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What’s the Best Advice You’ve Ever Received?

All of us are where we are today partly because of our own efforts and partly because of the advice, guidance, influence and inspiration provided by others.  At Voyage we have the good fortune of connecting with so many of the city’s hidden gems – from entrepreneurs and creatives to athletes, researchers and more.  We asked them a simple, but important question: what is the best advice, personal or professional, that you’ve ever received?

Jillian Gelok – Marketing Executive & Fashion Blogger

The best advice I’ve ever received is: never stop growing as a person – the more you learn and grow, the better your life will become. Also, love yourself first. Once you truly love yourself, everything in your life falls into place. 

Maurizio Casique

The best advice I have received is to think outside the box and always keep an open mind. This influences me into coming up with creative solutions for personal and professional situations as well as challenging myself to experience new things that I can learn and grow from.


Daz Mariah – Fashion Model & influencer

The best advice I’ve received professionally would be to do the things you love – whether it’s noticed or not, do it humbly and you will be rewarded. Pursue your career, goal, or dream for YOU and not for the likes or views.

Michelle Bertran- Founder & CEO FierceFit Bootcamp

The best advice I’ve received is that “gut feelings are guardian angels.” It sounds cliché, but ALWAYS go with your gut. No matter what. It will never fail you. 

George A Pérez Cruz – 2x College Soccer National Champion with (FNU) & semi-professional soccer player with @thebreakersafc

The best advised I’ve received it came from my father and he reminds me it all the time. It’s basically a saying of his own which goes; “Don’t ever let a conquest conquer you, neither let a loss defeat you.”


Michele N Arellano, Owner of The Wanderlust Bazaar

Don’t let yourself overthink things just go for it.


Sheri Shiver – Business & Marketing Coach

As much as possible, do what excites you! You can do the same exact business strategy as someone else but if you’re not having a good time doing it, you’re not going to see the same results. Find the business and marketing strategies that excite you and execute on those, you’ll find the results you want will come so much easier!


Bryan Lozano – Digital Marketer | CEO @modofimedia

You need to fail in order to succeed. Failure is what will mold you into a better entrepreneur so embrace it and don’t let the fear of failure ever stop you from reaching your potential.

Ida M. Andersson – Student, Basketball player & Herbalife Independent Distributor

By being a collegiate athlete in a foreign country, I have learned a lot. It wasn’t always easy adapting to a new culture in a language that I was not yet comfortable with. In addition, I had lots of schoolwork and workouts like any other normal student-athlete experiences every day. This, in combination to my excitement for college, drained me, both mentally and physically. I’ve always had high expectations for myself. I could never accept a grade lower than an A, and athletically, I only accepted peak performance. The extreme focus on my academic-and athletic career made my relationship, friends and social life in general suffer. Being a perfectionist to me, included doing too many extra workouts a week, and pulling all nighters for tests when I didn’t necessarily need to. That behavior became a habit and as I failed to listen to my body’s needs, it lead to multiple stress reactions. I expected my body to be a robotic tool that did whatever I wanted it to, whenever I wanted it to. I did not even consider listening to my bodys’ screams simply for a night with more than five hours of sleep. That was for the weak people, I thought. – But it is not, my therapist said, after a mental breakdown. – It is for the strong and mature people, who listen to their bodies and fuel it with what it needs to function properly, yours does not if you do not listen to it. I thought her advice was silly at first, but as I slowly started realizing that listening to my body was the only way out of this circle, I live a healthier life today. I have better balance between my athletic and academic career, as well as my social life. My athletic and academic performance have increased and I have become more comfortable with myself and with my priorities every day. My relationship is healthier and we are now happily engaged. Therefore, the best advice I have ever received in life is a very simple one: Listen to your body.

Mood Rich by deswitit – Visual Artist & cozy Innovator

The best advice is something that I constantly tell my peers and people I’m in contact with. And it’s that if you’re truly passionate about something, you have to walk, talk, do the work and believe that it’s your purpose to find happiness and success in that. Go ALL in, because life is like a moment, we never really know when it’s over, just when it will begin. The day you’re born, you’re in control of the story so make it one worth retelling.


Carolina Novoa- news anchor/ reporter

The sky is the limit! Work until you have no competence but yourself. Do whatever you need to follow your dream so in this way you will live your own dream.

Claudia Acosta – Makeup Artist

Keep looking forward and don’t let anybody tell you that you are not good at something or that you’re not going to succeed, because if you believe in yourself you can do ANYTHING!

DVN- Recording Artist

Some of the best advice I received was from an interview of Nipsey Hussle where he said “Would you rather be at war with yourself and at peace with the world, or at peace with yourself and at war with the world” That made me realize that as long as I stay true to me and to my faith I don’t care what the world throws at me because that internal peace is way greater.

Marcus Grant – Musician & Educator

In high school, a teacher of mine pulled me aside after a performance that, for me, didn’t go so well. I had been trying to improvise and do a lot of crazy stuff but ended up sort of making a fool of myself. We talked about it and he told me “less is more.” As cliché as it sounds, that advice has really become a part of everything I do, even outside of music. Being a great musician isn’t necessarily proven by doing the most complicated, insane stuff, but rather having the knowledge and control of when it is and when it is not appropriate to do so. Sometimes, just staying in your lane and doing “less” is your best contribution.

Larry Calderon Jr (Yako) | Music Programmer & Radio Personality

Winners focus on Winning, Losers focus on Winners – Finish what you start 

Kiing[Willie Floyd] – Photographer , 3:05 brand innovator , Miami influencer

The best advice I’ve received professionally and personally is to never Give up let faith & hard work be the determination of my destiny TRUST THE PROCESS 

Oscar Hurtado – Photographer & Videographer

Everything happens for a reason.

Margarita Streltsova – traveler, fitness motivation, secular humanist

Everything in this world happens for a reason. Even if you meet someone who’s gonna hurt you or bring some negativity to your life – you need to perceive it as experience. Don’t be afraid to make a mistake.


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