing insurmountable odds I would say, Set Goals for yourself and focus on the reward and not the road, sometimes is hard but the key is to believe in yourself and in what you are trying to accomplish, Give %100 in all you do and see every challenge as a chance to grow and gain that experience for the future!! Never Give up!
Instagram: @geniusartdesigns


Tiffany Besteiro | an industrial engineer trying to make people smile through pastry

Photo by: @marcophotoshoot

First I would say that there are no insurmountable difficulties, everything, absolutely everything has a solution except death. It is difficult to see the possible solutions when we are overwhelmed so the greatest advice I could give would be: calm down, breathe, write down that difficulty or problem on a paper and right next write all the possible solutions, analyze them and choose the one you think is most convenient. This will help to calm down the irrational fear that we have when we face difficulty. Don’t let fear paralyze you, believe in yourself, nothing can stop you.

Instagram: @topcake305

Gaetano DiNardi | Music Producer & Marketing Consultant

Here is the biggest secret to beating tough situations where the odds are stacked against you – break it all down into small manageable chunks. People fail because they stare up at the sky looking at the problem as a whole. But if you chop it into step by step pieces, suddenly it all becomes much more manageable. For example, say you’re in student loan debt and you owe the US government $40,000. If you break down how much you’ll repay every month, you’ll have a clear payback period. It’s important to first understand the big picture timeline and then determine how to shave it down. Maybe you can consolidate your debt and get a lower interest rate? Or maybe you can get a 2nd job and make greater monthly payments to climb out of debt faster? It’s up to you – but always have a short term vs. long term plan.

Instagram: @official_gaetano

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