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Partner Spotlight: DP Rilla

We’re thrilled to introduce you to DP Rilla, one of our Content Partners.  Partners support Voyage by collaborating on content, sponsoring our mission, spreading the word about our publication and more. We caught up with DP Rilla about his EP releasing in Summer 2020 and his upcoming single, Crazy Bad.

DP Rilla, before we jump into questions about your upcoming single can you please give our readers a bit of background on yourself and your music?
I’m an artist from the south side of Florida, more specifically Broward County. I make music because I’m able to air out my thoughts and expressions in my own way.

As you know, after hearing Crazy Bad we think it’s going to be a big hit for you. Can you talk to us about the song and how it came about?
Thank you, the song came to me awhile back when I was dealing with some relationship issues. Initially it was just me on the song but I felt like it was missing a key component so that’s when I contacted Jrit and the rest is history.

You collaborated with a very talented artist named Jrit – can you tell our readers about that relationship and how the two of you connected.
A couple years back my friend Eddie Monsterrat brought Jrit to my studio. I was working on a song called “Trouble” at the time and I remember telling Jrit to sing the hook for me. I wasn’t expecting much but once he put the headphones on and I clicked record, my whole facial expression changed. We both knew we had a special song on our hands. Ever since then me and Jrit have been collaborating on songs from time to time and Its safe to say that “Crazy Bad” is only a slight preview of what’s to come from me and Jrit.

What else should we know about the song and it’s message? Perhaps there’s something a casual listener might have missed the first time they heard it?
The message is to accept that people change. Very often we tend to burn relationships with loved ones because we cling onto past memories of them. Sometimes people allow for worldly things such as social media, material things, and social status, to corrupt their way of thinking so we get hurt when they start to act brand new. I’ve fallen victim of it but I learned to let memories of certain people go. I think “Crazy Bad” is a wavy song that delivers the message in a cool way so that’s why I’m sure my listeners will like it!

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