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An Artistic Voyage: exploring local creative and artistic works

Raw, unfiltered creative expression – from stories and photographs to illustrations and paintings – is at the heart of VoyageMIA.    In the coming weeks you’ll find in-depth conversations with many of the artists and creatives we’ve been introduced to lately, but below you’ll find a sneak peak of some of the creative works that we’ve been most excited about recently.



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The Ye’Kwana, or Makiritare, are a Caribbean-speaking people that inhabit the southern Venezuela and northern Brazil regions, amidst the immensity of primary tropical forests in the area known as the Guayano-Amazonian Upper Orinoco. Their mythical-religious universe, permeated of an amazing coherence, does not only reach each one of their daily activities, from the most elementary to the most sacred and ceremonial, but also each and every one of the objects they produce, from the collective community room or Atta, up to the canoes, weapons for hunting or fishing, benches, clothing, body ornaments, the cutting of their hair, ceremonial weapons and baskets. Their basketry, it is of considerable variety and is praised as one of the most sophisticated artistic traditions of the Amazons, both in its preparation and finishes as in its symbolic dimension. The set of Ye’Kwana wajas (plates) and objects exhibited, are just a partial number of the great wealth of objects acquired by the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Collection, to be presented in the exhibit Convergences Divergences, Primitive Sources of the Modern at the Juan Carlos Maldonado Art Colleccion this December, all of them gathered after years of exhaustive research by the explorer Charles Brewer-Carías in the last sixty years. The exhibition has been impeccably curated by Ariel Jimenez #juancarlosmaldonadoartcollection #yekwana #charlesbrewercarias #arieljimenez #yekwanaamazon #amazoniavenezolana #convergencesdivergencesprimitivesourcesofthemodern #juancarlosmaldonado #franciscoarevalo #arevalogallery #arevalofineart

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Date night w/ Myself #EnjoyYourOwnCompany

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Nice one by @dali.g911 x @nssfactory x @umbro @umbro_italy #skk #scooteroni #tmax #umbro #suburban #milan #palazzine

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Tune in to @rockthebellssxm I’m co Hosting from 4 til 7 pm est

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Belleza y moda, en un solo lugar… ¡Sabemos que te gusta! Visitanos, C.c Maru, Local 21, Acarigua Edo. Portuguesa . . Y COMPRA SOLO EN 3 PASOS CON NOSOTROS, Y EN EL PROCESO DE TU COMPRA, RE-ENAMORATE DE TUS PRÓXIMAS PRENDAS O ACCESORIOS. . . . 3 Pasos: . 1.- Contáctame:… – Llama – Visitanos – Escríbenos 2.- Solicítame: – Visualiza nuestro catalogo digital – Aclara tus dudas – Haz tu pedido 3.- Adquiéreme: – Paga (Formas de pago varias) – Cuadra la entrega (Despachamos nacional e internacionalmente) – Recibe tu pedido (Pedido, que puede ser al mayor o al detal). . Si te animas a participar en nuestra nuevas campaña, entre las oportunidades que tendrás, Están las siguientes; . 1.- Si eres Diseñadora de Joyas, y compras los materiales con nosotros, obtendrás el taller gratis, para realizar la prenda. 2.- Si compras al mayor, puedes convertirte en nuestra embajadora de la marca, en cualquier estado del país o país del mundo entero. 3.- Si, te enamoraste de la marca, así como todas nosotras lo estamos, podemos franquiciar nuestros producto en cualquier parte del mundo. 4.- Existen más (+) oportunidades, para conocerla, solo debes 💝🎁🎉💝 CONTÁCTARME. 💝🎁🎉💝 . Recuerda, Somos Maribel Castillo Design, CA. 💝🎁🎉💝 Los mejores fabricantes a tu disposición. . . Estamos Ubicados: Av. Paez, C.c Maru, Local 21, Acarigua Edo. Portuguesa Whatsapp 📲 58+ 0412-0512088 ✉ 🚚 Envíos a todo el país e internacionalmente. 💳 Aceptamos Todos los medios de pago. . . #bisuteria #hechoamano #talentovenezolano #alambrismo #tendencias #hilostpccalidadgarantizada #jewelry #handcrafted #handmadejewelry #shopping #miami #orlando #españa #chile #peru #argentina #colombia #ecuador #maribelcastillo_design #Mujer #Belleza #Hot #top #Like #SantPetersburg

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